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Homeless Woman Found Living Inside Grocery Store Sign For Nearly a Year

A homeless woman has been discovered living inside a rooftop grocery store sign in Michigan, according to police.

The 34-year-old woman, whose identity has not been released, was found inside the small space on April 23 when contractors were investigating an extension cord that was visible on the roof.

She had allegedly been living behind the Family Fare sign, a small area approximately 5′ wide and 8′ high, for nearly a year. While small, the area had electricity as she was able to use an electrical outlet on the roof, that was powered by the grocery store.

family fare
The 34-year-old woman was found living behind a Family Fare sign in Midland, Michigan, on April 23

According to Brennon Warren, a Midland Police Department Officer, the woman said she had a job elsewhere but had been living inside the triangle-shaped sign for many months. However, she did not provide any additional details, including how she was able to access the area regularly.

Warren said he and his coworkers ‘had never seen anything like it before’ and described it as a story ‘that makes you scratch your head’.

While the contractors were able to access the space via a ladder, police said there was no sign of a ladder previously, though they speculate it may be possible for the woman to make her way up to the sign by climbing up behind the building.

Upon knocking on the door to the area, police were greeted by the woman, who was living inside the sign. Not only had she laid down flooring in the area but there was also a small desk, a printer, a computer, and a coffee maker – normal things an individual would have at home.

Police officers said she had apologized and left without any issues when told to leave. The store has also chosen not to file any criminal charges and will work to try and return her belongings back to her.

family fare midland
The woman complied with the officers’ request and left the space without incident

While police had offered the woman housing resources, she allegedly declined. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.

SpartanNash, the parent company of Family Fare, said in a statement that they are proud of how their associates were able to deal with the situation with ‘utmost professionalism and compassion’. They also said they will not be sharing any further details out of respect for privacy of the woman.

Midland, which has a population of over 42,000, has a large group of low-income residents, which struggle for food and shelter, according to the director of a local nonprofit organization.

open door
Michigan’s Open Door is one of the many local non-profit organizations that offer food and shelter to the homeless

Saralyn Temple, who regularly works with the homeless for Midland’s Open Door, acknowledged that the woman was ‘really resourceful’. However, she stated that they do not want individuals to resort to illegal activity when it comes to finding housing as ‘there are much better options’ available.

The Family Fare grocery market is located in Midland, Michigan, approximately 130 miles from Detroit. The store is located inside a strip mall.


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