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Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer Review

The Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer

Atman is known for their line of vaporizers, which are friendly to any product ranging from pure leaf, tobacco, or even including wax and juice. Atman has recently introduced their Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer pen, which is a nifty little pen that is perfect for both the beginner and those experienced with wax pens already. Read on more to find out about this affordable pen from Atman.

Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer Review

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The Atman OWAR is available in gold, silver, black, blue, and red

The Atman OWAR was released recently by Atman, and retails from their website (and a select few merchandisers) for $79.99 USD. It is available in a variety of colors – gold, silver, black, blue, and red. It stands just about 5 inches tall and weighs roughly 150 grams, making it easy to slip into a pocket – it’s a little thicker and larger than your average writing pen that may be lying around the house, so use that as a decent guide to get the size for this pen. Unfortunately, it’s just chunky enough to clunk around in your pocket and bang up against your phone, so securing a case or a safer method of transport is advised.

At the very top of the Atman OWAR is the silicone mouthpiece, which can be replaced with a unit that is purchased from anywhere you can get an OWAR. The outside of the vaporizer is a nice silver brushed stainless steel, and overall completes the professional look of the vaporizer. The Atman OWAR is powered by a triple quartz atomizer, housed comfortably in a perfect ceramic chamber, which means that tons of vapor will be generated but you can quickly burn through your wax in the meantime. The top of the chamber is protected with a splash guard cap, which forbids any extra wax from spreading into the mouthpiece – this is a very handy feature if your tank is too full.2 8

Inside of the vaporizer, there is an 1100mAh capacity battery with your typical 510-threading at the top, which means that any sub-ohm atomizer can work with the Atman OWAR. You can recharge the device through a USB recharger, which only takes around an hour and a half to get a day’s worth of charge. At the bottom is a hidden storage compartment that comes unscrewed, which is perfect for hiding anything that you might intend to use in the vaporizer, or if you find yourself travelling. The battery also has a built-in temperature feature which includes low, medium and high.

Final Thoughts

The OWAR by Atman is an incredible vaporizer and delivers a lot of power in a convenient little package. This is a very stealthy and discreet device that is housed comfortably in an awesome, sturdy stainless steel tube. For those looking to add a new device to your collection, or for those just getting into wax vaping on the go, you simply can’t go wrong with the Atman OWAR. You can purchase the OWAR directly from Atman’s website, which also includes a one-year limited warranty. This warranty extends to every product offered by Atman.



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