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Newest Dodocool Deals & Coupon Codes

Dodocool is running some pretty great deals right now on various chargers and charging pads. The deals are only going to be running from now until November 15. In order to get the amazing deals over at Dodocool we have included the coupon codes you will need to use to get the special savings. If you need a new charger for your device, read on to learn about the special deals going on right now over at Dodocool.

Dodocool Coupon Codes & Deals on Chargers & Adapters

USB Wireless WiFi Adapter

The first product we wanted to talk about is the USB Wireless WiFi Adapter. If you use Coupon Code: EAVZXCGL you can get this product for $5.99 euro. That is a savings of more than $9 off the retail price, which means over a 60 percent savings. The USB Wireless WiFi Adapter comes with AC600 Dual Band and runs on 2.4GHz.

USB Wireless WiFi Adapter

You will get speeds up to 433Mbps if you are running at 5GHz or 150 if you are running at 2.4GHz. There is also 802.11ac compatibility with this adapter. The setup is very quick and easy as you just install the hardware and it will become a plug and play device. There is also a 30-day warranty with this device and a 18-month replacement warranty. In order to get the USB Wireless WiFi Adapter for this special price, click here to head to the product page. Remember, during checkout you need to enter Coupon Code: EAVZXCGL in order to get this item for $5.99 euro.

10W Wireless Charging Pad

Next up on the special deals over at Dodocool we wanted to talk about we have the 10W Wireless Charging Pad. This item is 65 percent off if you use the Coupon Code: DINWESC2. That means you will get the10W Wireless Charging Pad for $6.99 euro instead of $19.99 euro. You can charge your device about 1.5 times quicker with this charging pad. There are two modes, including standard charging mode and quick charging mode.

Fast Wireless Charger

The 10W Wireless Charging Pad has an anti-slip design and also features safety protection from over-charging currents. In order to purchase the 10W Wireless Charging Pad at this low price, click here to go to the product page. During checkout, enter Coupon Code: DINWESC2 to get this for the low price of $6.99 euro.

6 Port USB Charger

Lastly, we wanted to talk about the 6 Port USB Charger. This product is on sale for 52 percent off the retail price if you enter Coupon Code: LZW5C2PH during checkout. The price after the coupon will be $11.99 euro which is down from the normal $24.99 euro price. This comes with a Quick Charge port which is 3.0 and also has 5 USB ports. The 6 Port USB Charger runs on Qualcomm and is very reliable and safe.

6 port USB Charging Station

This features a super quick charge, is compact and very portable, which means you can take it anywhere. In order to learn more about the 6 Port USB Charger or to get yours right now for this low price, head to this website and place your order. You can get the savings by entering the Coupon Code: LZW5C2PH during checkout. This offer is only good until November 15, so you better hurry!



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