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Dodocool Halloween Promotion & Coupon Codes

There is a Dodocool Halloween promotion going on right now. During this time period, you can get items for up to 67 percent off retail price. This sale is going on from October 25 through November 1. The sales for the Halloween promotion are pretty big, especially on some of the biggest electronic items that you might need for the holidays. This includes power banks, chargers, speakers, and night lights. Read on to learn about some of the biggest sales going on during the Dodocool Halloween promotion. We also are going to tell you some of the coupon codes that you can use to get the products at these amazing prices.

Dodocool Halloween Promotional Sale & Coupon Codes

Dodocool Aluminum Alloy Dual USB C Hub Multiport Adapter with Thunderbolt

Aluminum Alloy USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter with Thunderbolt- Right now, you can get the Dodocool Aluminum Alloy Dual USB-C Hub Multiport Adapter with Thunderbolt for 40 percent off. The normal price is $59.99 but during this sale it will only be $35.99. This sale will run until November 1. In order to get this deal you will need to use the Coupon Code: 8U5MOLS7 during checkout.

Mini Wireless Speaker- You can get 20% off the Dodocool Mini Wireless Speaker with Selfie. This item is now $10.39 which is a savings of about $2.50 off the normal retail price. The sale is running until November 1 and you need to use Coupon Code: HALKCTBN during checkout to score this deal.

Dodocool Foldable Wireless Sports In Ear Headphone

Foldable Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones- The Dodocool Foldable Wireless Sports In-Ear Headphones is 10 percent off right now until November 1. The price is $16.19 which is down about $1.60 from the normal price. You will need to enter the Coupon Code: CAROE9FP when checking out to get this special Halloween savings.

5000 mAh Portable Power Bank- The Dodocool 5000 mAh Portable Power Bank is 27% off until November 1. This means you can get this item for $17.59 which is about $4.40 off the normal retail price. In order to get this deal, you need to use the Coupon Code: BHR75KGJ when you check out.

Dodocool Fast Wireless Car Charger

Fast Wireless Car Charger- The Dodocool Fast Wireless Car Charger is 14% off normal price from now until November 1. The price during the sale is $125.79 which is $4.20 off the normal price. If you would like to get this savings, you will need to enter Coupon Code: BSMVUEND during checkout.

There are a ton of other products available as well, and you can find all of them by heading over to the official Dodocool website. You will find that there are different coupon codes if you live outside of the United States. In order to get the coupon codes for outside of America, you will need to select your country and then get the code. The codes that we supplied are for those within the United States only.



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