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Pick-Up Pools After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Pick-Up Pools Before Shark Tank

Swimming is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in because there are no rules. You can lounge around if you’re unfit, or you can do long laps if you’ve been hitting the gym, it doesn’t matter. The only problem with swimming is that pools are sometimes far away. Tommy Prestella realized this when he was spending time with his daughter during a hot summer in Arkansas.

His daughter wanted to swim but there were no swimming pools available. Tommy got innovative and made a swimming pool out of a tarp and bungee cord. Unfortunately, for him, the result was a complete mess that leaked everywhere. Determined to have a swimming pool in his car, Tommy made one with better material and he named the device the pick-up pool.

Tommy’s started a company with a similar name, Pick-Up Pools, selling his pool online and it was a hit. Unfortunately, he worked outside the country and this meant that Pick-Up Pools had to be put on hold until he was back. He enlisted his sister as a partner but things never went as fast as when he was around.

Tommy had no plans of being home for at least 8 years and so reached out to Shark Tank to find a partner who could help him with more capital to grow the business and would also help in running it. Shark Tank invited him to be on the 17th episode of the 10th season.

Pick-Up Pools on Shark Tank

Pick up pool 2 Tommy Prestella went on to Shark Tank seeking $100,000 for 25% of the company. This gave the company a value of $400,000. He gave his presentation accompanied by his wife and his best friend. The sharks approved of the idea and Lori asked how he came up with it.

Tommy then told them how he was inspired to make a pool while enjoying summer in Arkansas with his daughter. He said that the pool was made with a very thick material which came with a lifetime guarantee. It was made from the same stuff that other pool liners are made of which lasts 30 years. Mark Cuban congratulated him for his success and then asked him what his patent was for since Tommy had come with one.

Tommy said that his patent was for making the back of a pick-up truck watertight. He was asked where he sold them and he told them that the website was his main point of sales. Kevin then asked him for his sales price. Tommy said that his sales price was $200-$210. He made them for between $110 and $117 to make for the two sizes available.

Robert asked him how many he had sold and Tommy said that he had recorded $7,060 in sales that year. The sharks thought that the amount was small. Since he started the business, Tommy had recorded $12,000 in sales. Tommy said that he got the idea in 2014 and had a proof of concept in 2015. He made 20 pools and the moment he got the website up he was killing it in sales.

Unfortunately, when he went to make more, his manufacturer retired. He spent the whole of 2016 looking for a manufacturer.  Tommy worked in the military and in 2017, he was deployed to Africa. Pick-Up Pools had to take a break because he was the only one doing it.

He brought his sister on to work with him as she was a very responsible person. She found for him a new manufacturer.  Her effort got her some shares and she was a co-owner of the company. Mark Cuban then asked him what his plan was. Mark Cuban then followed up by asking Tommy why he was asking for money.

Pick up pool 3 Tommy said that the money would be used on his website. His site was up and running but he wanted one that was professionally done. Kevin understood that he was saying that the money would go to marketing. He thought that the total revenue it had made was very little. Mark Cuban thought that the problem was that Tommy was not available which he understood.

Kevin said that he didn’t think the company would be a success unless Tommy was constantly online giving orders. Tommy was optimistic that it would be since his sales had risen by 800% since the previous year but he was transferred to work in an undisclosed location in the Middle East. Barbara asked him who would run the business if he wasn’t available and Tommy said that his sister would.

Tommy’s sister was based in Southern California. Mark Cuban asked him if he could lower his price. Tommy said that they were made in America and that was one of the reasons that they were so expensive.  He, however, wanted to make it for $25 and sell it for $60. He also thought that there was room to make it for a lot less.

Lori then said that she was out. She said that she liked the product but did not know where she could sell it. Robert then said that he wasn’t sure if Tommy had a business. He needed to find a way to break out of his sales slump.  Tommy asked him to think of his opportunities but Robert left saying he wasn’t ready to go on that journey with Tommy.

Kevin then left. He didn’t have enough confidence in the product. Barbara offered Tommy $100,000 for 25% of the business as he had asked. This was contingent on Tommy’s sister being committed and it would have to have a salesman. The price of the product would also have to be reduced to less than $100.

Mark asked Tommy if there was anyone else selling a similar product and Tommy said no one else was. Mark Cuban then offered him $100,000 for 33%. Mark said that his offer did not come with contingencies and Tommy should recognize that he would be away for some time. Mark said that he had a team that would promote the product as they worked to reduce the price.

Tommy then took Mark’s offer. Tommy said that he was happy to work with Mark even though he asked for a bigger portion. He acknowledged that Mark was willing to put in the work to grow the business.

Pick-Up Pools Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Pick up pool 4 After the partnership with Mark Cuban, Pick-Up Pools enjoyed an increase in accessibility across the state. It was sold on Amazon and enjoys a 3-star rating with 16 reviews. Unfortunately, everything indicates that the company is no longer in operation.

The product is no longer on Amazon. It is still listed on Mark Cuban’s website as one of his companies but its website is no longer in operation. Its web address, pickupools.com, now directs you to an online casino. Its Facebook page has shut down and its last Twitter activity was in 2020. Its last Instagram post was in June of 2021.

Several factors could have led to the decline in activity. It should be remembered that Pick-Up Pools did not have a high sales volume from the start because its founder was not available and he said that he would be in the army for the next 8 years. The company could have faced the same problems and there is the possibility of it returning once Tommy has more time.

There are other businesses on Amazon selling similar devices and so a customer will not lack a truck pool. Maybe one day it will be the one straight from its inventor.

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