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Jiggaerobics 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Jiggaerobics Before Shark Tank

JiggAerobics was created by Ladonte Lotts, a certified fitness trainer, in 2015. At the time, he was a student at Southern University in Baton Rouge and was in charge of choreographing routines and half-time field shows for the marching band.

Eventually, he decided to organize weekly dance classes at the college rec center and to his surprise, they quickly gained attention from those both on and off-campus. This led him to realize his passion, which was “to make cardio a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.” With that, JiggAerobics was born.

Based in Houston, Texas, the dance-based fitness program features “jigging”, a popular Louisiana dance style, with several plyometric exercises as well as Ladonte’s own personal moves. His goal is to inspire people to maintain a positive attitude and to take care of their bodies so that they can achieve a better quality of life.

Aside from Lotts, they also have three other certified trainers, who teach out of their physical locations in the south. Their programs aren’t just for adults either; they also have ones that are designed for kids and seniors. For example, they have a physical education program for kids called P.E. with JiggAerobics, which consists of various instructional workouts and motivational videos. Some even come with a teacher instructional tool kit.

Wanting to take his dance business global, Lotts decided to audition for Shark Tank to see whether or not he could land an investment with one of the sharks. After several interviews and auditions, he received the call that he would be featured in season eleven.

Jiggaerobics On Shark Tank

Lotts is all smiles as he walks into the tank. He introduces himself as the owner and founder of JiggAerobics, where “they get lit as they get fit”, and tells them he’s seeking $50,000 in exchange for 12 percent of his company.

With that, he launches into his pitch by explaining what JiggAerobics is. He tells the sharks that it started out as an on-campus initiative to get students more involved with their health and wellness. He notes that many students don’t like to exercise or walk “unless they’re dancing”, which is why he created the company- he wanted to make moving and fitness fun.

Lotts introduces himself as the founder and owner of JiggAerobics

Seconds later, he demonstrates to the sharks what “jiggling” is. He explains that the type of dance started out in Louisiana and that it involves moving the entire body, including the arms, legs, and shoulders. He emphasizes how fun jiggling is and notes that it’s a great form of exercise. He then invites the sharks to dance with him.

Standing in front of the sharks, he demonstrates the dance moves step by step so that they can follow along. He also tells them they can freestyle after clapping, which prompts Kevin to show off some of his dance moves. The rest of the sharks laugh. Not long afterward, the music begins and they all start dancing.

After dancing, the sharks return to their seats. Kevin asks Lotts what his plan is. He explains that they are utilizing the Louisiana dance style and mixing it with aerobics to make it more fun. Asked whether or not they offer paid classes, Lotts says yes and says they offer one-hour classes. He tells them it costs $15 per person or $10 per person with a group of 50 or more.

Asked where they are currently offering classes, Lotts explains they’re currently traveling and teaching at various locations in different states to expand the brand. He also adds that they do pop-up events and have launched an online subscription service, which comes with a free warm-up and stretching video that helps people get accommodated with the style.

Mark asks whether or not he has a trademark for the dance, and Lotts tells him yes.

Lori then asks Lotts to tell them more about himself.

Lotts explains that he’s always loved dancing. He tells them he grew up in a single-parent household and that because of that, they didn’t have any money for dance classes, so he would turn to online videos. Continuing, he explains that he would watch the videos over and over again so that he could mimic the dance moves.

He tells the sharks he eventually went to college at the Southern University in Baton Rouge, where he was a member of the marching band. And because of his dancing background, he was appointed as the group’s choreographer for the field shows. This led him to research Louisiana-style dance moves, which was how he got involved with “jiggling”.

Barbara asks him how it works with the other trainers. Lotts explains that they’re actually getting ready to start certifying trainers and that’s why he’s seeking $50,000.

Kevin asks whether or not the aspiring trainers will pay him a fee for being trained. Lotts explains that they will pay a one-time fee for certification as well as a monthly subscription fee.

Mark asks about their revenue. Lotts reveals that they’ve done $62,000 so far. He also emphasizes the fact that they’ve only been in business for a year.

Daymond notes that they’re similar to Zumba. Lotts explains that they’re bigger than Zumba.

jiggaerobics 2
The sharks discuss the logistics of the dance fitness company

Kevin notes that their purpose is to train people in JiggAerobics and Lotts says yes. He also reveals that he had just graduated from college this past fall. Mark is noticeably impressed with what he’s been able to accomplish.

Kevin says there’s nothing wrong with their business model as other companies have done it before but questions the need for investors. Lotts explains that he wants to work with a strategic partner- one that will show him the route as they will be able to capitalize from it. He also tells them that JiggAerobics can be used in other settings such as in performances or even basketball games.

Kevin notes that it’s a personal service business and says there’s nothing wrong with it. He even says that it has the potential to grow- that they just have to “leverage it up and do four times more.” However, he doesn’t see how a $50,000 investment can help the business and for that reason is the first shark to go out.

Lotts thanks him for his time.

Lori is the next to speak and shares the same concern as Kevin. She feels that he is actually selling his personality so that people would go to his class. Lotts says that she is right. Lori notes that he is trying to capitalize on who he is and the style of dance and that while she likes him, she isn’t sure how to do that and for that reason, she also goes out.

Daymond says he has several buddies doing the same type of business and that it took them all a while to figure out how to be successful. Like Lori, he believes that it’s still a bit early for JiggAerobics, and for that reason, also goes out.

jiggaerobics 3
Barbara isn’t convinced that he needs help from the sharks – she tells him to have confidence and to continue working on the business the way he’s been doing

Barbara tells Lotts he’s wrong in thinking that working with a shark will automatically propel the business forward. She tells him instead, that it can actually slow him down as he’s the only one who’s able to “work out the bumps” as the one who’s leading the business.

Lotts defends himself by saying that all he wants is a strategic partner. However, Barbara isn’t convinced that’s what he needs and tells him that he needs to discover everything for himself instead- that he needs to “piece together everything as an entrepreneur.” She tells him to have more confidence in himself and says that he will be a winner in the end. However, she notes that there is no room for her as an investor, and also goes out.

Everyone’s attention then turns toward Mark, who once again states that Lott’s product isn’t JiggAerobics, but that it’s him himself. Mark also describes Lotts as an entertainer who entertains those who take part in his exercise classes. Continuing, he tells the young entrepreneur that all he needs to do is keep on working on the business, like the way he is doing now, as that’ll grow his brand, which in return, will bring in more event opportunities.

Mark reassures him that his business will eventually take off as long as he keeps working at it as he’s “doing things right”. Lotts smiles and says they will take over the world one day as the product that they have is phenomenal. The sharks are quick to agree with him.

While Mark ultimately goes out as well, he expresses that he is excited for him and that it may only take two or three more years for the company to take off. He even mentions the possibility of subscribing to his videos one day.

jiggaerobics 4
Lotts is happy with the feedback that he received from the sharks

Lotts thanks everyone for their time while they wish him the best of luck.

In the exit interview, Lotts feels confident about where the company is headed and is happy with the feedback that he received from the sharks. With a smile on his face, he tells everyone that he is “ready to take on the world.”

JiggAerobics Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Lotts might not have landed a deal but that doesn’t mean that the business hasn’t failed. If anything, the feedback that he received from the sharks had given him newfound motivation and confidence.

While the episode aired at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he was able to continue growing the business by offering “Virtual Fitness Parties.” In fact, it’s still available to this day. According to their website, a one-hour long session costs $175 and is good for up to 25 participants.

They also offer larger “Fitness Parties” for bigger groups. For example, you can book a one-hour-long party for 26 to 50 participants for $250, 51 to 100 participants for $450, 101 to 200 participants for $750, or 201 to 300 participants for $900.

Aside from that, they also offer two other programs that are available virtually- their Super Soul Sessions (an energetic follow along low impact cardio workout for Boomers and Gen X-ers set to old school music) and P.E. with JiggAerobics Physical Education Program (an innovative physical education fitness program designed for kids). The former is designed for individuals while the latter is also available for schools, daycares, and summer camps.

And like before, they also offer on-site exercise classes that provide a total body workout. Looking at their website, they currently have a total of four trainers, including Lotts himself, so it looks like he went ahead with the trainer certification program that he talked about on the show.

jiggaerobics free videos

As far as their online workout videos go, they currently have nine that are free to stream on their website, including “Dance Session – Turn Da Beat Up”, “Full Body 10 Minute Nola Bounce HIIT Session”, “Dance Session – Tap In”, “Dance Session – Get Busy”, “Upper Body Part 2 – Nola Bounce HIIT Session”, “Dance Session – I Bet You Won’t”, “Dance Session – Mi Gente”, “Lower Body – 10 Minute Nola Bounce HIIT Session”, and “Dance Session – To the Left”.

For those who’d like to view their other workout videos, you can subscribe to their Premium Library for $1.00 per month. Not only will that give you access to their exclusive workouts, but it’ll also provide access to exclusive challenges, their wellness podcast, as well as specialized workouts.

There’s also the option of paying for Lifetime Access for $1,000 (or however much you’d like to pay- you can enter your own price), which will also come with a free t-shirt, as well as four free tickets to any JiggAerobics class.

For more information, including those on their current events, you can check out JiggAerobic’s website at For example, they recently had an event called “Cubby Love Bears GetRight Party” in Pearland, Texas, which featured exercises and games for kids.

They also have an official Facebook page over at @jiggaerobicsfitness, which currently has 250 5.0-star reviews.

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