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Top Ten Messaging Apps for Android

While there are plenty of cases where your standard SMS service that comes with your phone can be adequate, more and more people are choosing to look into messaging apps for both the added features and sleeker looks. Here, we take a look at the top 10 messaging apps for Android apps in 2016.

10. IM+

im Starting off our list for top messaging apps for android is IM+. While most apps require that both users have the same app, IM+ organizes your contacts and messages from multiple platforms into one easy to use space. Group chat is almost made easy through IM+, though many users will find that not many of the “current” messaging services are available for linkage. Perhaps better for those that rely on the original messaging services, IM+ is dependable and reliable, if a bit limited in scope.

9. Threema

threema Are you the kind of person that enjoys security? What about the sort that requires your apps remain discreet when sending and receiving any manner of data? Then Threema was made for you. With NaCl cryptography libraries being used to secure end to end messaging, Threema can allow for security in a way very few other apps could. Threema also allows for anonymous communication, though this is likely to be very rarely needed. File sharing is a major plus to this app, though the limit of 20mb per file can make things a little tricky at times.

8. Wickr Me

wicker Wickr Me is another secure messaging app that takes the handling of sensitive data incredibly seriously. The developers of the app not only allow for encrypted messaging, self-destruction and the deletion of metadata with complete ease, but also offer a massive $100,000 bounty for discovering security bugs. This may be worth the download by young security professionals just to try their hand at hacking it. For the rest of us, it is a great app in case sensitive data needs to be conveyed without the risk of it becoming widespread knowledge.

7. Viber

viber With over 10,000,000 downloads, Viber is one of the more vetted messaing apps for android. Offering a sleek interface, the ability to chat with 200 people per group, and (most importantly) the ability to delete images and texts if they were accidentally sent, Viber covers most everything a typical user would need. You can also choose to hide certain message threads from your normal log should you so choose.

6. Skype

skype A multi-platform monster of a messaging app, Skype has a pretty robust mobile app. With all the standard features of the desktop program, including video and international calling, those that need a familiar interface need look no further. While a bit data intensive when in use, the quality of multimedia messages is typically fantastic. With a massive company behind it and a partnership with Microsoft, updates roll out quite quickly to handle any bugs and often have a leading edge when dealing with new android updates.

5. Kik

kik One of the more popular options for quasi-anonymous chatting, Kik makes it to the halfway point of this list. With a registration process that limits the amount of personal info needed, and the ability to gain and share contact information via QR code, Kik has become one of the most popular platforms for forums and communities to talk when away from the computer. The app itself is robust and can handle just about anything you’d need from a messenger.

4. GO SMS Pro

go-sms Perhaps the most customizable app on this list, GO SMS Pro feels that messaging shouldn’t just be useful, but also should arrive in style. With a wide variety of themes, as well as the potential for users to create their own, you can dress up both encrypted and unencrypted messages to your liking. Organization is another major plus for this app, as it will categorize conversations between known contacts away from those who are not currently in your contact list. There is also a delay to send feature in case you worry about mis-sending messages.

3. Line lite

line The smaller sibling to the standard Line app, this is perhaps the best messaging app for those mobile users whose memory is at a premium. Coming in at full download under 5MB, Line offers the basics of messaging including picture, video and text without any real fluff. Group messaging is also possible with absolutely massive numbers of members. Similar to Skype, it can also allow for international calling at a price, which for many is quite reasonable.

2. WhatsApp

whatsapp One of the most popular messenger apps globally, WhatsApp allows for communication anywhere in the world via voice, text, picture or video with ease. It also includes an active feedback system which notifies the user of when their message is sent to the other device, and if the message has been opened yet. Group discussions, while not a major focus, can be used effectively to keep track of group work.

1. Snapchat

snapchat Topping our list of the best messaging apps for android is the social media / messaging app blend that is Snapchat. One of the first widely commercialized apps to popularize self-destructing messages, Snapchat also features a “stories” pane, allowing for announcements or showing off your latest concert experience to all your contacts in just a click of a button. While there has been minor scandals in the usage of metadata, the files themselves are typically destroyed quite quickly.

This concludes our list of the top 10 android messenger apps available in 2016. Personally, while I do appreciate the features that Snapchat and WhatsApp display, there’s something to be said for the security features that are available in Wickr Me. Did your favorite app not quite make this list? If so, be sure to mention it in the comments, alongside why it is your favorite.

Cody Carmichael
Cody Carmichael
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