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What Happened to Terri Conn – Recent News & Updates

American actress Terri Conn first gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Katie Snyder in the CBS soap opera, As the World Turns. Born in Bloomington, Indiana, she spent most of her childhood in Albuquerque. An avid cheerleader during her high school days, it wasn’t until she was attending college at the University of San Diego that she realized she wanted to try her hand at acting. Promising her parents that she would later resume her college studies, she started to put herself out there, attending a number of television auditions. With a little bit of luck, she quickly snagged a small role in the action film, Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor (1994) where she had the chance to work with Brad Thornton, Sasha Mitchell and Kamel Krifa. Just a few months after making her big screen debut, she landed yet another role in the action thriller, Hong Kong 97 (1994). Determined to engrave a name for himself in the industry, Conn went on to appear in a series of TV shows including The Young and the Restless (1995), ABC Afterschool Epcials (1996), Profiler (1996), and Brotherly Love (1997).

At the age of twenty two, the aspiring actress received a big break when she was cast as a series regular in the teen comedy drama, Breaker High (1997). Starring alongside Kyle Alisharan, Ryan Gosling, Wendi Kenya, and Tyler Labine, she made the most out of the opportunity given to her. After being on the show for a year, she guest starred in an episode of The CW drama, 7th Heaven (1998), before receiving her major breakthrough role in the long-running CBS soap opera, As the World Turns (1998). Portraying the character of KAtie Peretti Snyder, she made her first appearance on the show in the summer of 1998. Capturing the hearts of audiences with her captivating performance, the role later earned her two Daytime Emmy Award Nominations for “America’s Favorite Couple” and “Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series”, the former of which she shared with her fellow co-star, Paul Leyden.

Her most well known TV role to date, As the World Turns remains to be one of the most noteworthy credits in the actress’ filmography. While shooting for the soap opera, she also appeared in a handful of B-list films including Long Story Short (2002), iMurders (2008), and Once More (2010). Shortly after departing the CBS soap, Conn joined the main cast of the popular ABC drama series, One Life to Live (2010). In total, the blonde has appeared in well over twenty different acting projects throughout her career- most of which have been on television.

So what has the actress of As the World Turns fame been occupying herself with lately? Has she been cast in any new roles? Will we be seeing any of her this upcoming year? What happened to Terri Conn? Where is she now in 2018?

Terri Conn’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

conn2 Born on January 28, 1975 in Bloomington, Indiania, Terri Conn (Birth Name: Theresa Celeste Conn) is the daughter of a real estate agent and a former US Air Force Officer. Her parents’ only child, the family relocated often during her childhood due to her father’s work; they eventually settled down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. As a teen, Conn was an avid cheerleader and was a member of the high school cheer leading team. Following her graduation in the early 90’s, she relocated to California where she studied Communications at the University of San Diego. Although acting never crossed her mind growing up, she eventually had an epiphany while attending college- she wanted desperately to become an actress. Promising her parents that she would later resume and complete her college degree, Conn went off in search of television opportunities.

As fate would have it, it didn’t take long for the aspiring actress to land a role on the big screen. At the age of nineteen, she made her feature film debut in the sports movie, Kickboxer 4: The Aggressor (1994), where she had an opportunity to act alongside Brad Thornton, Kamel Krifa, and Sasha Mitchell. Later that same year, she made a small appearance in the film, Hong Kong 97 (1994). After playing another small role in the movie, Spitfire (1995), she appeared on television for the first time in an episode of the popular romance drama, The Young and the Restless (1995).

Striving to make a name for herself in the show business, Conn continued to audition for various roles and eventually appeared in the TV series, ABC Afterschool Specials (1996), Profiler (1996), Brotherly Love (1997), and Step by Step (1997). After climbing up the ladder for several years, the actress received her first breakthrough when she was cast as one of the lead protagonists in the YTV teen comedy drama, Breaker High (1997).

Terri Conn’s First Major TV Appearance in Breaker High

conn4 Created by Cori Stem, the Canadian comedy series took place at a high school located on a cruise ship and centered around the lives of a group of close-knit teens. Filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia, the drama revolved around various themes such as friendship, dating and finances. Playing as one of the main eight characters, Conn portrayed the role of a sophomore named Ashley Dupree. Starring alongside her in the drama were actors Alex Pineda, Sean Stanley Hanlon, Cassidy Cartwright, Jimmy Mortimor Farrell, and Max Ballard.

Originally premiered on September 15, 1997 on YTV in Canada, Breaker High was generally well received by teen audiences. Later broadcasted on the UPN Network in the United States, the show continued for a total of forty four episodes- all of which starred Conn’s character. Although a fairly average series, it remains noteworthy simply due to the fact that it was the actress’ first major role on television.

Terri Conn’s Major Breakthrough in As the World Turns

con3 Following a brief guest appearance in an episode of The CW series, 7th Heaven, Conn was met with another huge opportunity when she was given a lead role in the long-running CBS soap opera, As the World Turns (1998). Set in a fictional Oakdale town, it centered around the lives and interactions of the town’s inhabitants. Joining the varied cast in the summer of 1998, the actress played as Katie Peretti Snyder- a young woman who eventually finds herself falling for a jewel smuggler and con artist named Simon Frasier. Quickly becoming one of the most beloved characters on the show, her on-screen chemistry with fellow actor Paul Leyden was the target of much praise. In total, her character appeared for a whopping 1366 episodes from her introduction in 1998 until her final appearance in 2010.

Originally premiered on CBS on April 2, 1956, As the World Turns has been running for well over forty years prior to Conn’s debut in the series. The second longest daytime soap opera (behind only Guiding Light) in American television History, it has been a steady hit for the network for many decades. At one point during the mid 70’s, it was the most watched drama on the small screen, having drawn in an average of ten million viewers per day. Not only did it prove to be popular among viewers, but As the World Turns has also received well over 400 industry award nominations- including over 40 Primetime Emmy Wins. For her brilliant portrayal of Katie Peretti, Conn also received two Daytime Emmy Award nominations (e.g. America’s Favorite Couple, Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series) and a Soap Opera Digest Award nomination.

Despite its popularity however, As the World Turns eventually ended in the winter of 2009 following a run of 13,858 episodes.

To date, it remains to be one of her most well remembered roles on TV.

Terri Conn’s Second Big Break in One Life to Live

one life to live Shortly after departing the CBS soap opera, Conn played another principal character in the ABC drama, One Life to Live (2010). Created by Agnes Nixon, it is noted for being the first daytime soap to primarily feature socioeconomically and ethnically diverse characters in its cast. Written by Jessica Klein and Thom Racina, its plot centered heavily around the relationships and members of the Lord Family. First introduced in November of 2010, Conn played as Aubrey Wentworth- a highly intelligent con-artist. Despite her criminal record however, she eventually develops into a more caring individual later in the show. In total, Conn appeared in 106 episodes of the 11,136 episodes of One Life to Live.

Premiered on television on July 15, 1963, One Life to Live has continued on the ABC Network for well over forty years- much like As the World Turns on CBS. Critically acclaimed, its groundbreaking plot surrounding intolerance and homosexuality garnered it much fame and widespread attention during the early 90’s. One of the most popular soap operas ever to have graced the network, it received countless awards during its multi-decade run including seventeen Daytime Emmy Award wins. While Conn did not garner any accolades for her role on the show per se, it still helped to boost her already soaring popularity.

After being on air for forty three years, One Life to Live was cancelled by ABC in April of 2011. It was later announced that the show would live on as a daily 30-minute online series to be released via iTunes and Hulu. Eventually premiered on April 29, 2013, the relaunched series soon found itself plagued with a number of production problems. As a result, the series was suspended in the fall of 2013.

Other Highlights from Terri Conn’s Acting Career

While most of her work has been on television, Conn has also appeared in a number of films such as Spitfire (1995), Long Story Short (2002), and iMurders (2008). More recently in 2016, she gained recognition for her portrayal of one of the two title characters in the independent short film, Jack & Diane.

Written and directed by Jennifer Pepperman, it also starred Austin Peck and Shawn Wright, the former of whom played opposite of Conn. Filmed in Brooklyn, New York on a budget of $3600, it was released on June 4, 2016.

That same year, she also played a supporting role in the low budget thriller movie, North of the City (2016), alongside Paul Zimmerman, Felicia Greenfield, and Edward Stanley, and Brian Benjamin. The film has been released as of October 2016.

What’s Terri Conn Doing Now in 2018 – Recent Updates

It looks like fans will have a reason to be excited- according to the actress’ IMDb page, she will be co-starring in an upcoming musical TV film called, Wholly Broken (2017). Although the synopsis of the movie has yet to be released, its cast list has been revealed to include Alicia Minshew, Tom Humbert, Nina Lafarga, Martha Wash, and Aviad Bernstein. Still currently in the filming stages, it will presumably be coming out sometime before 2018.

Aside from that, it doesn’t look like Conn has any other projects planned for 2018- that have been announced anyway. For all we know, she may just have a few more things up her sleeve.

If you’d like to keep in touch with the 42-year-old actress, you can easily do so by following her on social media- you can find Terri Conn on Twitter or Instagram at @Terriconnactor.

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