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What Happened To Andrew Baldwin – 2018 News & Updates

Between the different parts of The Bachelor Nation franchise, there have been literally hundreds of men involved. Yet I don’t think any of them can claim to be as American as the focus of Season 10 of The Bachelor. Andrew Baldwin was in the Navy. He became a surgeon. He’s competed in Ironman triathlons. He has a day named after him in Honolulu. So what is the American All-Star doing these days?

Early Life

Andrew Baldwin was born in 1977 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, he grew up with a brother and sister. In elementary school, he worked as a paperboy, and in high school worked as a lifeguard and started a lawn mowing gig. He managed to save up about $25,000 for college before he graduated – which he did as valedictorian. When he wasn’t working or studying, Baldwin played tennis, baseball, football, and basketball.

After graduating high school in 1995, he enrolled at Duke University, where he got a B.S. in biology, graduating magna cum laude. He swam on their varsity team and was enrolled in the Navy’s ROTC program. After graduating from Duke, he got into the Navy. The Navy awarded him a Navy Health Professions Scholarship, which he used to attend the University of California, San Fransisco.

He enrolled in their School of Medicine, and received his M.D. by 2003. After earning his doctorate he did an internship and completed various Navy diving programs. From July 2005 until April 2008 he worked in the Navy, based out of Oahu, Hawaii.

During that stint, he did multiple triathlons, and began involving himself with humanitarian efforts. Through the Navy, he notably treated over 600 rural Laotians for dengue, malaria, and malnutrition. He also volunteered frequently at the Aloha Medical Mission, where he worked without pay to help Hawaiian residents who lacked healthcare coverage.

These efforts earned Andrew Baldwin multiple mentions in magazines, including Outside, Triathlete Magazine, and Competitor Magazine. He was also named as an eligible bachelor by Cosmopolitian in 2005. His first television appearance was with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, where he worked as one of the construction crew helping give the Akana family a new home.

The Bachelor

In 2007, Andrew Baldwin became the tenth person to assume the role of The Bachelor. His season was heavily publicized since he was the first Navy officer to be featured on the show.  ABC marketed it as The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

Baldwin’s season was relatively mundane, otherwise. He narrowed oa field of twenty-five woman over eight weeks down to Tessa Horst. In the finale, he proposed to Tessa. She’d grown up in Washington, D.C., and received a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University, before moving to San Fransisco. Tessa had a bit of an awkward route to the Final Rose, though. Through the season she was called the “muffin girl,” in reference to a bad joke she told during the premiere.

Andrew Baldwin is few men from The Bachelor where their appearance on the show isn't their biggest accomplishment.
Andrew Baldwin is few men from The Bachelor where their appearance on the show isn’t their biggest accomplishment.

Tessa almost left the show several times during the first half of the season. But by the end, she grew more comfortable with the remaining girls. Some of the girls who were mean to her came out and said they expected her to win. Then, several tabloids reported that Tessa told them she was the winner, before the Final Rose Ceremony had aired. She denied that she’d been the source, but it’s likely she was the leak.

Regardless, the couple left the show happily engaged, and tabloid coverage showed they were pretty happy together. Then, just three months after the finale, they cancelled their engagement. A month later they broke up for good.

Apparently they kept in touch, but just a couple months later, Andrew Baldwin was seen dating Marla Maples. Maples, one of Donald Trump’s ex-wives, spent several months with Baldwin, before they eventually left on friendly terms.

What’s Andrew Baldwin Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

Since leaving The Bachelor, Andrew Baldwin went back to doing what he’d always done: be American. In 2009, he had a day named after himself in Honolulu: the Andy Baldwin Youth Fitness Day. Later, he led a charity bike ride across Pennsylvania, with his dad.

He also founded the Got Your Back Network, a non-profit for helping families that lose a member in active service. Got Your Back is notable among charities because 100% of the funds it receives go into an endowment to provide financial support for those families. Around the time he was founding Got Your Back, he also spent some time volunteering in El Salvador.

Andrew Baldwin running in the 2015 New York Marathon
Andrew Baldwin running in the 2015 New York Marathon

In 2010, Baldwin ran 56 miles in a South African Ultramarathon. He also briefly returned to television, for the premiere of Top Chef, on Bravo. But before long he returned to charity work and marathons.

In his lifetime, Baldwin has been on the All-Navy triathlon team a total of five times. He’s been an All-American USA Triathlon competitor three times. He’s finished eight Ironman events, and even more Half-Ironman.

Last year, he joined up with Challenge Family Triathlons. There, he’ll represent the brand in the multiple physical competitions they participate in. That is, of course, when he isn’t making use of his specialized surgical training to give lectures at universities across the country.


Morgan Sennhauser
Morgan Sennhauser
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