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Olivia Haschak Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Olivia Haschak is most well known for the YouTube channel that she runs with her sisters, which is appropriately called The Haschak Sisters. She is also a well-versed dancer who has trained most of her young life at the Temecula Dance Company.

How Olivia Haschak Got Famous

Olivia was born in California on September 1st, 2005. The preteen has had a pretty impressive life thus far. Even though she is the youngest of the Haschak Sisters, she is still a driving force behind the formation of the musical group. She’s an avid dancer who is formally trained in ballet, tap, hip-hop, and jazz dancing. She used that talent to perform on stage in an adaptation of The Perfect Gift, and impressive cover videos of Uptown Funk and Clique that were uploaded to the Haschak Sister channel.

Olivia Haschak Snapchat Name – Haschaksisters

haschak sisters snapchat

If you would like to add Olivia to your Snapchat account you can do so by clicking here.

Olivia Haschak – Other Social Media Accounts

Olivia Haschak Personal Facebook Account

Most likely due to her young age, Olivia Haschak does no have her own public Facebook page. The 12-year-old has many imitators on the social media site, but the only official page is the one run by her mother that she shares with her sisters. The account has 200,248 followers, and you can join them by clicking here. Their mother posts wholesome content such as adorable group photos of the girls, and links to their YouTube videos.

Olivia Haschak Twitter Username

Olivia’s presence on the microblogging platform is moderated by her mother. She does not have an official Twitter of her own, opting instead to use the one that she shares with her sisters. There are many imitators that claim to be the youngest Haschak sister, but none with the official blue check mark. Click here to join their 44,708 followers.

Olivia Haschak Instagram Username

Olivia has her own Instagram account, which is moderated by her parents. She posts a lot of candid selfies, as well as pictures of her dog, her meals, and places she visits. You can join her 465,000 followers by clicking here.

Olivia Haschak Kik Username or Code

It appears that neither Olivia nor her sisters have an account on the messaging app, or at least not a public one.

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