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Abandoned Dog Who was Seen Wandering Detroit Streets with Stuffed Toy Has Been Rescued

An abandoned dog will soon be ready for their new home after several animal rescue groups worked together to find her after she was seen wandering the streets with a stuffed toy in her mouth.

According to Katrina Weaver, the owner of It Is Pawzable Dog Training, everyone was posting pictures of the pup, who they had named Nicholas, Some also tagged rescuers to help trap the dog, which they eventually managed to do.

nikki 2
Nikki was seen wandering the streets alone with her favorite stuffed toy

The dog’s owner had recently passed away, leaving her to wander the streets of Detroit alone, her only comfort being her favorite stuffed animal, which she refused to drop under any circumstance. Gail Montgomery, the director and cofounder of Almost Home Animal Rescue, said that usually a stray dog wouldn’t hold on to a toy as they would be too busy looking for food. For this sweet pup, however, it was her only sense of security.

Once her story was shared online, people with South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, It Is Pawzable, Almost Home Animal Rescue and Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming came together to find dogs by sharing photos with nearby residents. One neighbor who had been feeding the pup while she was on the streets, also began working with the organizations.

Nikki was reunited with her favorite stuffie after receiving vet care and treatment

It took several days of failed attempts, but the team ultimately captured the pup, whom they later renamed Nikki as a female. According to the team, she refused to let go of her favorite stuffed toy even when they were loading her inside the vehicle.

After being rescued, she was taken to the animal rescue headquarters, where a vet examined the pup; staff at the shelter also helped revive her stuffie. Following the checkup, it was revealed that she was heartworm positive. Fortunately, she is now receiving the treatment that she needs.

nikki 3
Nikki is now in foster care

She is currently with a foster family, who posts regular updates of the pup. She also has more stuffed toys than ever before.

Almost Home Animal Rescue is currently accepting donations to help pay for the pup’s care and treatment. For those who’d like to help, you can do so on their Facebook page here.


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