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Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Amazon Deals For 2024

03/10/2024 08:44 pm GMT

Black Friday is just around the corner and we all know what that means – it’s time to snag some deals! From electronics to cleaning products – everything will be deeply discounted by various retailers.

And as always, Amazon will be joining in on the fun with hundreds of markdowns.

For those who are interested, be sure to check out the site. As of writing this post, the Black Friday event is already live and will continue until midnight on November 24th.

Unlike their Prime Day events, anyone can shop their Black Friday deals. If you have a Prime membership, however, you’ll be able to take advantage of their speedy shipping options.

For example, you may be able to get free same-day delivery on some items.

There are also some early access deals that you can access before non-Prime members. Just look at the item on the listing – if it says ‘Prime Early Access’, you can shop for the product 30 minutes before non-Prime members. That way, you won’t have to worry about missing out on a deal.

Top 3 Best Black Friday Deals Amazon For 2024

03/11/2024 04:01 pm GMT

Without further ado, here are our top three picks that are currently being discounted for Black Friday.

  1. ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets
    $22.49 $14.35 ($0.60 / Count)

    ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner is specifically designed to clean the internal parts of a washing machine like inside the drum where odor-causing grime builds up. It is formulated to work with all types of washers including top-load, front-load, and HE. The enzyme formula removes residue from dirt, detergent, softeners and more.

    Cleaning Power:
    Ease of Use:
    Our Review: ACTIVE Washing Machine Cleaner has earned its spot as our best cleaner for washing machines thanks to its powerful cleaning action and great value with a 24 count of tablets. It's simple to use and easy to stay on schedule with a cleaning calendar inside of the box.

    Not only that but they’re also eco-friendly and safe for the environment. For one thing, they’re septic-safe. They also use less packaging compared to other washing machine cleaners. The fact that they’re tablets also eliminates unnecessary messes and waste. During our testing they weren’t only our top pick overall but they also came in as our best front load, top load, and our best eco friendly washing machine cleaner!
    Type: Tablets
    Amount: 24 Tablets
    Number Of Uses: 24
    Cleaning Frequency: Twice Per Month
    Scented: No
    Safe For HE Machines: Yes
    Safe For Septic: Yes
    • Free of fragrances
    • Eco-friendly formula that's safe for the environment
    • Works with all washing machines
    • Great for removing odors, limescale, mildew, and bacteria
    • Each pack contains a year's supply
    • Customers outside of the U.S. will have to pay extra for shipping
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    03/11/2024 04:01 pm GMT
  2. Amazon Fire TV 32" 2-Series HD Smart TV
    $199.99 $119.99

    The Amazon Fire TV 2-Series is a high-definition TV that will bring your favorite TV shows and movies to life. In addition to supporting 720p HD resolution, it also comes with support for HLG, HDR 10, and Dolby Digital Audio.

    It'll give you all of your entertainment in one place. You can watch live TV, stream your favorite music, or play video games. With subscriptions to Disney+, Netflix, and Prime Video, you'll also be able to stream more than one million TV episodes and movies.

    It even comes with a free 6-month MGM+ subscription, which will give you access to thousands of original series and hit movies. 

    And as always, you can ask Alexa to play your favorite content.

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    03/10/2024 08:44 pm GMT
  3. Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds
    $249.00 $189.99

    The Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Gen) is powered by an H2 chip that features a deeply immersive sound and intelligent noise cancellation. It also comes with a custom-built driver that delivers clear and crisp high notes and a full and rich bass.

    The earbuds come with four different pairs of silicone tips to fit various-sized ears and provide all-day comfort. The tips are also designed to seal out the nose and to keep the AirPods Pro in place.

    And like the previous generation, both the MagSafe Charging Case and the AirPods Pro are IP54 sweat, dust, and water resistant, meaning you can use them to listen to your favorite tunes in all types of situations.

    The battery life is also nothing to scoff at - you can get up to 6 hours of audio time with Active Noise Cancellation and up to 30 hours if you use the case.

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    03/10/2024 09:14 pm GMT
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