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Grip Clean 2024 Update- What Happened After Shark Tank

Grip Clean Before Shark Tank

Will Grip Clean impress the sharks?
Will Grip Clean impress the sharks?

Bryce Hudson who is well known for his appearances on X Games and his love of bikes. However, it was that love of bikes and the fact that working with them meant getting extremely dirty that inspired Bryce to come up with the revolutionary Grip Clean. Bryce found his hands used to get very greasy and oily from working with bikes which is difficult to remove. Bryce found himself often covering his hands in dirt to try and shift the grease from his hands. It was then a thought struck him that he could come up with a product to help others who need something similar.

Grip clean is a completely natural product that contains absolutely no harsh chemicals unlike a lot of other soaps to remove heavy grease. The secret to Grip Clean is that dirt is used in the formula. This means the soap is completely organic and as Bryce himself describes it – “the best stuff nature has to offer”.

At just twenty-five years old, Bryce has already sustained a lot of bad injuries and he is aware that he will not be able to continue with the X Games forever. Bryce sees this company as a future for himself and is determined to make it work.

In order to get Grip Clean out on the market all over the United States, Bryce knew that his profile alone would not be enough. He needed some additional investment as well as some business expertise and business relationships with potential suppliers and distributors. So he turned to the Shark Tank in the hope that one of the sharks could provide him with all of that. Will the sharks get their hands dirty and do a deal with Bryce?

Grip Clean On Shark Tank

Bryce enters the shark tank in style on his bike performing a number of stunts with the front wheel in the air. The sharks are instantly drawn in and amazed. Bryce parks the bike, removes his helmet and introduces himself to the sharks. He explains that he is looking for an $85,000 investment in return for a twenty per cent equity share in his company, Grip Clean. Bryce explains to the sharks that he is no stranger to dirt and that is how he came up with the idea of Grip Clean. He explains that he found after years of searching for an effective solution that dirt was the most effective at soaking up and removing greased, oil, chemicals and toxins. The dirt also exfoliates your skin making the skin nice and smooth and keeping in optimum condition. Bryce adds that he wants to take his business out of the garage and he needs the sharks help to do so.

Bryce grabs the sharks' attention as he enters the shark tank on his motorcycle
Bryce grabs the sharks’ attention as he enters the shark tank on his motorcycle

Robert is interested to hear about Bryce’s experience at the X Games and all the sharks are impressed at his achievements. When Robert asks if Bryce has ever been badly injured he replies ‘yes, that’s why I need to start a company’. Lori asks what the difference is between Grip Clean and other heavy duty soaps on the market at the minute to which Bryce replies that all the ingredients are natural. That means that mechanics can use the product multiple times a day without using chemicals to clean their hand.

Mark is interested to know what else is in Grip Clean. Bryce explains that it is a coconut oil and olive oil based hand soap and then off course the dirt is the exfoliant that removes the grease. Robert asks if he can try the product. Robert is clearly surprised at how good the product is. The other sharks look on impressed.

Kevin and Mark are interested to know about retail distribution. Bryce explains he has a few local motorcycle stores selling the product but he needs the sharks help to get Grip Clean on the market. Kevin is interested in the numbers and asks about the cost and retail for the product. Bryce explains that it costs $2.12 to make the bottle of Grip Clean, the wholesale price is $5 and the retail in stores is $8.99. Mark asks about competitors and Bryce explains that competitors retail prices range from $5-8. Mark makes the point that some consumers do not care enough to buy natural products and this could be a problem for Bryce and for Grip Clean.

Robert is impressed when he tries Grip Clean
Robert is impressed when he tries Grip Clean

Daymond acknowledges the fact that Bryce can use his credibility in the industry as a selling point as he created the product from his own experience working with motorcycles. Lori is shocked to hear that currently Bryce is making the product out of a five-gallon bucket and he needs the sharks help to get the business out of his garage. Mark commends his good work with a round of applause.

Daymond asks if Bryce has tried social media as a tool to market the product and Bryce explains that it is not working out in his favor. Nobody wants to buy the product online, they would much rather go into a store and buy it.

Robert commends Bryce for his hard work but says it is a difficult game to make a lot of money in. Further to that, from investing in another product called Grease Monkey, Robert feels he knows too much and is only too aware of how hard it is to sell and market such a product. For that reason, he declares himself out.

Mark thinks that Bryce is doing great but he does not have the know-how to make the product into a business. Mark thinks that Bryce needs to learn how to make the product a business before he would be ready to invest. He feels that from his end it would be too much work. For those reasons, he also declares himself out.

Daymond likes the idea but does not think he can be of any great help to Bryce and to Grip Clean. For that reason, Daymond declares himself out.

Mr. Wonderful is impressed with the product – no mean feat for an entrepreneur in the shark tank. Kevin asks about the plan for the product and he and Lori are surprised to hear that Bryce wants to keep manufacturing the product himself. Surely that would not be feasible if he wants t mass produce the product. Bryce explains that he tried to find a manufacturer and the problem he faced was the fact that dirt is an ingredient. Most potential manufacturers said they did not want to work with dirt.

Kevin gets real with Bryce and says that there is no way that he can continue to manufacture the product at home if he wants grip Clean to make it big. Bryce claims it would not be that hard and he could make it in fifty-five gallon drums to which Lori and Kevin completely disagree with.

Kevin reaches a decision and unfortunately he does not see ‘enough meat on the bone’. He declares himself out leaving just Lori that can help Bryce get Grip Clean out on the market.

Lori is very concerned that no manufacturer wanted to manufacture the product. She claims that any manufacturer should want to job if they are getting paid. Bryce claims that he was not taken seriously by any company he met with. Lori is undecided. She says that Grip Clean fits within the family of her products. She also loves the fact that the product is completely natural. Lori decides that she will take a chance but she acknowledges that she will have a lot of work to do. Therefore, she is willing to offer the $85,000 for a thirty-five per cent equity share of the company. Bryce takes a moment to consider before agreeing to Lori’s offer. He has himself a deal. Bryce leaves the shark tank incredibly happy that Lori has taken a chance on him to make Grip Clean the success he knows it can be.

Grip Clean Now In 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Unfortunately, the deal with Lori never got past the due diligence stage. Despite that, Bryce managed to grow the business. For one thing, he landed distribution deals with CarQuest, Advanced Auto Parts, and Cycle Gear.

He also began to sell the product on Amazon. While it’s no longer available from the site, it did have a 4.5-star rating out of 2,000 reviews, which is fairly impressive. And the consensus from customers seems to be positive—that the hand cleaner is easy to use and works well. Many have also praised it for its exfoliating abilities.

grip clean amazon
Their all-natural hand cleaner is currently unavailable from Amazon – however, it does have a 4.5-star rating on the site

As of 2024, Grip Clean is still operational. If anything, their popularity has only gone up in recent years. For those who are interested in trying out the hand cleaner, it can still be purchased from their official website. In fact, you can get it in different formats. For example, you can get the hand cleaner as a squeeze bottle(rated for 25-35 washes) or as a countertop jug (over 500+ pumps). Not only that, but they also offer hand and tool wipes in 30 and 72-count containers. There’s even a wall dispenser that you can get and it’s made from stainless steel. That way, you won’t have to worry about it breaking with round-the-clock washing.

grip clean hand cleaners
Their hand cleaner is available in various formats – from squeeE bottles to reluxe refill jugs

And for those who want to save some money, you can get a bundle kit. Currently, there are five types: The Starter, The Mechanic, Grease Killer, Grout Cleaner, and Deluxe Combo. Prices range from $30 to $80 and they do offer discounts for those who buy multiple kits at a time.

In addition to hand cleaners, they also sell surface cleaners such as degreasers (can be used directly or diluted with water), tile/tub/grout cleaners (removes hard water stains, soap scum, and other deposits), and rust removers (solution can be reused over and over). The best part? Everything is made in the United States. Shipping is also free if you order more than $75. You can also get special deals and promos by signing up for their email newsletter.

grip clean surface cleaners
Grip Clean has expanded their line to include different surface cleaners such as degreasers and rust removers

For those who’d like to check out the products, you can visit their website here. They also have a review page if you want to read some customer testimonials. There’s also their Facebook page, which currently has a 4.8-star rating out of 59 reviews, as well as their Instagram page (@gripclean).

Note: They currently offer to ship to the UK and some parts of Europe directly from their warehouse, which is in the United States. Canadian customers can purchase their products from their site or from

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