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Pawnix 2024 Update – What Happened After Shark Tank

Pawnix Before Shark Tank

Kirsten Brand founded Pawnix in 2017 after seeing how her own dog, Emma, was being affected by loud noises. Emma is a smaller dog breed, although any breed can be affected by these noises, so she is very sensitive to noises such as fireworks, thunder, etc. Concerned for her pup, Kirsten tried whatever home remedies she could think of; treats, toys, calming medications, and even compression clothing to help Emma feel as if she was receiving a hug. None of those remedies worked. Kirsten became determined to find a solution to this fright for Emma, and when it came time for Kirsten and Emma to go on a plane, she found a sure-fire solution. Noise-canceling headphones.

Pawnix are noise-canceling headphones specially made for dogs. The device uses passive and active methods in order to cancel out any noise that may be bothering the dog. Together, these methods prevent the loud noises from entering the headset through the foam, while the microphone converts the loud noises into wavelengths. Both wavelengths end up being noise-cancelled by the time they reach the dog’s ears. The headset also features Bluetooth connectivity, so the dog can listen to calming music. Pawnix is made of a stretchy material that feels similar to a cushion; however, it also has a slight compression effect to help relieve any anxiety the dog may be feeling.

Before creating Pawnix, Kirsten had graduated with her degree in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University. She went on to work with Mars Pet care, although she spent some time exploring other industries as well. Once she realized Emma struggling with fireworks and such, she spent her time researching how electronics could potentially be used to solve the problem. During which time, she began working with her team to create Pawnix. Once Kirsten had the prototype completed, she tested the product on Emma during the New Year’s Eve concert and fireworks. To everyone’s surprise, Emma was unbothered and had remained calm. Screen Shot 2020 03 14 at 8.57.33 PM 1024x1024

After launching Pawnix, Kirsten took her chances with a Kickstarter campaign and an Indiegogo campaign. While the Kickstarter campaign was unsuccessful, Pawnix did raise $2,250 from the Indiegogo campaign. Additionally, Pawnix saw a profit of $105,000 in its sales after just a year following the launch. But what’s next for the company? As mentioned earlier, Kirsten does have some experience working within the pet industry; however, she thinks a shark could help push Pawnix into retail, as it is only available on her website at this time. Will a shark be interested enough to invest in such a niche brand?

Pawnix on Shark Tank

In hopes of getting a shark to offer $150,000 for a 10% equity in Pawnix, Kirsten Brand took on the stage of Shark Tank with her dog, Emma, at her side. Unfortunately, her time on Shark Tank was short, though it was good while it lasted. While pitching her product and the purpose of it, she demonstrated how it works with her dog. At this time, the sharks appear to be impressed by the design of the noise-canceling headphones and her sales numbers thus far; however, they are not too impressed with the product overall.

Aside from their concerns about Pawnix, some of the sharks did want to share their thoughts about the product. First up, Robert Herjavec tells Kirsten about his love for dogs. Nonetheless, he isn’t too fond that the cost of one Pawnix headset is set at $200. For that reason, along with the product being too niche, he goes out. Lori Greiner goes out next. She agrees with Robert about the high price of the product; however, she also wasn’t too sure about the product. She felt like it had more electronic features than what’s necessary. shark tank pawnix update 640x360 1

Daymond John chimes in next to explain his side to Kirsten. He tells her that he is going out as well because he thinks marketing Pawnix would be a challenge; he believes it would be difficult to explain the product to consumers. At this point, Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary are the only remaining sharks, making Kirsten’s chances of getting an offer pretty low. Mark speaks first. He explains to Kirsten that Pawnix doesn’t bring him any excitement. With that, he is out. Last but not least, Kevin follows the other sharks out, after mentioning to Kirsten that Pawnix isn’t a brand he wants to be associated with in his portfolio. Given that, Kirsten leaves the stage without a deal.

Pawnix Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Since the airing of the Shark Tank episode featuring Pawnix, there hasn’t been too much new information about the company. Although Kirsten didn’t get a deal with a shark, her company did see quite the drastic increase in sales after the show aired. More specifically, the Pawnix sales had increased by 4x the amount they’d had prior to appearing on Shark Tank. Additionally, Pawnix noise-canceling headphones can still be found and purchased on the official website. The product is still marked at $200 each; however, reviews have said that they are much better quality than other noise-canceling headphones for dogs.

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