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Annie LeBlanc Snapchat Username & Snapcode

Annie LeBlanc is a 13-year-old YouTuber and a social media celebrity. Her YouTube career started with her uploading gymnastics-related content but has since rapidly expanded and grown. Over the years, all of her family members started making videos as well, and now they have a huge YouTube channel called Bratayley. Nowadays, the channel is large enough to make her one of the wealthiest teenage girls in the world.

She is currently busy with the second season of a YouTube Red series she’s working on, called We Are Savvy. The trailer for the season appeared just a day ago on her channel, so make sure to check that out.

Through her work, she also started gaining fans on other sites, including Snapchat. Her popularity is rapidly rising with each day, and we are very excited to see her upcoming plans come to reality. While waiting, we are going to take a look at Annie LeBlanc’s Snapchat username.  And while we’re at it, we’ll check her other profiles as well.

Annie LeBlanc Snapchat Username – annie.leblanc

Annie LeBlanc Snapcode


Annie LeBlanc’s Snapchat username is @annie.leblanc. To add her, just open up your app and scan the above Snapcode. Or you could click on the username, which will take you to Snapchat’s sites that you can follow her from. Either way works and is very simple!

Annie LeBlanc – Other Social Media Accounts

Since you are a fan, why not follow Annie or more than just Snapchat? Below are her most popular social media profiles, other than Snap.

Annie LeBlanc Twitter Username – Her Twitter username is really easy to remember, it’s just @AnnieLeBlanc. The account has over 130,000 followers! Annie uses Twitter every day, for the most part, so following her account is surely a great idea!

Annie LeBlanc Instagram Username – On Instagram, she has a whopping 5.1 million followers! LeBlanc is very active on IG as well, so if you want to stay updated, it’s a great idea to follow her there.

Annie LeBlanc YouTube Channel – Do you know 13-year-olds with a YouTube channel that has over 300M combined views? Well, you probably do since you’re a fan of Annie. Her official channel has over 2 million subscribers and uploads new videos every week. Definitely worth subscribing to.

It’s worth noting that all of the above is managed by her parents, as Annie is underage. Doesn’t make it less enjoyable or worse in any way though.

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