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Annke Nova S WiFi Camera Review

Looking for a security camera with WiFi? Well let’s check out the Annke Nova S WiFi camera. I have actually reviewed something similar before, a few months back at this point, so it will be interesting to see how this one compares to that.

The build is nicely compact, a must for hardware these days, but there is still some nice heft to it, belies a real sense of quality in the overall design. Smart move from the company. It is a touch on the feature light side of things, but I am in favor of specialization in general, and considering the price of the build, it is well worth it.


Annke Nova S WiFi Camera Design and Build Quality

Night vision Annke Nova S Embedded e1515331817559
Example image of night vision

The first thing you will notice with the Nova S is the size of the build, this thing is tiny. Makes it easier to fit pretty much anywhere. In the box, there is just the manual, the camera, a power cable and some fixtures, metal, plastic, and magnetic. I expected this to be a wireless camera, but that is not the case. You have to have it plugged in in order to work. connecting it to the internet was not difficult, the manual tells you all you need to know regarding that, and streaming it via the Cloud Storage app that comes with it was simple, but that app only lasts a month. Long term you will have to set up your own storage and streaming solutions or pay $6 per month.

The Nova S can detect movement, even at night, and you can set it up with push notifications. The advert they sent me really pushed this feature, and with good reason. I have used motion sensitive builds in the past, and most of them were a little janky. Here though the feature seems fluid. The mic is of fairly high quality, and the fact that it is two way makes it even better. So not only are you updated when someone enters the room, you can talk, or shout, at them while you’re viewing the scene. It can be linked up with both Alexa, allowing voice controls, and IFTTT, allowing some rudimentary, and intuitive, programmable features. IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a simple language design to let the lay person implement basic code behaviors into the internet of things.

Alexa Integration:

IFTTT Integration:

The downsides, setting up your own streaming server is a little harder than it needs to be, but I get why that is. The Cloud service is being offered by Annke, and they make bank on that. The service is excellent, and they have streamlined it rather nicely. The resolution is nice and high, hitting a full 1920 x 1080, but the fact that the framerate is locked to 15 fps annoys my eyes somewhat. I am sensitive to lower framerates in general, so there is some bias there. Most folks would be fine I am sure, but this is my review. Would have liked to see at least 24/30. Lastly, though it needs one, there is no SD card with the build, so get out and buy at most a 128GB one, as that is the max supported.

Overall, the package that you get is very attractive. A nice looking piece of kit, a fine array of features, and a few non-deal breaker limitations. The only thing left is to make sure the price is up to snuff, and I feel like you will be pleasantly surprised.

Annke Nova S WiFi Camera Pricing and Warranty

Annke Nova S Embedded e1515331858619 And now we are at the price. I have looked at a number of sites, and the cheapest I could find this model was for $50, give or take a few. The average price though seems to be pushing the low seventies. The Amazon price, which is the site I most trust, is in the upper bounds, sitting right now for $69.99. I am looking into getting some sort of discount for my readers, but even without that is a damn fine price for this item.

The warranty is another matter. Chinese firms are notorious for their bad warranties, with poor quality English, conflicting information and short time periods. Here though we only got the conflicting information and short timescales to worry about. The fine folks over at Annke are already global, and so they have hired some decent copy writers for the English version of their site. Simply lasting as long as they have lends some gravitas to even this short 1 year warranty. It is listed as 18 months on, but we have to go with what Annke themselves say first and foremost. Even in the worst case scenario I recommend you go with the Amazon purchase. Not only do you get the manufacturer’s warranty, but you also gain Amazons excellent customer support services.

Overall the price is great, and the warranty is exactly what we expect from a firm based in China. Be sure to know what storefront you are buying from, many store fronts offer additional protections that are well worth it.

Annke Nova S WiFi Camera Conclusion

What we have here is a viable option in the home security market. A small form factor inter room surveillance device that, when set up correctly, can give you more peace of mind and more free time. The core feature set is far more expansive than it has any right to be at this price point, being able to survey a room on the fly, be updated if anything in it moves, and even interact with the occupants, all from anywhere, at this price is amazing.

The warranty might be below par, but the price is excellent and there are ways to mitigate any issues stemming from a bad warranty, so long as you know who you are buying from. If you are in the market for a low cost room monitor then you need to at least consider the Annke Nova S.

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