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Dentist Killed Wife by Lacing her Protein Shakes with Cyanide and Arsenic

A Colorado dentist is suspected of murdering his wife by poisoning her protein shakes with cyanide and arsenic so that he could be with his mistress, according to court documents.

James Toliver Craig, 45, was arrested on first-degree murder charges on Sunday. His arrest comes just days after he took his wife, Angela Craig, to the hospital after she complained of “severe dizziness and headaches.”

Police said that after arriving at the hospital, her condition deteriorated rapidly. She was eventually admitted to the intensive care unit, where she was put on a ventilator. However, she was declared medically brain-dead later that same day.

james craig
James Craig, a Colorado dentist, was arrested on first-degree murder charges on Thursday morning

Aurora police detectives began an investigation and determined that Craig, 43, was poisoned. They obtained a warrant not long after she was taken off of life support.

According to Mark Hildebrand, the Aurora Police Division Chief, their team of officers and detectives worked around the clock to uncover the truth behind her sudden illness and death after suspicious details of the incident came to light. They eventually discovered that it was a calculated, complex, and heinous murder.

james and angela craig
James and Angela Craig were allegedly having marriage problems before the fatal murder

According to court records, James Craig, who worked as a dentist in the Aurora, Colorado area, is set to appear in court on Thursday.

Deadly Poisons: Arsenic and Potassium Cyanide

Detectives began investigating James Craig after his business partner, Ryan Redfearn, told a nurse at the hospital that he had purchased potassium cyanide, though it wasn’t necessary for dental work. Investigators eventually came to the conclusion that he put potassium cyanide in his wife’s protein shakes, which he routinely made for her.

After she survived the initial poisoning, he rushed a second order of potassium cyanide to the supplier, citing that it was needed for emergency surgery.

While he told his office manager not to open the page, which contained the cyanide, another staff member did.

During the investigation, police also intercepted a package of Oleandrin, another poisonous substance, that James Craig allegedly ordered.

His Hidden Affair

It’s believed that James Craig was meeting with another woman. According to the arrest documents, she also worked as a dentist and had flown into the city numerous times to visit him. The document also stated that the woman sent him an email a couple of days prior to his wife being declared brain dead.

Redfearn, who had been his dental practice partner for several years, later revealed that James and his wife had been having marriage problems. According to James Craig, his wife has been depressed and suicidal since he asked for a divorce last year. However, the couple’s children haven’t said anything about suicide attempts.

Angela Craig’s sister, Toni Kofoed, also revealed that James had previously drugged his wife a few years ago with a drug.

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