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What Happened to Brad Womack – 2018 News & Updates

Brad Womack, perhaps unfairly, has a reputation as one of the least-liked people to have competed on ABC’s The Bachelor. Sure, he came from a simpler background than others who have filled the role. And yes, he ultimately decided to go home from Season 11 still single. But does he really deserve all the online hate? Let’s look at what Brad’s doing these days, and see if we weren’t all a little too harsh?

Early Life

Bachelor’s before and after Brad have come from some pretty impressive and diverse backgrounds. Andrew Firestone, heir to the Firestone Tire company, for example. Or Andrew Baldwin, the Navy surgeon, and triathlon star. Or other people, not named Andrew. So Season 11’s Brad Womack seemed sort of out of place.

He grew up with a twin brother and younger brother in Atlanta, Georgia. When he was 12, his family moved to Texas. He went to Texas State University’s San Marcos campus for a year, before leaving to work in the oil extraction industry. He did that for about eight years. While he was working, he was investing in bars and restaurants across Texas with his brothers.

By the time he was 30, Brad Womack was focusing full-time on managing the various bars he co-owned. Then, when he was 35, he auditioned for and was picked to be the man on the 11th season of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor

Brad Womack was one of the last bachelors before they all started being recruited from The Bachelorette. And in fact, he might be the reason why they started only taking men up from The Bachelorette. Until Juan Pablo came along in Season 18, Brad Womack was audience’s least favorite bachelor. While there was some upset through the season, there always is. What really turned audiences against him was how he ended Season 11.

Deanna Pappas and Jenni Croft were the two finalists. Brad took them to meet his family and two brothers. First, his family met Deanna, who they loved, and then Jenni, who they also loved. Eventually, Brad Womack decided not to go with either of them. It was a first for The Bachelor and hasn’t happened since. The Bachelor left the show as single as when he’d started. A lot of tabloids gave Brad flak for this, but considering how much negative attention those same tabloids directed at the women, it seems unfair. After all, if tabloids can find glaring flaws with the contestants, is it really surprising Brad didn’t want to propose to any of them?

No one disliked Brad until after he chose not to propose to either finalist.
No one disliked Brad until after he chose not to propose to either finalist.

The weak finale makes it surprising that The Bachelor chose Brad to be The Bachelor again in season 15, in 2011. His second season, the show’s cast 30 potential partners, up from the normal 25. Maybe it was to give Brad better odds since he’d struck out during his first season.

This season proved more fruitful, and during The Final Rose ceremony, Brad proposed to Emily Maynard. The two ended up breaking off their engagement before the finale even aired. Then they got back together, briefly, before ultimately breaking up in May 2011. Emily went on to star in Season 8 of The Bachelorette, where she ended up with Jef Holm.

What’s Brad Womack Doing Now in 2018? – Recent Updates

In 2013 Brad Womack briefly dated AshLee Frazier, who’d been in Season 17 of The Bachelor. Since their relationship ended, though, Brad’s been a virtual ghost. His social media accounts have closed, and he hasn’t made any more appearances on television. This is perhaps for the best, considering how frequently Brad’s name is mentioned just to diss him for Season 11, now almost a decade behind him.

These days, Brad spends most of his time managing Carmack Concepts. A real estate management firm, Carmack is owned by Brad, his twin brother Chad, and their friend Jason Carrier. They’ve continued to expand one restaurant chain, The Dogwood, across Austin, and opened their third location earlier this year. They also run a few other Austin-area bars. If, for some reason, you’re in the area and want to do a Brad Womack-themed bar crawl, check out The Dizzy Rooster and The Chuggin Monkey.

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