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Nebraska Brothers Survive After Being Sucked Out of Their Home By a Tornado

Roger Slatten, who lives in Omaha, Nebraska, had just left for work when he received a life-changing phone call.

His friend had called him, telling him there was a tornado near his Elkhorn home and that he needed to evacuate.

Roger immediately turned his car around and made his way home, which he shared with his wife and brother. While his wife Lucy was at work, his brother Royce was at still at home.

royce and roger
Brothers Roger and Royce were lifted and thrown into the air when the tornado hit their house

As he was approaching the house, he called him and told him to grab their two dogs and get to safety in the basement.

The second he pulled into the driveway, he ran inside. Before either brother could make it to the basement, however, the tornado tore through their home, reducing it to rubble. Roger said they could feel the ‘floor separate from the foundation’ as the wind got underneath the building.

The tornado, with at least 135 mph winds, would go on to destroy several other houses as it roared across the plains. While the brothers and their dogs were fortunate enough to survive the ordeal, at least five people have been killed.

The lowest rooms of a building, typically basements, are generally considered to be the safest during a tornado. When this one hit Roger’s home, however, the brothers were running to the second floor to search for one of their dogs.

Despite their best efforts, they couldn’t find him. Before they knew it, the tornado had hit and they had no time to make it to the basement.

The brothers exchanged a quick look before they were both thrown from the house.

Roger remained conscious as the wind threw him into the air. Seconds later, he face planted on the ground and was buried by rubble. While one of his arm and his legs were pinned, the rubble also protected him from being cut by glass.

nebraska tornado
Their Nebraska home was completely destroyed by the tornado

His brother Royce remembers landing in the backyard and running to the neighbor’s house. He didn’t see Roger and thought ‘he was dead for sure’.

Fortunately, Roger, who was still pinned down by rubble, was able to free one of his hands and call 911. First responders arrived soon afterward and freed him from where he was trapped. However, he quickly began to panic as he did not see his brother anywhere.

It wasn’t until a neighbor told him about Royce’s whereabouts that they were able to breathe a sign of relief.

Not long after their reunion, rescue members found their maltipoo, Nico, in the rubble. Their second dog was also found and rescued by the Human Society.

The Aftermath

While the brothers both survived the horrifying ordeal, it was not without injuries. Royce had received numerous cuts from being thrown by the tornado and had to receive over 20 stitches.

tornado injuries
Both brothers suffered numerous injuries after being thrown out of the house by the tornado

Roger also suffered numerous injuries, including bone bruises, as well as a punctured back when he was hit by a nail. His face also had several cuts.

The house that they shared was totally destroyed, reduced to rubble. Most, if not all of their belongings were also gone.

The basement that they were trying to get to also collapsed after being hit by a tree from their neighbor’s yard.

Despite the destruction , the community is rallying around each other and the brothers have said they are extremely grateful for everyone’s help and support.

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