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Beardaments After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Beardaments Before Shark Tank

When thinking about the Christmas season or Christmas decorates, it’s not likely that an individual would be enticed to think about decorations for one’s beard. More specifically, Christmas tree bulbs and Christmas lights for one’s beard. But, that’s about to change once people find out about Beardaments.

Beardaments is a company that sells Christmas ornaments that men can decorate with on their beards. During the colder season, it’s noticed that beards are being grown out more, so why not add a little Christmas pizzazz to them? Beardaments ornaments are lightweight, clip-on decorations while you’d find on a Christmas tree; however, they attach to mustaches, beards, and even hair. The company didn’t stop at those ornaments though, they also sell Christmas lights and festive glitter that can be put on beards as well. Sure, it seems like an odd creation at first, but it’s worth it for some Christmas cheer. Their motto? “To leave no beard undecorated for the holidays”.

Jason McOmber, a fellow beard owner himself, thought of the idea for Beardaments while he was at an ugly sweater Christmas party in Salt Lake City. He and some friends were having fun and drinking eggnog when things took a silly turn. His friends started hanging random items on his beard. Although he thought the idea was silly, he conducted some research and discovered that it would be unique as well. He figured he’d seize the moment and make Beardaments a real business.

Aside from his newfound business, Jason is a sales director for Direct TV and AT&T dealers. He essentially trains the dealers. Now, while many may assume that a business as such wouldn’t do too well, that’s actually not true at all. The Beardaments business launched and sales picked up quicker than imaginable. Now, these ornaments are selling on Amazon, and they’ve been used to decorate more than 100,000 across the world.

Since launching his business, Jason has made videos marketing his fun, festive products. These videos have already reached 200 million views online, but that number continues to grow. Jason himself has been featured in online publications, as well as making several appearances on Good Morning America. It seems as thought Jason has surprised many by successfully starting up his business, though he’d like to amp it up and pay the sharks a visit. He’s hoping one of the sharks will love the idea enough to invest and help him expand the business further. images 12 Beardaments on Shark Tank

Jason McOmber entered the Shark Tank with his Beardaments in search of a deal of $150,000 for a 10% equity in his business. After giving the sharks their sample ornaments, he begins to pitch the idea, as well as sharing his story with them. At this time, the sharks aren’t too impressed, they may have been wondering why he’s pitching them a business venture as goofy as this one seemed to be. But that changes once Jason mentions his sales. In fact, the sales is exactly what begins to draw them into his business.

Jason explains that, since starting the company, he went from making $80,000 in sales to making up to $460,000 in sales. He adds in that he predicts he’ll reach $700,000 by the end of the year. The sharks instantly become impressed and thy appear to be taking the business more seriously now. Especially when Jason admits that he hasn’t needed to market his products yet. Mark Cuban is shocked by those sales numbers. Before the sharks have a chance to state their deals, Jason adds in that he has been thinking about creating Beardaments for other holidays, as well as expanding his business in other ways.

To start off, Lori Greiner and Mark Cuban go out on the offer. He’s blown them away with his sales stats, and they don’t believe that he even needs an investor. Next, Barbara Corcoran states that she is going out too. Before doing so, she offers Jason some helpful advice. She tells him that he should stick to what he’s working with now, rather than expanding into licensing and other holiday ornaments. Unfortunately, Robert Herjavec agrees with Barbara and follows her out on the deal.

Last but not least, it’s Kevin O’Leary’s turn to make his statement; however, he is stuck between choosing on whether to invest in the company. In previous investments, Kevin has worked with silly businesses, but he’s having trouble reading into this one. Though, he finally takes a chance and offers Jason $150,000 for a 25% equity in Beardaments and Jason accepts. 106273990 1575309607932153279 4200 Beardaments Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Following up on Jason McOmber’s successful Shark Tank appearance, the Beardaments business remains up and running. In fact, it’s actually doing even better, though the deal with Kevin O’Leary hasn’t closed yet. Jason has continued to achieve further within his business, and he has gained a great amount of happy, new customers. This may be surprising considering Beardaments are a Christmas item, rather than all-year-round. Or are they?

Jason has recently expanded Beardaments further and has added a fun variety of different decorations. For instance, customers can now purchase earrings, sweaters, shirts, and other accessories for women. They even launched St. Patrick’s Day ornaments, despite Robert Herjavec and Barbara Corcoran advising him not to do it. It appears that Jason has no intention of letting his business die down; he’s actually likely going to continue expanding. Beardaments can be found on their official website, at Walmart, or on Amazon. They come in packs of 12 or packs of 16.

Lucky for the business, Beardaments has no competition at this time, nor is it likely that they will anytime soon. Given that, the business will continue to focus on growing, as well as constantly improving their popularity, customer services and additions, profits, and their manufacturing rates. All in all, to everyone’s surprise, Beardaments has become a widely positive company. As of 2024, the company is working with an annual revenue of $1 million; however, that number may increase further in the next coming years.

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