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Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer For Dry Herb Review

This is only the second time I have got my hands of a vaporizer for review, but I have been using them exclusively for a number of years now. This one is a bit different from my usual though. rather than an e Liquid vaporizer we have a dry herb vape pen, and I am excited to try it out. These things are primarily for vaporizing herbs, like dried tobacco or marijuana. I could only really test out tobacco locally, but I have a contact in an area where marijuana is legal to test out what I think is the primary purpose of the device.

So the question I asked myself was why I would use this over an e liquid based vape pen? Well the versatility is a key reason. This is not only for tobacco, and that can be a key selling point. The other is the expense. I have noticed that it is costing me quite a bit of cash to keep up with my vaping habit. Granted, it might be the fact that I have been reducing the nicotine content over time, leading me to smoke more. Besides the point, switching from smoking cigarettes to a herb vaping tobacco allows you to maintain the same kind of smoking schedule. You heat the herb up, store the smoke and you end up with a pre created quantity to smoke through. I have noticed that I vape nearly constantly, simply because it’s there.

When I smoked cigarettes I would use them to gauge time, one an hour, and that is something that translates over to the herb vape. The quality of the smoke is different as well. Flavor wise we are closer to cigarettes, there is a touch of bite to it, that tickle that I miss in a real smoke. The flavor comes out clean, no where near as strong as a straight smoke, but pungent and present. I used regular rolling tobacco in the pen, and it worked like a charm. I have been informed that the quality of the green smoke is excellent, a pure plume, suitable for both one large hit and several smaller ones, depending on the kind of session you are looking to have. Again, contrary to popular opinion, even vaporized herb has a strong smell and taste to it. Not as pungent as straight burned, but strong enough to be noticeable, so bear that mind if, like me, you are in an area where legislation will nail you to the wall.

So let’s get started, first with a look at the company, best to know a little bit about them, else how can we value the warranty?

About Atman

Atman are a relative new comer in the world of vaping. They were founded in 2009, with hopes to create a viable alternative to smoking and e liquid vaping. They decided to focus on the burgeoning dry herb vape market, and it seems to be paying off. Their products combine high quality with low pricing, and so far as I can tell as a consumer, excellent customer support. I made inquiries with the firm shortly after receiving this assignment, via their customer channels rather than my own, and they replied quickly, providing me with all the information I needed.

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer Pen Design and Build Quality

Okay, first of all, what a name. I love it, the Pretty Plus. Makes me feel like the Wicked Witch of the West every time I say it. Design wise we have a super sleek looking product. The aesthetics of a vape pen is more important than you might think, as at their core the tech is very similar. The differences between the highest end and the lowest end is far less than most people think. I would have liked to see a few more color options, but there is something delightfully 70s about the scheme used here, that umber and black look.

Breaking the build down takes less than ten seconds, just unscrew the top and you’re done. The chamber is pretty small, but the opening is great, really easy to fill. It holds a little under half a gram, so again, hardly huge, but more than enough to get a good smoke out of. At the base of the battery you will find the micro USB charging port built in, not a great location, and I would have liked to see a little cover cap, but I can see why it is there.

Using it is simple, there is only one temperature setting, 400 Fahrenheit, and activating the build is just a matter of hitting the button five times. When on you hold it for a second to start cooking. 60 seconds later the chamber is filled and you can smoke at your leisure. There is a handy temp sensor on the build , letting you know when it is safe to hold the build after cooking.That’s the main issue I have with the build. There is little in the way of insulation, and the high heat generated by the build makes it impossible to hold it while it vaporizers the herb. Not an uncommon thing in the business, especially with the pen form factor, but still something that impacts the portability of this portable build.

Overall this is a well put together build. It looks great, I love the name, and using it is easy. For those looking to get into herb vaporizing this is a great entry level option.

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer For Dry Herb Pricing and Warranty

Ah, the price. Herb vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes, and thus the prices span the gamut as well. This is more of an everyday, low cost entry level product, so you can find it in the $79.99 price range. I have seen it a touch cheaper in places, but for the most part that is an accurate price. It’s competitive, and considering what you are getting, a sleek and simple herb vape pen, the price is on point.

Further enhancing the product is the customer service that you can expect from Atman. As mentioned, I have found it very easy to get in contact with them, my experience as a customer has been fantastic. Getting a refund is easy, so long as you are within 15 days and have not used the item. Also, it must be bought from their core site. I can understand that, seen as there are a lot of Chinese knock offs of vaporizers on eBay and the like. The actual warranty seems to have no time limit. So long as you use the item for its intended purchase, if it breaks you can contact them about it. Unfortunately there are a myriad of fees associated with sending items back for repair, and getting them replaced, not something I like to see, but I again can see why. Atman are by no means a powerhouse firm, so absorbing shipping and holding costs is simply not viable for them. That said it leaves me looking at a fairly terrible warranty situation, so you should know that going in at the very least.

I feel like the price and the quality of the item more than makes up for the few short comings in the warranty department. Dealing with Atman has been a joy, so I fully expect that, regardless of the fees involved, that should you have need of their services post sale you will still experience the minimum of hassle.

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer For Dry Herb Conclusion

This has been a fun item to review. Herbal vaporizers offer a completely different experience than e liquid vaping. One far closer to traditional smoking. There are less risks involved in vaping in general but it maintains the pageantry of cigarettes or roll up smokes. The Pretty Plus lives up to its name, a sleek little vape pen, than can fit pretty much anywhere. The price is on point, and while the warranty is a little muddled, and chock full of additional fees, the build quality is high enough so as to limit the need to use said warranty.

Overall this is an excellent first purchase, and a great option for someone looking to expand their collection with a great on the fly vaping model., perfect for a both qucik sessions and long haul relaxation.

Barry W Stanton
Barry W Stanton
Irish born writer who drinks too much caffeine and reads too much Terry Pratchett. I enjoy long walks on the server and Korean cuisine.


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