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BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Bluetooth Speaker Review

Portable Bluetooth speakers are such a revolution for me, so I’m excited whenever I get a chance to review one. As a huge tech/gadget nerd, I already own heaps of these, but you can never see enough, as they are getting better and better constantly. Today, I’ll be taking a look at the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 speaker, so let’s get started!

About BlitzWolf BW-AS1

The AS1 is advertised as an easy to use, sturdy, long-lasting, and quality-sounding Bluetooth speaker. Let’s see if it lives up to all of those then. But first…

What is the company that makes this speaker?

BlitzWolf is a fairly new company, started just a few years ago. 2015 to be exact. The idea behind BW is to create innovative products that bring excitement into any home. Their main focus is on producing various phone accessories, which they seem to be doing very well. All of their products are up to international safety started (tested individually) and they are very environmentally friendly. Both of those I would consider being the standard in this day and age, but I figured I’d note it anyway. While BlitzWolf might be a newer player in this game, they are definitely doing things the right way. In fact they launched this product off the back of a very successful kickstarter.

Now, onto the speaker itself:

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Review

When it comes to most things, especially tech-related, I care about the following : usability/features, price, simplicity, design. Let’s break the BW-AS1 into those categories and see how it stacks up in each one.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Features


First off, of course, are the features that it offers. The fundamental thing is obviously the sound itself. And this one has nothing to be ashamed of. It is notoriously loud with its dual 10W driver setup, able to deliver high-fidelity sound. When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, no one really expects a studio-grade quality. You just can’t have that with portability and an affordable price. But you still don’t want your speakers to hurt your ears when listening to them. The AS1 will satisfy mostly everyone when it comes to its sound, and especially, loudness. If you are a die-hard audiophile, you might be able to find something you don’t like, but then again, this isn’t a niche product in any way. So the sound is a big plus for me.

It also includes a microphone for taking hands-free calls, although I don’t use this too often so I can’t really comment on it. The mic turns on when there’s a call on your phone, you can talk, the other person can hear you, all is well in the world.


Next up is the battery. Because who wants their speaker to turn off just as the party is getting started?  The AS-1 comes with a 5200mAh Li-ion battery and is advertised to be usable for up to 11 hours (at 50% volume). This is more than enough for most casual users, and you are not likely to listen to this thing at its loudest anyway. Again, it gets LOUD. You will likely run out of your phone battery’s juice before the AS1 depletes its charge. It can take up to 5 hours to fully charge, which is a bit steep, but if you get into the habit of leaving it to charge overnight, you should be fine.

Build and Portability

blitzwolf bw as1 build The speaker is built of aluminum, making it very lightweight, yet sturdy. Also, scratch resistant, but I doubt most people have issues with their speakers being scratched. AS-1 has its inner shell which is surrounded by the mentioned aluminum one. It isn’t the smallest speaker, but it’s very lightweight and portable for its size.


blitzwolf bw as1 design One of the main reasons that I love using wireless tech is the simplicity. You turn it on, you connect to it, you do your thing. No tangled cables that aren’t long enough to reach whatever you need it to reach. In this regard, the AS-1 is up to par with every other speaker. It’s very easy to connect and use your phone, and it also has just four (!) buttons. I hate when things get too crowded – give me simplicity! And this one does, with its On/VolUp/VolDown/Pause buttons. Your grandma could take a glance and figure it out in a sec.

Still, if you want to use an AUX connection instead (for God knows what reason), the option is there as well. Plug it in like any other speaker. Simple!


blitzwolf bw as1 This is the first category that I’m not as excited as with the rest. While I don’t think the speaker itself is ugly or anything, it just doesn’t look very… modern (?) to me. It reminds me of old radios I used to have as a kid, especially being grey. Not that I have anything against that look, I just prefer my modern stuff to look more modern. Obviously, when it comes to design, everyone has their own opinion. You can easily form yours just from the pictures because what you see is what you get in this case, no gimmicks. I’ve seen better-looking ones, I’ve definitely seen worse looking ones.


The product can be found at BangGood for $79.99 (there is a 13% discount currently, however), meaning its crawling away from what most people would consider cheap. But it is a very reasonable price when you consider everything it offers, no doubt about that. Again, there are cheaper ones, there are more expensive ones. In my opinion, the AS1 is definitely worth its price if you’re looking for an overall good BT speaker. Buy it and you are set. You can find cheaper options that will likely satisfy you as well, but if you want something more than an ordinary speaker, go with this one.

BlitzWolf BW-AS1 Review Summar


  • Great, loud sound
  • Above average battery
  • Microphone
  • Easy to use (yay simplicity!)
  • Sturdy, yet portable
  • Worth the price


  • Takes a while to charge the battery
  • Doesn’t look very modern (definitely subjective)

To sum everything up, if you’re looking for a packed product that offers what it promises and more, this is the one. The sound won’t disappoint you, it’s simple to use and you can take it anywhere with you. While it might not be a looker, you’re not there to look at it. It’s a Bluetooth speaker and it does its jobs right. Recommended.

You can buy the BlitzWolf BW-AS1 on BangGood and use the following coupon code to save 15% on your purchase: AS115

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