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One Sole 2024 Update- What Happened After Shark Tank

One Sole Before Shark Tank

One Sole is the brain-child of female entrepreneur Dominique McClain Barteet. One Sole is the original interchangeable shoe. Having started her career as a Pharmacist, Dominique like so many other women around the world found herself buying the same pair of shoes in various different colors. She began to think there must be an easier way to interchange colors and styles on the same pair of shoes.

Dominique began to experiment with this idea in the back room of her pharmacy. Through pure trial and error Dominique developed the idea of One Sole having absolutely no prior experience in the design of shoes or in the business world. Perseverance paid off for Dominique when she managed to create the One Sole brand which is now known for its versatility allowing one to interchange part of the shoe.

Dominique also liked the fact that by creating One Sole, she has ultimately created the perfect travelling shoe for women around the world! Instead of loading up your luggage with numerous pairs of shoes, One Sole is the perfect solution.

Dominique felt that she could use some help to take One Sole to the next level and really break the market. She went into the tank  with the hope that one of the sharks would invest in her company. Not only would the sharks provide some extra capital for her to expand One Sole, they would bring their business expertise as well as key relationships with retailers to the business. Will One Sole be a hit with the sharks?


One Sole On Shark Tank

Dominique enters and begins by talking about herself and her company, One Sole. She informs the sharks that she is looking for an investment of $500,000 for a twenty per cent share in the company. She goes on to say that she loves shoes; what woman doesn’t? She then went on to tell the sharks about the day she went to the mall and came home with the exact same pair of she’s in three different colors. This prompted her to start thinking of the possibility of shoes with interchangeable tops. She demonstrates just how simple it is to interchange the tops of the shoes to create a completely new look in seconds. Further to that, Dominique traveled a lot and used to bring a whole suitcase of shoes with her on her. Since she invented One Sole, she has been travelling a lot lighter. Dominique doesn’t even pack shoes now. She wears her One Sole shoes, packs a handful of interchangeable tops and saves on space AND baggage fees.

Dominique then asks Barbara if she would like to try the One Sole shoes as comfort is a feature the company prides itself in to which Barbara replies that it is perfect timing as her feet are killing her.

Kevin Harrington starts off the questions and asks Dominique what the retail price of the shoe is. Dominique explains that the retail price for the One Sole shoe and a solid top is between seventy to eighty-five dollars. The interchangeable tops are separate and the retail price for those range from twelve to thirty dollars.

Barbara claims that the shoes are ‘heaven’ and asks can she wear them for the remainder of the day. The other sharks are interested to see how comfortable they are to which Barbara replies there is no doubt about the comfort element of the One Sole shoes.

One Sole founder Dominique brings her product to the Shark Tank
One Sole founder Dominique brings her product to the Shark Tank

Kevin O’Leary thinks the One Sole shoes are interesting but questions her valuation of $2.5 million on the company. Dominique goes on to shock the sharks by announcing that she has had gross sales of over $20 million in the last four years. Further to that the One Sole shoes are in two thousand stores in over thirty countries and the shoes have been on several television shopping channels. Kevin O’Leary asks about sales for the previous year. Dominique replies sales were only $3.5 million last year, a low figure in comparison to the $6 million achieved the year before that. The sharks are interested to know where the shoes are made. Dominique informs them that the mold for the shoes are made in Italy and the interchangeable tops are made in Florida. Kevin O’Leary then asks about the possibility of making the interchangeable tops offshore as the price would be much lower and Dominique explains that is exactly why she is there. She does not have the contacts to do so and the current manufacturer of the interchangeable tops is not able to create more complicated designs that she has come up with.

Daymond asks how exactly Dominique has been financing this business venture and it is then she tells the sharks that initially this started as a hobby back when she was practicing as a pharmacist. What with the success of One Sole, within two years Dominique moved her pharmacy into her shoe factory. The sharks are amazed to hear that Dominique is still acting as a pharmacist and managing to turn over profits of about thirty per cent of her gross sales.

Robert is slightly confused as to why Dominique needs the extra money seeing as her profits her approximately $1 million the previous year. Dominique explains that she bought a house in Palm Beach some years previous and that has tied up a lot of her capital.

The sharks acknowledge that Dominique is selling herself short when she claims to be in over her head. Although she has never had a class in business or shoe design, she has a very success company on her hands but is looking for a business partner and the reassurance that will go with having one.

This year the business has gone international and Dominique has people crying out for One Sole shoes everywhere from Australia to Saudi Arabia to Switzerland. She is finding it overwhelming but when Kevin O’Leary asks if she would sell the whole business, Dominique says she would not want to do that.

Robert offers $100,000 for a ten per cent equity share in the company and asks Dominique to persuade the other four sharks to join. That way she would get the $500,000 she asked for but she would be giving up a fifty per cent equity share.

Kevin Harrington claims he likes the product too. Daymond also claims he believes in One Sole as a brand and does not need any partners. He offers Dominique the $500,000 but for a thirty-five per cent equity share in the company.

Barbara says she likes the product but it will take too much of her time so for that reason she declares herself out.

Not wanting to be left out, Kevin O’Leary decides to make an offer. He is willing to give Dominique the $500,000 that she is looking for but wants a whopping fifty-one per cent share in One Sole. Dominique instantly rejects this.

Kevin Harrington looks to join Robert in his offer. Each of them will offer $250,000 for a twenty-five per cent share each. With all the offers now on the table, Dominique takes a moment to consider before accepting Daymond’s offer. Dominique leaves extremely happy to be teaming up with Daymond to take One Sole to the next level.

One Sole Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

One Sole, the revolutionary interchangeable shoe brand, has come a long way since its appearance on Shark Tank. Dominique Barteet, the founder of One Sole, impressed the Sharks with her innovative concept of a shoe with multiple interchangeable tops, providing consumers with a versatile footwear solution.

Since their appearance on the show, they’ve gone through strategic partnerships, product expansion, and market growth. The brand also successfully leveraged its visibility from the show to attract a wider consumer base. Not only that but they’ve also landed a number of collaborations with various designers and retailers to increase its market footprint.

That’s not all, the company has also made a number of strategic enhancements in its marketing and sales operations.

For one thing, the brand has significantly increased its digital presence and has revamped its website for a more seamless customer experience. It has also expanded its sales channels beyond just online, now featuring in various retail stores nationwide.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of One Sole after Shark Tank is its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. The company has focused on providing high-quality products without compromising on comfort or style. This commitment is reflected in the positive customer reviews and high repeat purchase rates.

As of 2024, One Sole is still in business and offers a broad variety of styles and designs to cater to different customer preferences.

If anything, One Sole’s journey after Shark Tank is a testament to the power of innovation backed by strategic execution. The brand has effectively leveraged the platform provided by the show to scale its operations and carve a niche for itself in the competitive footwear market.

Despite the challenges it faced initially, One Sole’s perseverance and determination have paid off, marking it as a success story in the world of entrepreneurial ventures.

Katie Lally
Katie Lally
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  1. Hi Katie, this is a message for Katie Lally. I noticed that you did a Shark Tank interview with Dominique Barteet. In your article you stated that Dominique is now doing motivational talks for new entrepreneurs. I have searched high and low to find out where she is speaking next. Would you have any idea of how to get hold of her ie email address or web site? Please advise. Thank you, Fred DeVries, Delray Beach, Florida cell (954)775-5135

  2. Too bad no one advised Dominique on customer service basics. Check out their Facebook page and you will see that if you return a pair of shoes, you may never see a refund…at least not until you complain to the Better Business Bureau. And check out their web site to see how easy (not!) it is to determine how to make a return or how to even contact the company via email or phone. Truly a poster child of poor service. Maybe Dominique is so busy trying to “cash in” that she no longer cares about how the company is run.


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