Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Official YouTube App Rolling out to All Amazon Fire Sticks

We have great news this week as it was announced that the official YouTube app would be rolling out to all Amazon Fire TV Sticks as well as other Fire TV devices. This comes after years of both Amazon and Google fighting and removing apps from each other’s devices and platforms. We have all of the latest details about this move so keep reading to learn more.

YouTube App Officially Comes to Amazon Fire Sticks & Other Fire TV Devices

It finally appears that Amazon and Google have stopped fighting and are now willing to put apps on the other platform. Amazon this week was able to confirm that the newest YouTube app would be rolling out for all Amazon Fire devices, including Fire TV sticks. If you have an Amazon Fire Stick, then you may also want to check out some of the best Fire Stick tricks that you can utilize on your device for more fun and entertainment.

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The original Fire TV Stick as well as many other Fire TV devices will now be able to use the official YouTube app. You may remember that a long time ago, YouTube would work on some Fire TV devices, but only if you had certain devices. You had to have the Fire TV Stick 4K, 2nd generation Fire TV Stick, Basic Edition Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Cube, or one of the few Fire TV smart televisions. A lot of people didn’t have any of these newer Fire TV devices, which meant they could not get the official YouTube app.

Google Brings YouTube App & Other Official Apps to More Amazon Fire Devices

We now will be able to use the official YouTube app on nearly any and all Fire TV devices, including the original version of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You also will be able to use the YouTube app on the original Fire TV device, which is really cool. There will also be the option to download the official YouTube app using the Amazon App Store if you have either the 2nd generation or 3rd generation of Fire TV devices.

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Google also announced that other apps will be coming to the Amazon App Store at some point in the future. We will also have access to YouTube TV and Kids, although there is no time given when those apps will be released to the Amazon App Store or when the Fire TV devices will get these apps. Either way, we are definitely excited for Amazon and Google to set aside all of the differences between the two in order to give consumers what they want.



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