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Nuuly Coupon & Promo Codes 2022 – Free $10 Off First Month’s Subscription Box

I don’t do subscriptions (Netflix doesn’t count), so when a friend first recommended Nuuly to me, I turned the idea down so fast, she barely had time to finish her sentence. “Oh no way, I don’t want to pay to wear something that I can’t even keep. Not for me. That’s weird” – me.

But her words stuck with me and I thought about her recommendation over the next few months (mostly the times that I stood & stared at my overflowing closet and thought “I have nothing to wear”). I finally admitted to myself that I did want to try it. I had a busy month coming up with a lot of events and figured it was the perfect time to try a clothes rental program. Spoiler alert: I realized it actually was for me and I have got a Nuuly box for 13 months now (I skipped one month and it was terrible). 

What’s Nuuly and How Does it Work?

This is how the Nuuly box arrives. 

nuuly box

What is Nuuly? Nuuly is a women’s monthly clothing rental subscription that was launched by URBN – aka Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People (+ Nuuly offers many other brands). For $88/month you get to pick 6 items that you want to rent for the month. You also have the option of getting bonus items (up to 8) for an extra fee. Then, they ship it to you in a reusable tote or a box. At the end of the month, you send it back in the box with the provided shipping label. Easy peasy. No shipping costs and no late fees even if you return your box late! They charge you on the same day of the month, so if you want to keep your Nuuly clothing for more than a month that’s totally fine too. If you loved the clothing, you also have the option of buying it for a discounted price. And the best part is you can pause or cancel your membership at any time and they make it super easy on the app. 

Nuuly Promo & Coupon Codes in 2022 – Free $10 Discount Link

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Step 2: That’s all there is too it! The link above should auto activate the discount code when you go to sign up!

Is Nuuly Worth it in 2022? – My Experience with Nuuly

Now that I have used it for over a year, I have a pretty good grasp on how I feel about it. I skipped one month to “save money” and that was a mistake. So, here is my Nuuly review or my top 10 reasons why *I recommend giving Nuuly a shot.

1. There’s always something to wear, so no more anxiety.

This reason is important to the thrifty fashionistas of the world. Those who hate re-wearing an outfit, love bougie clothes, and getting a good deal. The peace of mind alone of “having something to wear” is worth it. Since I started Nuuly, I always have something new and fresh to wear whether it’s around the house, a special event, work, a wedding, or on vacation — I’m all set, especially when I plan ahead for the month! I love it.

Ichi Brown Sugar Faux Fur Jacket Nuuly Review

Renting statements is my favorite. Ichi Brown Sugar Faux Fur Jacket — Nuuly Review

2. Nuuly takes care of laundry, stains, rips,& tears with no extra fees. 

Literally, a dream come true. This was a big selling point for me. I am clumsy and stain or rip EVERYTHING (especially if it’s white). White is my favorite color to wear, but pre-Nuuly I avoided buying anything white because I usually only get to wear it once, maybe twice if I was lucky. Nuuly has fixed this issue for me. They cover stains, rips, tears for no additional fee! It’s all included in your monthly price. I can finally wear white pieces of clothing without hesitation and focus on dancing my heart out at the wedding, instead of worrying about ripping or staining my $400 dress. 

Alice McCall Wild Frontiers Mini Dress NuulyReview

This is the $422 dress I’m talking about. Alice McCall Wild Frontiers Mini Dress

3. Wear Clothing Way Out of Your Budget

Before Nuuly my clothing budget was $200 a month. I usually opted for digging through the clearance section, waiting for sales, or buying something cheap since I knew I would wear it only once. Well, with Nuuly I am wearing $422 dresses to weddings and $200 coats & pants to work with unique styles from all kinds of designers and brands that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford or justify. The retail prices of the items often range from $150-$800. Any month you can get whatever your heart desires! So one month you get the most expensive items you can find because..why not? It will only come to $88. This month the retail price of my clothing was $1,626 and I paid $88. Don’t believe me? Check out the screenshot.

nuuly review order screenshot

4. I have actually saved money. Wuuut?

Ironic, but true. It’s directly related to the point above. I have actually saved money since I started Nuuly because I can get a ton of outfits for $88, which is normally what I would spend on 1-2 outfits to an event or just shopping for “something to wear”. I have found that my $88 with Nuuly stretches WAY further than my $200 without Nuuly. Since I started the subscription, I haven’t wanted to go shopping or felt the need to buy clothing unless it’s the occasional new pair of jeans, a staple item, or something I really loved. The best hack is using Nuuly for my vacation! For the first time in years, I didn’t have to go on a shopping spree beforehand. It saved me a ton of money, time, and stress. I loved these Blue Revival Happy Hour Revival Jeans so much and got so many compliments. Pairs well with an oat milk latte and your favorite pair of heels. 

Blue Revival Happy Hour Revival Jeans Nuuly Review

5. Indulge in all the Statement pieces with no guilt. 

Statement piece galore without the price tag. This is probably my favorite thing about my Nuuly subscription! I can finally indulge in my statement pieces without paying a high cost or having to keep them. Check out this Sunshine Faux Fur Zip-Up Hoodie (I called it my big Bird jacket) that I rocked, absolutely loved, thought about buying it, and then after wearing it twice realized I’m over it and probably would never wear it again. Guess who didn’t spend $230 on it? 

Nuuly Review Selkie Sunshine Faux Fur Zip Up Hoodie

6. The Nuuly community is with helpful reviews. 

If there is a downside to Nuuly, it’s that if something doesn’t fit or you don’t like the way it looks, you are stuck with that item for the month anyways. That being said, that only happened to me one time on my first Nuuly because I didn’t read the reviews. So.. read the reviews! Nuuly tries to make this easy by listing every reviewers’ measurements. That way, you can find someone that has a similar body type, height, weight, bra size as you. Fellow Nuuly subscribers do a good job of being helpful with pictures and comments, so before you rent the item you know if the dress will be scratchy, thin at the waist, runs small, or fits perfectly.

Nuuly review order history

7. Nuuly is constantly adding new items and styles. 

I have had Nuuly for 13 months and I was surprised that every month they add brand new styles and items to the selection. You don’t have time to get sick of the selection because there is so much to choose from. I have got multiple pieces of clothing that were brand new and came with the price tags attached. Tip: If you want to get brand new clothes with tags, you have to get the ones that were just added to the selection. The downside is there are usually no reviews, so you can’t go off other people’s experience with the item and risk the item not fitting well. Totally worth it in my opinion. I went on a blazer spree with my last box and almost every single item came brand new with a tag. Tearing of the tags always feels so good. If you know, you know. 

IMG 6429

8. Sustainable & Eco-friendly Fashion.

I always felt so bad about engaging in fast fashion. Nuuly offers a more sustainable way of being a fashionista without breaking the bank or the environment. It feels good to love an item for a month, and then pass it on someone else can love on them too. 

IMG 8217

9. Try before you buy (at a discounted price)

If you really love something after you rented it and want to buy it, you can and it comes with a great discount ranging from 35% – 75% off. So not only do you get to wear the item, test it out, but then you get to save money if you decide you want it.  Check out the image below. These are some of my most recent rentals. I loved the Wrist Tie Blazer, but I wouldn’t buy it for $211 bucks, but I might snag it for that $67.52.

Nuuly review screenshot order

10. No late or hidden fees.

It seems like there are always hidden fees with subscriptions, not with Nuuly. No shipping, no late fees, no damage fees. It’s a flat $88 no matter what you get or how you send it back. You can skip as many months or cancel your subscription at any time with no strings attached. That’s a score in my book.

IMG 8463

Nuuly Signup & Referral Code Bonus

Looking to try Nuuly for the first time? Use this link to get $10 off your first box. 



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