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Purple Mattress Review

It is my favorite color, but is the Purple also my favorite mattress? The bar is set very high, with the Leesa and the Novosbed, but the Purple offers something that no other mattress can claim, it is perfectly ergonomic. It claims to be a no pressure mattress, providing the back support of a firm mattress with the contour conforming hug of a soft mattress. How far it succeeds is up to interpenetration, but my brief time with this mattress left me very impressed. Rather than using a combination of foams to achieve sleep nirvana, the Purple uses its own proprietary tech solution that does not use memory foam, thus nullifying the heat retention issues, but maintaining memory foams near unmatched comfort levels.

So how does the Purple hold up under scrutiny? Read on for the full breakdown.

About Purple

Purple is one of the youngest companies I have ever looked into. They got their start at the tail end of 2015, after a successful Kickstarter campaign. The mattresses all shipped last December, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. They have a great website and are very active on social media. So a modern company then. I am very impressed with the level of community involvement from Purple, but beyond the industry standard of donating all returned mattresses, I cannot find any information on their charity work. And it is philanthropy that this section judges. I have got in contact with the firm and am awaiting their reply. Rest assured that I’ll be updating as and when.

Purple Mattress Build Quality & Materials

Purple Inside I love a company that is open with its information. Purple have all the information you need to make an informed decision right there in their FAQ section, so let me break it down for you. Let’s begin with the topper material. The Purple uses a blend of Poly-Lycra, polyester, and viscose to create their mattress topper. It is porous and very durable, but its main selling point is its elasticity. With every other mattress the pliability of the cover is not a concern, but considering how the Purple operates you will need a cover that can change its shape easily. It moves with the hyper-elastic polymer that gives the purple its name, allowing it to conform to your contours and spring back to normal quickly. Aesthetically it looks great, very bed-looking if you know what I mean. While the cover is removable I would not recommend machine washing it, as the materials used to make it so stretchy can also shrink in a hot wash. In all a functional topper that nicely adds to the Purple experience.

Purple Oddity On the inside and we have something I have never seen before. I have reviewed a wide variety of mattresses over the last few months, and with the exception of the vanilla Saatva, they all shared a fair amount in common. The Purple eschews the current mattress building consensus and does away with memory foam. In its place is something they call hyper-elastic polymer. Take a look at that material in the embedded image. Very strange, but I assure you it does all that Purple claim. It is not soft for the sake of softness, nor is it overly firm. Instead, it has an interesting middle ground feel, depressing in areas that need the space while remaining comfortably firm in areas that need the support. It really has to be felt, there is literally nothing quite like it on the market at the moment, though I expect to see a few other firms go down the same route purple is taking. The base layer is foam though, a nice 4″ of support foam topped with 3.5″ of transition foam. The mattress does not have the cooling issues that plague its memory foam based brothers, due to the space inherent in their hyper-elastic polymer.

Purple Overall Review

Overall I was greatly impressed with the tech here, and the comfort really is very different from anything I have tested before, whether you will think it better is up to you. I love the way it feels, and the lack of heat retention is amazing, but I also love the way memory foam hugs you as you sleep. In the end, this may well be the better ergonomic experience, and thus be excellent for sleep-related back pains and various other aches. I would definitely recommend at least trying this mattress out.

Purple Mattress – Pricing & Returns Policy

The first thing you will notice here is that the Purple does not come in as wide a variety of sizes as other mattresses, it may be a side effect of the crowd-funding method. But these three sizes make up the vast majority of the mattress, and it is very likely that you sleep on one of these three. The Queen is reasonably priced at $999, which includes a $100 discount, and shipping is free. The popularity of the Purple means that many folk buying now are experiencing delays in their order, with shipping unlikely to occur for the next month or so. Considering the claims they make, and the quality on offer, that is not much of a surprise.

Twin XL$69939″ x 75″ x 9.5″
Queen$99939″ x 80″ x 9.5″
King$129954″ x 75″ x 9.5″


In terms of customer service, the Purple can match with the best of them. The Warranty is for ten years, and considering the average lifespan of a foam bed is also ten years that is a perfectly selected number. I would argue that their hyper-elastic polymer is too new a material to properly estimate the lifespan though, so this mattress may well end up lasting for much longer than ten years. A mattress company would be incomplete without a sleep trial, and Purple is no exception. They offer a full 100 nights to test out their mattress, putting them ahead of a fair few competitors in their field. If you find after the 100 nights that you do not like this mattress they will donate it to a local charity and provide a full refund. Cannot say fairer than that.

Purple Mattress Conclusion

This is not a hard sell really. There is nothing to compare it to on the market currently, considering its unique feel and impressive construction method. If you have trouble sleeping if back pains are keeping you up if you have tried everything to mitigate the heat build-up of your mattress then, by all means, get yourself a Purple and give it a go. If it does not rectify your issues there are still plenty of more conventional options out there, but I have a feeling you will have found the mattress you are looking for with this one.

Purple Add-Ons

Mattress Protector – Unlike with my other reviews, where I play up the protective elements of the mattress protector and the comfort levels of the sheet, here I have to talk about liability. The Purple needs a flexible mattress protector, something that will work with the hyper-elastic polymer, or you will lose the effect. Thankfully the SafeRest will accommodate you. It moves nicely with the mattress and protects against everything you throw at it. clicking this link to automatically apply the discounted rate at

Sheet – I am a proponent of cotton sheets. The higher the thread count the better, but no matter how good the sheet is it is unlikely to work well with the Purple. The company is looking to expand their line up to include specially designed sheets, but until they do we have to look elsewhere. The best one I could find isĀ  Sheex. They are very expensive though, so if you find yourself strapped for cash a Jersey cotton sheet should suffice.

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