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Dodocool Earphone Deals & Coupon Codes

There are a lot of new Dodocool earphone deals and coupon codes available for you to use this month. Dodocool is one of the best places to go if you are looking for new headphones and earphones. The company is always running good deals and promotions on these items. Right now, there are promotions going on for as much as 49 percent off retail price! Those are amazing deals and we wanted to tell you all about them.

Dodocool Earphone & Headphone Coupon Codes

Wireless Magnetic In-Ear Earbuds


The first item we wanted to talk about are the magnetic wireless in-ear earbuds. This is part of the Dodocool earphone promotion and you can get 49 percent off the normal price. To get this amazing deal for a limited time, just enter Coupon Code: C2XGEPDL during checkout. This product allows you to connect with almost any device using the Bluetooth function on your smartphone or tablet. Any other devices that are Bluetooth-enabled will work with these magnetic in-ear earbuds too. You will be able to attach both parts of the earbuds so that you are able to wear them on your neck. This means you will not easily lose these earbuds like you might have other pairs.




The design of these earbuds are very nice and they are super comfortable to wear, even for long periods of time. You will love the LED indicator, since this lets you know how much battery power is left. Speaking of the battery life, you can get about 8 hours of playtime using these earbuds. If you would like to know more about these magnetic in-ear earbuds, click here to head to the product page. Remember, that when you begin checking out, you will need to use Coupon Code: C2XGEPDL in order to get the savings. When you use the coupon, the final price will be $12.75 which is a really good deal.


Wireless Stereo Sports In-Ear Headphone

On our list of Dodocool earphone promotions is the wireless stereo sport in-ear headphones. This item is 41 percent off retail price if you use the special coupon code. For this promotion, you will need to enter Coupon Code: FOXZFG2Z during checkout to save. Your final price will be $12.95 after the coupon code has been applied. The sound quality on these stereo sports in-ear headphones are amazing, and it comes with a microphone. This allows you to take phone calls no matter where you are at any time.


DA143 B

These headphones are great for sports because they have adjustable ear pieces and also have sweat-resistant technology. The noise-canceling technology is amazing too, and it allows you to hear the music or calls no matter how loud the environment might be. These headphones have an ergonomic design and have been designed to work with any wireless-enabled devices. To get this item now with the coupon code click this link to head to the product page. During the checkout process, do not forget to use Coupon Code: FOXZFG2Z to get this amazing deal.

Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earphones


The Bluetooth headphones wireless earphones are also on sale during the Dodocool earphone promotion and sale. This item is 49 percent off the retail price so you will only have to pay $11.62. TO get this amazing offer, enter Coupon Code: CQPWJMGM during the checkout. The high-fidelity sound quality of these earphones are hard to find anywhere else. One cool thing about these earphones is that it can simultaneously connect and pair with two Bluetooth-enabled devices. You will also have more than 33 feet to connect and listen with these earphones. That is a lot of room and the pairing is super quick and painless.



These earphones also have noise-canceling technology, which means no matter where you are, the sound will be loud and clear. Most Bluetooth-enabled devices can be paired with these earphones and they come with sweat-resistant technology too. This means you can wear them while out and about hiking or camping, and not have to worry about them getting messed up to due moisture. If you would like to get these wireless Bluetooth earphones, click right here to get to the product page. When you are checking out, do not forget to enter the Coupon Code: CQPWJMGM during checkout.

In-ear Headphones with Microphone, Wired Earphones

Lastly, on the Dodocool earphone deals we have the wired earphones with a microphone. These are in-ear headphones that are on sale for $8.66. That is a savings of 52 percent off the normal price! This amazing offer is only there if you enter Coupon Code: KGWATUXW during checkout. These wired earphones are high-resolution and are made of high-quality material. There is also a 9mm large nano-titanium driver used in these earphones.


You will be able to use the hands-free option to take phone calls since these earphones have a microphone built right into them. There is even sound isolation so that the outside noise will not be heard and you can hear loud and clear. There are three different earplug sizes you will get, so you can get a comfortable fit regardless of your ear size. To get this item at the amazing price of $8.66, click here to be directed to the product page. Once there, remember to enter Coupon Code: KGWATUXW in the box to have the discount applied.



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