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Jared Fogle From Subway Net Worth 2018

Here’s a dark and horrifying tale. Jared Fogle once inspired people to get healthy, eat fresh and kick their nasty habits. His own nasty habits were okay by him. Fogle was the spokesperson for Subway for a number of years, until the details of his predilections came to light. So far as I can find out the man is a pedophile. I may be wrong about that assertion, but all the evidence I can find, not to mention his conviction on charges of statutory rape, point in that direction. Before his legal troubles he was estimated to be worth around $15 million. Since the beginning of his trial in 2015, he has spent a fortune on lawyers, pay outs and other fees associated with losing a court case.

The point of this article is not to list out his many crimes, I already did that in a previous article, today I will be looking into the mans finances, and try to figure out how much he might have left from his once substantial fortune. So let’s take a look through his career, see where his money came from, and where it all went.

Jared Fogle From Subway Net Worth 2018 – <$15 Million

How Did Jared Fogle From Subway Make His Money & Wealth?

Jared Fogle e1492191704891 The core of Jared Fogle’s wealth came purely by chance. He was morbidly obese for much of his life. It wasn’t until half way through college that he decided to try and get in shape. the first thing he did was change his eating habits. A lifetime of eating take out food had left him with a compulsion, and so he switched to what he saw as a healthier alternative. Add in some exercise and he soon dropped more than 200 pounds. A friend ran his story in the University paper, and that got back to Subway regional manager in Chicago. They ran a test ad and soon went national with it.

The ad campaign with Subway proved to be a monster success. He was paid very well by the firm, and traveled across the country, promoting the product, and shooting more adverts. He leveraged this fame into appearances on all kinds of shows, talks show, WWE Network and even a few films. The other strut of his wealth was his motivational speaking. He spoke at a number of high profile venues on the topic of weight loss and childhood obesity. All in all until 2015 Jared was doing very well for himself. Then the truth came out.

Turns out Jared had been sending and receiving child pornography, soliciting mothers to let him have his way with their young daughters, and sexually abusing a wide variety of minors up and down the country. His case was brought to court, and it is known that he paid out at least $1.4 million in compensation to his victims, 14 girls in total. Once we add in his legal fees, then I think it is safe to say he’s pretty much broke. Add in the fact that he had to pay his now ex wife $7 million, roughly half of his 2013 net worth, and I think that is the nail in the coffin of Jared Fogle’s wealth.

Jared Fogle From Subway Personal Life & FAQ

Is Jared Fogle Married?

Fogle has been married twice. First in 2001 to Elizabeth Christie, then again in 2010 to Katie McLaughlin. He had two children with Katie, who he is now unsurprisingly not allowed to see.

Where is Jared Fogle from?

Jared Fogle is from Indianapolis Indiana.

Why was Jared Fogle Arrested?

Fogle was under investigation since 2007, after he made some salacious comments about a middle school child to said child’s mother. The mother went to the authorities and the FBI got her to wiretap a conversation with Fogle. Fogle asked for and received many pictures of children from a man named Russel Taylor, whom the FBI soon detained, which led to his conviction.

Why was Jared Fogle Assaulted in Prison?

Fellow inmate at the Oklahoma prison Fogle is incarcerated in Steve Nigg came to media attention last year after the 61 year old took it upon himself to administer some justice to Fogle. The beating left Jared with a broken nose and several severe scratches. On a lighter note, in the year since Mr Nigg administered the beating he has received a fair amount of an mail, with many people putting cash deposits into his prison account. It seems as though the people are largely in favor of his actions, even if the prison had to put him in solitary for it.

Steve claims that the reason for the beating was simply that he hated pedophiles.

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