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Top 10 Most Expensive Supreme Products

Founded in 1994, Supreme is a popular skateboarding shop that caters to youth and hip-hop culture. Not only do they manufacture skateboards, but their products also include clothing, accessories, as well as shoes. Based in New York City, they are well known for their distinctive logo, which features their brand name in a red box.

Since their rise in fame, the company has collaborated with a number of brands such as Nike, Clarks, Levi’s, Playboy, and The North Face. In fact, they’ve even created non-clothing items in the past such as punching bags, bricks, and bicycles, as part of a collaboration with other companies.

As you can probably expect, many of these items are only released for a brief period. As such, they can be quite priceyespecially if the demand is high. In fact, the price only to goes up with time, as people resell the items, often for higher than retail.

What are some of the most expensive Supreme products? We’ll be taking a look at ten of the priciest items from the American brand below.

#10: Supreme Kate Moss Photo T-Shirt – Upwards of $650 (Variable)

supreme kate moss

One of the most iconic t-shirts ever to have been created by Supreme, it features none other than Kate Moss. A supermodel, she had made it onto Time Magazine’s list of “Top 100 Most Influential People” 2007.

Often regarded as a piece of Supreme’s history, many were in fact, shocked that they had managed to land the collaboration at the time. Considering everything, it’s no surprise that the tee came with a high retail price. If you’re looking to nag one now, however, it’s even harder—you’re probably looking at at least $600.

#9: Supreme x Stone Island 1st Edition Coat – Upwards of $1,300

supreme stoneisland

A collaboration with Stone Island, an Italian high-end men’s apparel brand, this catchy yellow jacket was a huge success. Despite minimal promotion, it proved to be a bit hit for both parties. Unsurprisingly, it retailed at a relatively high price of around $1200.

Despite that, most of the jackets were snapped up within days—mainly by resellers. Due to the markup, however, most ended up being stuck with the stock, as little to no buyers were willing to shell out the cash. Interestingly enough, the number available on the market has since decreased dramatically. As a result, it has once again become desirable among collectors. In fact, this jacket is by far the most sought-after out of all of the Supreme x Stone Island collaborations to date.

#8: Supreme x Mo Wax Box Logo Tee – $2600

mo wax supreme

In celebration of Mo Wax Records’ 21st anniversary, the brand teamed up with the label for a special collaboration in 2013. In terms of the item, the two parties had decided on a limited edition box-logo tee. Limited to fifty units, the T-shirt was only available for purchase at the 2014 Mo Wax exhibition.

Rare and desirable, the limited piece does not appear on the market often—which leads to its expensive price tag. When they do, however, it’s not uncommon for them to sell for thousands of dollars each. 

#6: Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike – Upwards of $4,000

supreme coleman bike

Last summer, it was revealed that the brand would be releasing a Supreme x Coleman Mini-Bike. Exclusively available online, the red-clan bike—which came as a CT200U, included specs such as a 42-inch wheelbase, 196cc one-cylinder OHV engine, and a sturdy metal frame with a top speed of 24mph.

Released on June 22, 2017, it retailed for close to $1,000, which was close to what fans had predicted. Quick to sell out, the only way to find one now would be through the resell market. Unfortunately, that means that you’ll probably be paying more than retail for the bike.

#5: Supreme x Everlast Punching Bag – $4000

supreme punching bag

A collaboration with the boxing brand Everlast, this red punching bag features the brand’s name written in huge letters across the body. Released in 2016, it’s truly the perfect accessory for any fitness-oriented individual. Made out of high-grade leather, it boasts both functionality and durability with its resilient shock absorbency and triple reinforced ring tabs.

In the past, Supreme has collaborated with Everlast on several occasions on other products such as boxing gloves and boxing robes. By far, however, this is their most expensive project—for one will run you at least a few thousand dollars!

#5: Supreme x Louis Vuitton Bootleg Skate Decks – $7800

supreme bootleg lv

In 2000, Supreme came out with three “bootleg” skate decks that featured their version of the Louis Vuitton pattern. Having caught wind of the product, the French fashion house was quick to issue a cease and desist notice. As a result, the brand not only had to stop selling the products immediately, but any remaining stock was destroyed.

Seeing as how they were only available for a brief time, their resell value has gone through the roof over the past years. Extremely rare, even among collectors, it demands a high price on the market.

#4: Supreme x Damien Hirst Skate Decks – Upwards of $8,000

damien hirst skate deck

A collaboration with Damien Hirst, a well-known British artist, this skate deck is one of the brand’s rarest and most sought-after items. While the two parties have worked together on several occasions, there’s no doubt that this edition is worth the most change.

Due to the fact that there aren’t many in circulation, a single one of these skate decks can easily set you back upwards of ~$2600. If you want to collect the whole set, then you better be ready to pay at least ~$8000—that is, if you can find a seller online.

#3: Supreme x Molodkin Sample Box Logo Tee – ???

supreme trump shirt

In 2003, the apparel brand collaborated with Molodkin, a well-known Russian artist, to release a range of box-logo tees in multiple colors. While they’re rare, however, the real money is on the sample T-shirts, a few of which were made available just prior to its release.

Out of them, the rarest—which features a blue on red design, has an image of Donald Trump on the rear. Seeing as how only a handful was released, however, finding them for sale is a challenge in itself. One thing’s for sure, it wouldn’t come cheap! 

#2: Supreme x Fender Stratocaster – Upwards of $9000

supreme fender guitar

Last August, it was announced that Supreme would be collaborating with Fender on a flashy white Stratocaster. Released later that year, the guitar—which sported the brand’s logo on the body, came with a branded case, picks, and strap.

Extremely limited, the instrument’s retail price was well over $2600. Quickly snagged up, the only place where you’d probably find them now is on eBay. Unsurprisingly, it will likely cost you more than double that of its retail price, that and of course, shipping!

#1: Supreme x Louis Vuitton Trunk – Over $90,000

supreme lv tunk

Unlike the “Louis Vuitton” skate deck that was mentioned earlier, this trunk is the real deal. An official collaboration with the French Fashion House, this red colored case is easily the most expensive item ever to have been released by the American brand.

Retailed for around $78,000 at the time of its release, there’s no doubt that it’s a hefty investment for any collector—especially since the price has soared over the past few years. For instance, the item is currently being listed for over $117,000 on eBay. Unfortunately, with a price tag like that, most of us can only dream of owning the item.

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