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Pasta By Hudson After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Pasta By Hudson Before Shark Tank

Everyone loves an Italian treat. Unfortunately, they are not easy to find in many places. You will have to wait for a long time to get your order and when it arrives, you’ll find it’s already cold. Fresh pasta is not easy to find and even stale one is expensive.

Brandon Fay was dissatisfied with the pasta that he got and he set out to change people’s dining experience by giving them fresh pasta at an affordable price. He went on to start Pasta by Hudson, a restaurant that serves fresh pasta to its clients. Pasta by Hudson is located in New York City.

Brandon had over 25 years of experience in the hospitality sector and had managed one of the biggest restaurants in the country.  He had a lot of experience dealing with large orders. He had then ventured on his own starting his Pasta by Hudson business. He wanted to expand his business but could not and he wanted experts who could advise him on the best path his business could take.

Brandon reached out to Shark Tank for help and he was invited to be on the 17th episode of the 11th season.

Pasta By Hudson On Shark Tank

Pasta 2 Brandon Fay went onto Shark Tank seeking $150,000 for 10% of his business. This gave Pasta by Hudson a value of $1,500,000. Brandon started by showing the sharks the benefits of his pasta in contrast to other dishes. He also showed the sharks where his cafe was located. He then gave the sharks some dishes to taste.

The sharks thought that the meals tasted great. Lori then asked Brandon to tell her something about himself like how he got started and what he was doing before. Brandon said that both his parents had been police officers but his father had passed on.  The sharks then asked him if he was Italian.

Brandon said that he was part Jewish part Irish. Kevin said that they made the best Italian food. Barbara then asked Brandon to help her visualize his store. Brandon said that they have a truck and it was about 390 square feet. He said that he only had 1 store.

Daymond then asked where the store was located. Brandon said that the store was located in Columbus Circle and they were in the 8th busiest transit hub in New York City and around 24,000,000 people would go through that transit place every year.

Kevin then asked Brandon how much he would spend to buy lunch at his store. Brandon said that the Pomodoro started at $8.95. The rest of the dishes cost about $12-$13. Lori then asked him if he was a trained chef and how he had come up with his idea.

Brandon said that he had not got any formal training but had run one of the busiest restaurants in the country. Brandon had been the managing director of a restaurant with 103 employees. Brandon had also been in the industry for almost 25 years. Barbara then asked him what his sales figures had been to that date.

pasta 3 Brandon said that he had realized about $590,000 in sales since he opened. He then said that his overheads were about $55,000 a month. Barbara then asked him if his business model was to continue opening within food courts because they would get a lot of business from people passing by. Brandon told Barbara that she had gotten the idea and he did plan to open his restaurants in areas with a high volume of traffic.

Kevin then asked him if he was profitable yet. Brandon said that it was his first year in business and he would probably break even by the end of the year. He then predicted that in the next year he would get $1,200,000 to $1,300,000 in revenue.

Daymond then asked if this increase in profit was because of his opening in more locations, franchising, or both. Brandon said that the first reason for the profits was because of him building a really good foundation. He was open to franchising. it was a bit too early for him but he was open to discussions about franchising.

Mark Cuban then asked him what the cost of opening one was. Brandon said that it had cost him $350,000 to open his first branch but he had learned a lot and when he was looking at possibly opening a smaller kiosk he knew that it would cost him about $200,000. Everything would get more efficient but it did cost about $350,000 to get the doors open.

Daymond then left. He said that he liked the idea but it was not for him because he would get horrible acid reflux when he ate such meals. Mark Cuban then asked him if they did delivery at all or had an app where people could order from. Brandon said that half of his business was delivery and unfortunately they took a big commission, about 20-25% of the sales price.

pasta 4 Barbara then asked him if the outsourced delivery made sense to him. Brandon said that he was very grateful for the business that they had given him because it had given him a lot of business. It opened him to extremely large markets.

Mark then said that his future was having his own delivery method. Mark then asked him if he was open to having a cloud kitchen with the delivery company doing everything else with satellite kitchens. Brandon said that he was ready to do that because he would have more of a market in all directions.

Kevin then left. He said that the business was a break-even business and it was too early for him so he was out. Barbara then told him that he had great meatballs and she wanted to know his recipe and he agreed to give it to her. Lori then asked him how much it cost to make a single meatball.

Brandon said that it cost about 49 cents to make a single meatball and they sold them for about $4.95. The sharks were impressed by his profit margin. Barbara then asked him if they froze well and Brandon said that they did.

Barbara then said that she had a deal for him. Lori said that she would make a deal with him if Mark was in. Barbara then offered him $150,000 for 50% of his meatball business. She thought that if he got it online he could make a fortune.

Lori then asked Mark if he was interested in the offer and he said that he wanted 20%. Lori was curious as to what that would leave for her. Mark then offered $150,000 for 20% and he had no problem partnering with Lori but he wanted them to seriously consider the cloud kitchens.

They disagreed but Mark offered to raise $100,000 and Lori would raise $50,000. He would get 20% and she would get 10%. All 3 agreed to the deal. As he left, Brandon said that dreams did come true, especially in the Shark Tank. He thought that business would explode because he had 2 of the best people working with him.

Pasta By Hudson Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

pasta 5 Since it partnered with Mark and Lori, Pasta by Hudson has launched a website where people can make orders. Pasta by Hudson now has 2 Branches and these are Pasta by Hudson Chelsea and Pasta by Hudson Perry.  Both restaurants are located along 7th Avenue in New York City.

On Yelp, Pasta by Hudson has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating from 99 reviews. It also has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trip Advisor. Pasta by Hudson is now also doing outside catering and events. You can also get Pasta by Hudson gift cards.

Pasta by Hudson has grown to become so popular that it has its own line of merchandise. You can get a Pasta by Hudson T-shirt for $19.99 or a Pasta by Hudson Face Mask for $10.99 on its website. On Facebook, Pasta By Hudson has over 1,000 followers.  On Instagram, Pasta By Hudson has over 8,000 followers. It also has a Twitter account with less than 100 followers.

Brandon Fay has been featured many times on CBS where he has shared many of his recipes. Pasta By Hudson is making an annual revenue of around $1,000,000. Brandon managing to open a second branch is all the proof you need that the business is going on fine.

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