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T.I. Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Critically acclaimed, T.I. is often credited for having helped to popularize the trap genre. Signing his first major label deal in 1999, he released his debut album, I’m Serious in 2001. Since then, the rapper has dropped several additional projects, many of which have received RIAA accreditation.

As far as his top tracks go, T.I. has churned out numerous hits since the early 2000’s, some of which include Bring ‘Em Out, What You Know, Whatever You Like, No Matter What, Big Shit Poppin’, and Top Back.

How T.I. Became Famous

Ultimately, it was his second studio album, Trap Muzik that had rocketed him towards music stardom. His first RIAA-certified hit, it led to the release of the singles, 24’s, Be Easy, Let’s Get Away, and Rubber Band Man.

From there, his popularity only continued to soar as he released more albums in the 2000’s. For instance, he had dropped his first multi-platinum title, King in 2006, which peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200. He would eventually release his second double platinum album, Paper Trail in 2008.

Most recently, he released his ninth album, Paperwork in October 2014.

T.I. on Television and Film

Like many rappers, T.I. has also appeared on the screen several times over the past few years. Since his acting debut in the film, ATL (2006), he has been featured in American Gangster (2007), House of Lies (2013), Get Hard (2015), Entourage (2015), Roots (2016), and Poster: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016).

Most recently, he was involved in the crime drama action film, Sleepless (2017) and with the comedy, Krystal (2017).

T.I.’s Personal Life

In 2010, he married Tameka Cottle, who is best known as a member of the R&B quartet, Xscape. Together, the pair has three children, a daughter, and two sons. While it was announced that she had filed for divorce in 2016, subsequent reports stated that they were working on a reconciliation.

From previous relationships, he also has a daughter and two sons.

T.I. Snapchat Name – Traeabn

Snapchat 5

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T.I. Other Social Media Accounts

What is T.I.’s Personal Facebook?

You can visit the rapper’s official Facebook fan page at @TI. Incredibly popular, he has already received over 20 million likes!

What is T.I.’s Twitter?

You can stay up-to-date with the rap star via Twitter at @Tip

What is T.I.’s Instagram?

You can stay up to date with his photo-feed on Instagram at @troubleman31

What is T.I.’s Youtube?

You can view many of his music videos and more on his official Youtube channel here.

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