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Creation Nation After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Creation Nation Before Shark Tank

Creation Nation is a company that sells no-bake Protein Bars and Bites Mixes. From protein to healthy bite-sized treats, these snacks can be made simply within just a few minutes. Additionally, one of the best parts of these snacks is the ingredients used can be customized based on consumers preferences. In order to make these treats, Creation Nation powders need to be combined with a sweetener, a fat, and a liquid. These can be anything from yogurt, milk, almond butter, avocado, and/or even just water. Furthermore, most of their powders are guaranteed to be Paleo, keto, and even vegan approved. Creation Nation protein powders are available in flavors such as Cocoa for Coconuts, Whey Hip Chocolate Chip, Oat Yes Chocolate Chip, and Peas Love and Cocoa. They can be found on the company’s website and Amazon, as well as in select Whole Foods, Walmart, Albertsons, and Hyvee locations. Prices range from $7.99 to up to $12.99 for a bag that makes 8 treats.

Karen Nation is the mastermind that created the Creation Nation Protein Bar and Bites Mix powder. During her childhood, Karen grew up in a few foster homes. While in these homes, she was often unable to be given foods that provided her with the necessary nutrients she needed. Some of the families were also unable to give her food that fit well with her allergies to some foods. When she grew up, the founder became a certified sports nutrition specialist. Between her career choice and her experiences in the foster homes, Karen understood that others may be experiencing the same problems. When it comes to food allergies, each person’s allergy, as well as the way it affects them, is unique. The founder of Creation Nation understood this and decided to make an alternative when it comes to healthy snacking. Creation Nation 1

Creation Nation was launched in 2014. When coming up with the idea for this company, Karen knew she wanted the products to be a healthier option to candy bars, something sweet yet still healthy and nutritious. When the company started, Karen had been making the treats from scratch. Consumers, and her clients, loved the healthy treats; however, they encouraged the founder to make it optional for consumers to modify which ingredients they’d like to use. Fortunately, the founder listened to their feedback, leaving it up to consumers to choose from a variety of ingredient options. Some inspirational recipes have been pasted on her website for ideas as well. Additionally, Karen made the Creation Nation bags reusable so that consumers can store their treats in the bags, reducing the number of stray wrappers lying around.

In 2016, Karen Nation was congratulated and awarded for the Best New Category Innovation. Two years after that, Creation Nation gained an anonymous investor that granted her company a $500,000 investment. Karen also revealed that she had been awarded for the NOSH Live Pitch Slam 5 product competition, where she was competing up against several other healthy snack brands. It wasn’t long after that that these Creation Nation products were making their way into stores, with the first store being an online store known as Thrive Market. Considering those successes, it’s obvious that Karen has done well for Creation Nation. In fact, many publications had heard of the company and were interested enough to feature the products. Some of those publications were Popsugar Fitness and Well+Good. Nonetheless, Karen is still hoping a shark could help Creation Nation expand further. Creation Nation 3

Creation Nation on Shark Tank

Karen Nation entered Shark Tank in 2021 with her Creation Nation healthy snack mixes. She was hoping for an investment of $300,000 in exchange for a 12% equity in her company. She begins her pitch with an introduction of herself, followed by an explanation of her company. She shares a short description of her past while she was in foster homes, telling the sharks how she wasn’t always able to get the foods she needed. This is what encouraged her to create Creation Nation. During her pitch, she quickly prepares a batch of her treats for the sharks to try. Fortunately, the sharks appeared to love them! She then goes on to reveal that the snack powders cost her between $2 and $3.50 to manufacture; they’re then sold for between $7 and $12.

Since the company was launched, Karen has made about $500,000 in sales within the year before appearing on the show. She believes she’s on the right track to do just as much in sales by the end of 2021. Considering the covid-19 pandemic only caused Creation Nation sales to triple, this prediction may be true. When the sharks begin asking questions, the founder mentions that she has faced one big problem with her co-packers during her launch of this company. Kevin O’Leary wanted to know data about her profits thus far; however, she didn’t seem to answer the question. This must have left the sharks displeased, as they all started to drop out of the investment. Although the sharks love the snacks and the business idea, they believe Creation Nation is too much of a risk to invest it. For that reason, Karen was leaving Shark Tank without an offer. Creation Nation 2

Creation Nation Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

While Karen Nation may not have received a deal with a shark for her company, Creation Nation, she has done good with keeping the business up and running. In fact, as of the end of 2022, the company was said to have an annual revenue of $1 million. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been too many new updates as of January 2024, other than a new addition of cookie bites, energy bites, and protein bar powders. Creation Nation products are still being sold on the website, and on Amazon, as well as in stores. Though, they’re only in select locations of Walmart, Whole Foods, Hyvee, Albertsons, and other smaller stores. As for Karen, she has been quite active on her Creation Nation Instagram account. There, she shares many posts regarding new product launches, recipes, and fun photos to promote her products.

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