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Mural Painter After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Mural Painter Before Shark Tank

Mural Painter is a non-profit organization that was created with the intention of showcasing beautiful, lively works of art in public areas for all to see. This organization consists of a group of creative painters that work together in order to create such creations. All of Mural Painter’s artworks are done from scratch, by hand. But they don’t just do this just for fun; they also do it for businesses. For example, some businesses will contact the Mural Painter’s wanting them to create some sort of artwork, whether it be a sign, an advertisement, a mural, or something similar.

There is a three-step plan to any business looking to hire these painters for a project. First, the business would need to provide a general idea of what they’re looking for. Then, the Mural Painter team will draw up a sample of the design before they get to work on creating it. Now, this company does typically respond to bigger projects such as murals and advertisements; however, they are willing to do smaller or even medium-scale jobs as well. Prices vary depending on the size of the art piece being painted. A portfolio of their previous projects can be viewed from right on their Mural Painter website.

Emily Strauss is the founder and creator of the Mural Painter organization. She founded the organization in 2009 after she graduated from the Design Institute of Technology with her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts. Before Mural Painter, Emily had started another business called Vandalize Garments, which was a fashion-based company that created unique clothing options that were painted by hand. Art has always been a passion of Emily’s, ever since she was a young child. Mural Painter 2

Unfortunately, the talented young painter was diagnosed with Lyme disease when she was enrolled in high school. This diagnosis led her to have to drop out of school; however, she never gave up on her love of art. Struggling to hold her paintbrush and focus on her creations, Emily persevered and continued working on her artwork. Later, she received medical help for Lyme disease, which helped her greatly. On her journey to becoming her old self again, she decided to take the GED and got to college.

Living in New York City, Emily would often see the graffiti and the murals while she was out and about. She realized just how much murals have become a popular form of artwork within the millennial generation. She wanted to do something like the murals she saw; however, she decided to take it a step further with the Mural Painter organization. Given that, she began trying to find ways to partner painters with businesses who needed some artistry being done. Her organization started off this way, just by word-of-mouth.

Nonetheless, the more artists she matched with businesses, the more known her organization had become, leading her to even more projects. On their social media platforms, Emily has posted about work she has done with big, well-known brands like Taco Bell, Warner Bros, FX, Google, Nike, and even Hershey. While this founder seems to have it all figured out thus far, she wants a shark to help her expand into other big cities aside from the East and West Coast. Mural Painter 3

Mural Painter on Shark Tank

Emily Strauss took the stage of Shark Tank with a huge custom mural for the sharks. The mural consists of a shark with money raining down onto it, in honor of the sharks. Wanting to expand her business into other big cities, Emily is seeking a deal of $300,000 in return for a 15% ownership in her organization, Mural Painter. This asking price would imply that the organization had a valuation of $2 million at the time of filming the show. The founder begins her pitch by explaining to the sharks what Mural Painter is. Continuing with her pitch, she tells the investors about how she matches talented artists with a business; the painters are paid according to how many hours they spend working on the projects. This still leaves the Mural Painter organization to make a profit that lies somewhere between 40% to 50% of the overall sales. Speaking of sales, before appearing on Shark Tank, the organization had already done $800,000 in sales.

Currently, the sharks seem to like the idea behind Mural Painter; however, they are concerned that they business itself is too risky to invest it. Thus, leading most of the sharks to immediately announce their departure of the deal. Mark Cuban goes out first after telling Emily that he isn’t sure about how well the business would scale. Daymond John drops out of the deal next. He mentions that he thinks the turnover rate would be too high. The last shark to drop out was Lori Greiner. She just didn’t think Mural Painter wasn’t the right investment for her. Nonetheless, Emily does still receive two offers. The first offer comes from Kevin O’Leary, who presents her with a $300,000 deal in return for a 35% ownership of Mural Painter. The second offer was from Barbara Corcoran, who offered the founder a $100,000 cash loan, along with a $200,000 line of credit in return for a 15% ownership in the business. Ultimately, Emily accepts Barbara’s offer after hearing about how the shark could help her organization thrive. Mural Painter 1

Following Emily Strauss’s appearance on the Shark Tank stage, her organization, Mural Painter, is still in business and appears to be thriving as Barbara Corcoran had envisioned it would. As of December 2024, the deal Emily landed with Barbara has not been closed; it’s possible that they are still in negotiations. As for the goals Emily had in mind when she arrived at her Shark Tank appearance, she was able to expand her business. Unfortunately, the pandemic struck her business as a but, but she was able to keep it running, nonetheless.

Now, the Mural Painter organization has opened operations in Florida, as well as Los Angeles and New York. In addition to that, the founder has done work with many new well-known companies such as Netflix, Spotify, Facebook, Lyft, Microsoft, and many more. Overall, it appears as though Emily and Barbara have created a successful business of Mural Painter, and it’s likely that the company will continue expanding in the future. With that, the company now has an annual revenue of $1 million and it is valued at $666,666.

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