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Drop App Promo Codes April 2024 – Use ymiwr to get $5 in Free Points

Named one of the Fintech Five of 2016, among the 20 most innovative companies of 2016, and 1 of the top 11 companies in Canada to watch in 2017, Drop is kind of a big deal. With a goal of “saving Millennials money”, Drop is all about being a non-intrusive way to save money (or even make money!), even when you know you need to spend it. Using a point system, Drop makes it easy to make good financial decisions, or just make life cheaper. You typically earn points by signing up with a credit or debit card and having your purchases tracked, with relevant points being automatically added to your account as you shop. Here, we’ll take a look at how you can kickstart your Drop account with some extra points in 2024 so you can make sure that you get the best bang for your buck with DROP!

Drop Promo & Coupon Codes – April 2024 Update

Currently, the best offer for a promo code for Drop is for a Free $5 credit on the app!

Best Promo Code: ymiwr

Use the coupon code ymiwr to get  $5 worth of free points on Drop when signing up and linking your first card.

The app itself can be downloaded from either the Google Play store or through their own website, where you can enter your phone number.

About Drop

Now admittedly, someone giving you money for your credit card information sounds fishy. Especially if they are allowed to give you money based on purchase information. However, this isn’t some small time scam outfit. Drop has in fact recently made a partnership with a fellow startup, Carrot and the Canadian Public Health service to help people work out by rewarding them with actual money for working out, losing weight, and just making better nutritional choices. The best thing about drop is the fact that they are constantly launching innovative promotions and campaigns that not only add some extra cheddar to your wallet but also help the world as a whole!

In terms of financial choices, Drop also offers a full blog which is dedicated to both short term and long term financial success using partners, tips, tricks and strategies that have cultivated by both experience and expert advice. The blog also features announcements regarding new app versions and special events (for example, International Women’s Day deals and Valentine’s Day deals recently). And just in case you are worried about your information, Drop does use a military standard 256-bit encryption method and third-party APIs that have been trusted by other, admittedly much bigger names, and assures users that no actual bank data is stored on Drop servers. So all in all, there’s a whole lot of gain in exchange for a bit of memory in your SD card or storage.

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