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VideoSolo DVD Copy Retains Original Quality & Offers Multiple Ways to Copy a DVD

VideoSolo DVD Copy is one of the best software tools out there to use if you need to copy a DVD and don’t want to lose any of the original video quality. There are many features to this product, including that you can copy the DVD using one of three different modes. We wanted to tell you all about VideoSolo DVD Copy and why this is the best software to use for all of your DVD copying needs regardless of the situation.

VideoSolo DVD Copy Allows for Copying or Burning Using Three Different Methods

With VideoSolo DVD Copy you’ll have a ton of different options for how you can copy your DVD. You can copy the DVD to a blank disc and use this disc as your backup. You’ll be able to copy to a blank DVD disc including some of the most popular DVD formats, such as DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-R, DVD-RAM, and many more. All of the ways that this program can burn a DVD will retain the original quality with a 1:1 ratio. There’s no hassle and you won’t even be able to tell it’s a burned copy of the DVD with the incredible technology used in this program.

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You will also be able to copy the DVD movie disc to a DVD folder on your hard drive so that you can save the DVD right to your PC. You can backup the DVD disc right to your hard drive and save it either as an ISO image file or Video_TS file. This is great because if you don’t want to deal with using a blank DVD to copy the movie disc, you can just copy right to your own computer. You’ll also be able to ensure that your backup is safe and secure since you have the option to save right to your hard drive.

VideoSolo DVD Copy also features an ISO image mounter and DVD burner, which means you can burn the Video_TS file folder or the ISO image right to a DVD disc. This allows you to burn the DVD folder right to a DVD whenever you want. We love the three different methods that you can use to copy the DVD and that all three of them will retain the original 1:1 quality. There are also many other features of VideoSolo DVD Copy that we wanted to talk about.

VideoSolo DVD Copy Decrypts & Offers Three Copy Modes

Another huge feature of VideoSolo DVD Copy is that it can decrypt the protected disc, which means the CSS protections can be removed and original quality retained. The software can get rid of the CSS protections and other regional restrictions that come with many DVD movies. This means that any DVD movie you own you can copy without hassle and without losing any quality.

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You’ll also be able to use one of three different modes to copy your DVD depending on what you are looking to copy. The three modes are Custom, Main Movie, and Full Movie. With Custom, you will be able to choose the sections of the DVD that you want to copy onto either another disc or your PC. The Main Movie mode means you will just get the main movie in the backup DVD, and Full movie will copy everything on the DVD.

VideoSolo DVD Copy also is very quick when it comes to reading and writing the DVD. If you are copying to a blank DVD, you can choose either the recommended speed or the max speed. Before you begin the copying process, you also will be able to configure how many copies of the DVD you want. So not only is this program much quicker than other similar DVD copying programs, but it saves a lot of time since you can set the copy amount before it starts too.

You can Preview the DVD with VideoSolo DVD Copy

Lastly, we wanted to tell you another huge feature of this software that we love, which is the ability to preview. You can preview each chapter of the DVD before you begin copying it. This is great because it allows you to ensure the entire DVD is functional before you begin the process. You also will be able to switch the audio tracks and subtitles while you are in the preview process, which is really cool. The ability to preview the DVD comes from the fact that there’s a built-in DVD player within the software.

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If you are choosing the Custom copy mode, then you’ll love the ability to preview so you can choose the areas you want to copy and don’t have to guess at the times or locations of the sections you want. All of these features and options combined make VideoSolo DVD Copy one of the best DVD copying programs out there today and we highly recommend you check it out.




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