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Top 10 Most Expensive Things on – 2018 Update

It has been said that the average item on costs around $25. However, as the Internet has learned over the years, you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. With that in mind, it’s only natural for people to wonder what the most expensive items are on the website. To answer that burning question, I scoured item listings until I came up with a list of the top ten most expensive things on

Before I actually get into the list, I think you should know a little bit more about my criteria. To begin with, I limited my search to items that were Prime eligible. Reason being, absolutely anyone can go onto Amazon as a user and list an item that costs thousands of dollars. By only looking at Prime eligible items, I’m ensuring that the items that I’m looking at are mostly genuine. Not only that, but I also made the choice to exclude items that were obvious price errors.  Finally, I tried to diversify my list by excluding similar items. This may mean that I ended up cheesing my data a little bit, but I didn’t find anything informative or interesting about a list that consisted of ten variations of the same chandelier model.

#10 – Fluke Networks DTX-1800-MSO Cable Analyzer Kit – ($35,180.00)

fluke-networks The first item on our list isn’t really the most glamorous, but it’s certainly useful. For a little over $35,000, you can purchase a cable certification test set off of For those who are unfamiliar, a copple cable tester is basically a tool that is used to troubleshoot, inspect, and/or certify copper network cabling. It’s essential in troubleshooting or certifying a network’s infrastructure. Aside from obviously containing the cable analyzer itself, this set also contains a smart remote, a couple of bier modules, and even a carrying case. For anyone who may be hesitant to drop this much money on this pricey network equipment, consider the fact that the bundle also contains a one year warranty with Fluke Networks’ Gold Support, which should offer you all of the technical support that you’ll need during your device’s lifespan.

#9 – SureFire SF38400 Bulk Batteries -($61,500.00)

surefire-battery When you sit back and think about what you could possibly spend $61,500 on, you can come up with a few ridiculous things. For around the price of a brand new luxury car, you can go onto and buy a bulk box containing 38,400 SF123A SureFire lithium batteries. These batteries are specifically intended for use in SureFire-brand flashlights, which are considered higher-end flashlights. The SF123A battery is a high-performance battery that was specifically designed for use in these high power batteries. If you’re like me, you may worry that you couldn’t get through 38,400 batteries during your entire lifetime. SureFire has a special guarantee for their batteries, however, saying that the average battery has a shelf life of around 10 years. Not only that, but this is a pretty good deal. SureFire sells a box of 12 of these batteries for $22.50, which means that buying 38,400 batteries in this way would run you close to $72,000.

#8 – Planar Systems 3×3 Matrix Video Wall – ($61,526.00)

planar-systems-matrix-video-wall If you ever visit a high-end technology store, or perhaps an up-and-coming local startup, you’ll probably see a video wall. They look like a bunch of flatscreen televisions that have been integrated into the wall, and they flash through different pictures or videos. Planar Systems is one of the most cutting-edge video wall providers around, and their systems are said to feature fantastic image quality, simple installation, and outstandingly thin bezel. (Bezel is basically the black rim that goes around a screen. The thinner the bezel, the better a series of televisions will look like when they’re aligned together.) This particular wall consists of 9 individual MX46HDS displays. Each screen is a 46″ LCD screen with a 3.7mm bezel width. Each screen is said to weigh close to 50 lbs. A lot of people dream of buying big screen TVs if they end up winning the lottery. With this purchase, you’d end up with nine of them!

#7 – Baileigh 90 Ton Pressure Hydraulic Press – ($63,995.00)

baileigh-hydraulic-press If you’ve kept an eye on YouTube recently, you’ve probably seen that hydraulic press channels are all the rage. People place some novelty items (like a bowling ball, a watermelon, or a basketball) under a hydraulic press, and they show what the item has looked like after it has been squished. If you’re interested in making this kind of YouTube channel (or, you know, actually using a hydraulic press for its intended purpose), you should keep Amazon in mind as a purchase option. This Baileigh press is capable of pressing down with 90 tons of pressure. You don’t have to worry about poor quality with it, either, since Baileigh is actually a fairly reputable manufacturer. As long as you take good care of it, it should last you a very long time. You better have room for this machine if you’re actually interested in buying it, though. The two axis press is made of welded plate steel, weighs nearly 9,000 pounds, and is exactly 95 inches long.

#6 – Labconco Double Stainless Steel Combination Glove Box – ($66,990.00)

labconco-glove-box With this next item, we continue our streak of industrial equipment on this list of the most expensive items on Amazon. With a little under $67,000, you can purchase this stainless steel combination glove box. What is a glove box, exactly? You may be thinking of the glove compartment, which is inside of a car, and is used to store valuables. In the context of industrial or scientific equipment, a glove box is used to protect someone from hazardous materials while they work with potentially dangerous chemicals or contaminants. This model glove box also features two internal valves, which allows the box to freely switch between being filtered or inert. Although the average Joe may not be able to make much use of this product, any lab or chemical-based environment would be lucky to have this 1,300 pound machine in its possession.

#5 – Central Park Necklace in 18K White Gold – ($95,000.00)

central-park-necklace With that, we start to get into the “luxury” section of this article. This particular item is the first of many jewelry pieces that I’ll be discussing today. This is an 18 karat white gold necklace is absolutely packed with precious stones, too. The design includes 863 9 carat diamonds, a chrome chalcedony, three green jadeites, five green tourmalines, and seven garnets. The chain that the necklace hangs from is diamond-lined, as well. A lot of people are cynical when it comes to purchasing high-end jewelry, complaining that the value of most precious stones are just manufactured to begin with. With this necklace, however, rest assured knowing that every single gem contained within it is actually naturally-formed. If you’re someone with a lot of money, and with a lot of love for the Central Park area, this is the perfect necklace for you.

#4 – Wall Street Bull and Bear Cuff Bracelet in 18K Gold – ($95,000.00)

wall-street-bracelet This bracelet comes to us from the same New York-themed product line as before. This piece, however, pays homage to New York’s own Wall Street. It uses some cheeky bull/bear imagery to do so. This 18k yellow gold bracelet contains 781 different colored diamonds. (Not everyone knows this, but diamonds don’t just come clear. They can actually be found and created in a variety of different colors. This bangle, obviously, uses black and brown diamonds.) The bear part of the bracelet contains 439 10.85 carat diamonds, and the bull part of the bracelet contains 342 10.42 carat diamonds. Although this bracelet may not be as flashy or colorful as the Central Park necklace from before, you can’t help but appreciate its simple colors and fun design. Like its “sister” necklace, every single diamond on this bracelet was created naturally, with each stone only being heat-treated to better bring out their natural color.

#3 – Chrysler Building Ring in 18K Gold – ($100,000.00)

chrysler-building-ring Our next piece of jewelry is a ring, and it belongs to the exact same New York-themed jewelry line as the other two pieces that we’ve already talked about. This ring features a design that pays tribute to the Chrysler building. This chunky little ring features 18k white gold, along with several 14.4700 carat, naturally-created white diamonds. This design is a little more abstract than the previous Wall Street and Central Park-themed pieces, but I still think that any New Yorker (or jewelry fan) would be happy to own it. The white diamonds on this beauty are really something to behold, and the black onyx trillion stones that line all 79 of them are a really tasteful touch. $100,000 is a lot to spend on Amazon all at once, but I think that if you’re going to spend that kind of money online, this is the kind of thing that you should buy.

#2 – Elegant Lighting Primo Collection 66-Light Large Hanging Fixture – ($133,900.00)

elegant-lighting-fixture The next item on our list of the most expensive items on Amazon isn’t actually jewlery! (Well, I guess it’s technically jewelry, but not really in the traditional sense.) Elegant Lighting is a company that specializes in crafting contemporary and traditional chandeliers, and they sell quite a few different models on Amazon. This particular fixture is their most expensive, but there are many others available, some selling as low as $17,000. This item weighs around 370 pounds, and it features Swarovski crystals, as well as a true gold finish. This chandelier belongs to Elegant Lighting’s Primo collection, which contains several other expensive flush mounts, large pendants, and wall sconces. Although this design is sort of non-traditional as far as chandeliers go, it still looks really nice. Plus, with all of those crystals, you know that you’re getting a real bang for your buck.

#1 – Bridges of New York Bangle Cuff Bracelet – ($245,000.00)

bridges-of-new-york-bracelet In my search for the most expensive item that you can buy on, I found a lot of close calls. For instance, the chandelier at #2 was only a couple thousand dollars ahead of a few other, very similar-looking chandeliers from Elegant Lighting. With that being said, I never found an item whose price came anything close to this. Our favorite New York-based jeweler comes back with a bang with those product — a monstrous white gold and titanium cuff bracelet depicting the bridges of New York. This one-of-a-kind item contains 596 8.3 ct round-set diamonds, as well as 75  diamonds that weigh around 20.2 ct. Altogether, that means you have a 28.56 ct diamond bracelet on your hands. Even if you don’t like New York City, you have to admit that this is a gorgeous piece of work. It’s been on Amazon for a few months so far and it has yet to sell, so if you ever happen to get your hands on a $245,000.00 gift card, I suggest that you give this bangle a closer look!

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