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TaxAct Coupon Code January 2020 – Updated & Working Promo Codes

While it may seem like tax season is far away, it is never too early to start thinking about what you have to send into Uncle Sam. Taxact.com aims to get you in the right mindset early by offering great time-sensitive promotions for their premium tax software product.

The company was founded in 1998. Their software was developed by tax accountants as well as programmers, and all of the forms they use were approved by the IRS, and all 50 states. They are currently offering some terrific coupon codes and discounts to people who start their return now. Starting the return is free, and it locks in the discounted rate. So come tax time, you pay the price you see now.

2018 TaxAct.com Promo & Coupon Code:

Step 1: Click here to activate the codes and go to TaxAct.com, and gain access to all the new and updated discounts, promo codes, and price cuts on the tax service.

Step 2: Put one of the following coupon codes into the correct space when you go to checkout, and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have saved some money while doing your civic duty.

Ultimate Tax Bundle for $21.95 – This discounted deal includes free e-filing for your state and federal returns, as well as free phone support, free tax help, and free help if you get audited.

15% off Tax Plus – The normal price for the Taxact.com Plus package is $37, but you can get it for just $31.45 for federal filing. This price includes the prior year import, but if you want to file your state taxes as well, it is an additional $32.30. This deal is great for people who itemize their deductions, as well as investors and homeowners.

15% off Tax Premium – Regularly $47, clicking the link to the left allows you to get the premium package for just $39.95. The state filing is an additional $32.30, but the price does include prior year import. According to the website, this kit is good for contractors, freelancers, the self-employed, and anyone else with a difficult tax situation.

Deluxe Federal Edition for $12.95 – The price of $12.95 includes being able to import the prior year’s taxes into TaxAct.com, and also extra calculators and reports so you know that you are getting your best refund. If you have questions, this promo also offers free tax help and phone support, as well as help in the case of an audit.

File your Taxes for Free – If you are like most people, and have simple tax circumstances, such as only working one job and are taking the standard deduction, the free plan might be for you. It’s $0 to file both your federal and state taxes if you are filing 1040EZ or 1040A. You would only pay if you are importing your prior year’s taxes into the system. This is a great deal – you can’t beat free!

I hope that I was able to save you some dollars as you’re handing some over to the government. Tax season is not pleasant for anyone, but software such as Taxact.com can at least help you and take some of the stress out. Taxact.com makes sure that you are satisfied with the purchase of your software by offering a money-back guarantee. Check back here often – updates will be posted as we find them. 

You can click here for all the current discounts & offers and link directly to the website.

Taxact.com defines its mission in a chaotic good manner – they aim to bring all the tax loopholes and workarounds to the general public. They make online filing easier, whether you are doing it through their website or the mobile app. They claim that they are the cheapest in the tax software business, and they are also the only ones to offer an online solution for medium and small businesses.

Another service that Taxact.com offers is the ability for tax preparers and professionals to get the TaxAct professional editions. This version helps professions get things done much quicker in a larger scale. For us regular folks, getting certain packages gives you free help, both with the software and the process.

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Ariel Leather
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