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Josh Flagg Net Worth 2018 – How Much is He Worth Now?

American real estate agent, Josh Flagg rose to fame after starring on Bravo’s reality series, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, his youth was split between Brentwood and Beverly Hills.

While Flagg was still in high school, he was taken under the wing by real estate broker Bruce Nelson, from whom he learnt how to buy low and sell high. Before long, he was selling properties in affluent neighbourhoods such as the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills.

Since then, he has sold hundreds of millions worth of homes, if not more. At one point, Flagg even held the listing for the most expensive property in the United States, one offered at $150 million.

Despite his success in the field, it wasn’t until the mid to late 2000’s that he garnered widespread attention after starring in Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

Currently, the 31-year-old is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million. Let’s take a more detailed look at his career.

Josh Flagg’s Net Worth 2018 – $25 Million

How did Josh Flagg Make His Money & Wealth?

flagg 2 Born on August 20, 1985 in Los Angeles, California, Josh Flagg enjoyed an relatively idyllic upbringing in the affluent neighbourhood of Brentwood. As a teen, he went to Beverly Hills High School, from which he eventually graduated in 2003. While he was still a student, he started to learn the art of real estate under the wing of Bruce Nelson, a well established broker.

Before long, Flagg was making a considerable amount of sales in high-end neighbourhood such as the Sunset Strip and Beverly Hills. With time, his skills in the field only became more refined; considering this, it wasn’t surprising that he decided to become a full-time real estate agent after graduating from high school.

Since he made his first sale back in the 2000’s, the Los Angeles-native has made over a billion dollars worth of transactions in the real estate market. At one point, he sold the most expensive property ever to have been listed in the United States- a luxurious home that was offered at $150 million.

One of the most sought after real estate agents in the country, he sold over $145 million worth of homes in the first half of 2015 alone- a handful of which were listed above the $5 million mark. Another one of his greatest achievements include when he sold a $25 million Brentwood Park property in just thirty days.

A distinguished individual of his field, he has served as the listing agent for a handful of big names including Dorothy Chandler and media mogul, Merv Griffin. On top of that, Flagg has sold homes to a number of celebrities such as steve Aoki and Adam Levine.

Obviously, most of his wealth stems from his success in the real estate market. For instance, he yielded a $1 million dollar profit after selling a luxury home in Trousdale Estates in 2015. Needless to say, Flagg has earned millions upon millions from the house-selling game. While that may be his main stream of income, he also has a few other monetary sources.

As far as his salary goes, his annual income is hard to predict due to the volatility of the American housing market. Having said that, he takes on average, a 2-6% cut from his deals.

In 2006, Flagg alongside Chad Rogers and Madison Hildebrand, were chosen to start in Bravo’s new reality TV show, Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles. Premiered that August, it centred around the personal and professional lives of a group of real estate agents in the Malibu, Hollywood, and Beverly Hills area; the show also offered viewers an exclusive, behind the scenes look at the Los Angeles real estate world.

One of the original cast members, Flagg is easily the most prominent agent on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, having starred in all nine seasons. Since its premiere on August 29, 2006, he has appeared in 56 episodes. As with most Bravo television series, the stars are each given a hefty pay check for being on the show. So the big question is, how much is Flagg paid by the network?

Unfortunately, his earnings from the series have never been revealed. Having said that, saying that it’s in the hundreds of thousands (possibly upwards of a million dollars) is probably not too far off. Seeing as how Flagg has been on the show for over ten years, his pay-checks would have likely accumulated into many zeros.

Aside from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, Flagg has also appeared in several other TV programmings such as Home & Guest, Money with Melissa Francis, Extra, The Real, FabLife and Harry.

Not only is he an exceptional real estate agent and reality star, but he has also authored two books. In 2009, he penned his first text, A Simple Girl: Stories My Grandmother Told Me, an inspirational story about his grandmother, Edith Flagg. Later in 2011, he released his second title, Million Dollar Agent: Brokering the Dream.

Branching out to other endeavours, he launched his own mobile app called, Star Maps in 2012. Essentially a directory, it offers its users hundreds of properties that are owned by celebrities in the L.A. area.

Josh Flagg’s Personal Life and FAQ

Is Josh Flagg Married?

Openly gay, having come out in the spring of 2011, Josh Flagg recently popped the question to his new boyfriend, Bobby Boyd in 2016. While they were at the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, he surprised Bobby with a 40-person flash mob, during which he knelt down on one knee.

Prior to this, the real estate agent was in a relationship with interior designer Colton Thorn, whom he started to date in 2008. Although the two eventually got engaged, they ultimately ended up calling it quits- although details are unclear.

Does Josh Flagg Have Any Children?

No, Josh Flagg does not have any children that we know of.

Did Josh Flagg go to College?

No, the Los Angeles native did not go to college. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School, he dove head first into his burgeoning real estate career. Despite never having obtained a bachelor’s degree, we’d say that he’s doing fairly well for himself!

Where Does Josh Flagg Live? Pictures of Josh Flagg’s House

flagg house In 2015, Josh Flagg snatched up a $5.25 million mansion in Beverly Hills, California. Previously owned by Tony Award-winning Broadway producer Michael Filerman, it sits on 1.3 acres and boasts close to 5,000 square feet of real estate.

Originally built in the 1950’s, the traditional home includes five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, as well as a master suite which takes up the entirety of the second floor. Adding to that, it also features a twelve-car motor court, as well as a 120 foot infinity edge swimming pool.

Before he purchased the Beverly Hills home, he lived in a modern micro-estate in the Sunset Strip, which he had bought from David Katzenberg; he later sold the property two years later.

What Kind of Car Does Josh Flagg Drive?

The television personality is definitely someone who enjoys the finer things in life, to say the least. So far, his car collection consists of a Bentley Flying Spur, a 1960’s Rolls Royce Silver Cloud convertible, as well as a few other luxurious vehicles.

Josh Flagg’s Career Accomplishments

With his record sales, Josh Flagg has become one of the most well recognized real estate agents by The Wall Street Journal. One of the most talented brokers in the country by sales volume, he has been hailed as one of the “Top 25 Real Estate Agents” by digital and print magazine, The Hollywood Reporter.

In 2012, the reality star was also given the title of being one of “Forbes’ 30 Under 30″. The following year, he was also presented with the Next Generation Award from the LA Museum of the Holocaust.

Recent Events

Now that he’s engaged with his partner Bobby Boyd, the two are presumably busy planning their wedding. The last that we’ve heard, they were planning on holding their nuptial sometime in the summer.

As far as media projects go, he recently helped to co-write and executively produce A Simple Girl : Edith Flag, a biographical film about his grandmother.

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