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BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Vacuum Cleaner- A High-Powered Vacuum That’s Lightweight & Functional

Did you know you can get a high-quality vacuum cleaner for less than $100? We wanted to tell you all about the BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner because for less than $100 you’re getting a phenomenal vacuum cleaner that is handheld and cordless. One feature about vacuum cleaners that people don’t like is the noise, but the BlitzWolf vacuum cleaner operates quietly. This keeps your pets happy and everyone else happy too. Continue reading to learn all about the BlitzWolf vacuum cleaner and why this should definitely be your next choice.

BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Vacuum Cleaner Features Multi-Functional Head Brushes

One of the aspects of this BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner that we love is the multi-functional brush heads. There is a flat suction nozzle which allows you to easily get in those small gaps all over your home. You will love how quickly and effectively the flat suction nozzle is at getting dust out of all of those hard-to-reach areas and corners. There is also a round suction nozzle and you will find this useful for cleaning your couch and other furniture. The rolling brush head is best used for cleaning floors, and it works well on all types of surfaces.

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The BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner will suck up all kinds of materials regardless of which brush head you are using. It will get out dirt, dust, hair, bacteria, and dust mites. The rotary head will turn 130-degrees, which is really useful to get in those very tight spaces around your home. It will twist automatically for the direction or tight space that it needs to fit into. This vacuum cleaner is also great at cleaning pet hair and loose dander from corners, furniture, and the carpet.

BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Vacuum Cleaner is Quiet Yet High-Powered

When we tried out the BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner one aspect we were impressed by was how quiet the vacuum cleaner was. You might be used to loud and obnoxious vacuum cleaners that scare away your pets or make it hard to hear the phone if it rings. This vacuum cleaner is very quiet, but quiet doesn’t mean weak or less powerful.

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In fact, this vacuum cleaner offers 9KPa and 5KPa suction modes even though it’s really quiet. This means you will get an intense deep cleaning without worrying about the noise. More specifically, the noise level for this vacuum cleaner is less than 70dB, which is pretty darn quiet for a vacuum cleaner with the power it has.

Another aspect of this vacuum cleaner that we loved was how it’s wall mountable. This means that you no longer have to worry about finding a space for this vacuum cleaner in your closet. You can hang this vacuum cleaner anywhere you want for quick and easy storage or accessibility. If you want to hang it in your garage or in your closet out of the way, that’s all possible.

It takes four-hours to charge the 2200mAh battery completely, which isn’t bad at all. You can get 35 minutes of working time at the lower-powered rate which is also really cool. The blue light indicates it’s on lower power and the purple light means it’s on high power. You will also have charging indicator lights too, and if the three blue lights are steady then it means the vacuum is fully charged. If you see the three blue lights sequentially lighting up then the vacuum is charging.

BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Vacuum Cleaner is also Lightweight & Durable

One other aspect of the BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner that we love is that it’s very lightweight. We hate heavy vacuum cleaners, especially if you are trying to get them upstairs or in awkward areas. With this vacuum cleaner, you will no longer have to dread picking up the vacuum and taking it to another area.

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This vacuum cleaner is very lightweight and made of high-quality materials. The lightweight materials are what makes this vacuum cleaner so easy to mount to the wall anywhere in your home. The dust bucket itself is detachable and also transparent. This allows you to quickly see how much dust and debris you are collecting. You will also easily be able to see when you need to empty the bucket as you move from room to room.

Final Thoughts on the BlitzWolf BW-AR182 Vacuum Cleaner

We were highly impressed with the BlitzWolf BW-AR182 vacuum cleaner for a multitude of reasons. This is a high-powered vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and also very quiet. We love how easily you can mount the vacuum to any wall in your house for storage or quick access. Regardless of what your needs are in terms of cleaning, you can get everything done with this vacuum cleaner. Your home will look cleaner due to it being able to fit in tight spaces. We definitely think that for under $100 you will not find a better option out there or as high-quality vacuum with the various head brushes.

To purchase the vacuum you can visit the official website here. Also use the code 12Blitzw to receive an additional 10% off your purchase.



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