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Best RSS Apps For Android Phones – 2018 List

Despite the death of Google Reader and the subsequent flurry of naysayers, RSS has lived on as a way to stay informed in an every changing, always updating world. While originally designed for PC, plenty of people have been clamoring for Android apps to take full advantage of RSS and all it has to offer. Here we will take a look at the five best free apps for RSS readers.

Flipboard Flipboard is quite the interesting creature. Half RSS feed and half magazine, this app curates information into an easy to read format that can be continuously variable, while also maintaining a daily edition as a round-up of some of the biggest events of the day. While smaller phones may find the format slightly difficult, most phones currently out will find the display intuitive and familiar.


Graze GrazeRSS is in fact the second incarnation of the NewsRob app which had gained immense popularity before essentially falling off the radar some years ago. The interface makes for easy organization of all your news feeds, and offline reading as well as per feed downloads make sure that whether you are traveling without a connection, or having to be cautious about data usage, you’ll still stay informed. Being wholly open source, it’s prone to somewhat irregular updates and improvements, but the app itself is remarkably well maintained and designed.


Inoreader A very simple and lightweight RSS reader, InoReader is a shining example of minimalist design at it’s best. InoReader allows the user to select from what sources and what types of materials they’d like to explore, and then ensures that each article presented has not yet been read by the user, giving a constantly fresh flow of information to the reader. You can also save and archive articles if you find a favorite, or want to save the reading for later. For those used to the PC program, you will find InoReader to have a much better aesthetic and navigation functionality.

Podcast Addict

pod Though the name may imply that this program only curates and presents audio information, it just so happens that Podcast Addict also allows for RSS feeds, among many other features. You can not only check the top trending audio and video feeds of the day, but also get information from some of the top news and content sources all without leaving a single, well designed app. All the content categories are neatly organized and the interface is very easy to use, allowing for both quick access and also retrieval.


xoonity Xoonity is a slightly newer RSS reader, and shows some significant improvements from the post Google Reader era. With a fantastic library of feeds and the ability to create your own lists of content, and a search function that greatly improves upon older RSS apps, Xoonity allows for discovery in a fantastic way. The UI is simple and easy to use, and the display of content is crisp and non-intrusive.

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Cody Carmichael
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