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Massachusetts: Couple Confused After Receiving Amazon Packages They Didn’t Order

A Massachusetts couple has received more than 20 Amazon packages in recent weeks but they don’t know why those orders are being sent to their home. The couple has not ordered any of them but the deliveries have continued for the last four months.

The first order was delivered to their home in October. Then the deliveries kept coming and coming, including on the holiday season. The couple says they began receiving at least two packages a week. The orders include an outdoor TV cover, phone charger and other phone accessories.

Mike and Kelly Gallivan say they have received about 50 items in total. The couple doesn’t know who is ordering these items and sending them to their homes. Amazon, the company sending the packages, doesn’t know either. The couple has contacted the online retailer twice but they have not been able to find who is sending the packages.

The couple says the only thing they know is the address of the company’s distribution center in Lexington, Kentucky. The address is the only information that can be found on the packages they have received.

In one of the calls, the couple was told by Amazon that they could not trace the packages because the items were bought with gift cards. The couple does have an idea why these packages might be getting to their home.

The couple ordered some tech items from China and that’s where it may have started. They think someone made a profile with his name and address. They say the items being delivered to their home appear to be from China. No one knows why the items were sent to their home but the couple now wants the orders to stop. Amazon said it is now investigating.

Mike and Kelly aren’t the first to receive Amazon packages they have not ordered. Back in December, a Michigan man told local media that he wanted the orders to stop after receiving numerous packages. The man made a few calls to get the orders to stop but that didn’t work. The mysterious deliveries have his full name, phone number and address.

He says the deliveries are mostly tech items that he doesn’t use such as wireless headphones and phone accessories. He contacted Amazon about it and was told that he won’t be charged and that he can keep the items.







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