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Plane Passenger Dies After Blood Suddenly Erupted From his Mouth and Nose

A passenger on a Lufthansa flight died after blood suddenly erupted out of his mouth and nose.

The 63-year-old German man was traveling from Thailand back to his home country when he passed away in the tragic incident.

According to witnesses, the man seemed unwell when he got on the plane in Bangkok with obvious breathing difficulties and cold sweats.

When the plane attendants gave him chamomile tea, with hopes that it would alleviate his symptoms, blood suddenly erupted from his mouth and nose. One of the passengers, Martin Missfelder, saw the tragedy unfold and said it left many passengers traumatized, with many crying in shock.

In an interview with German media outlets, Missfelder described the incident as ‘absolute horror’ and said everyone on the plane was screaming as it happened.


The man, who has not been identified, boarded the Lufthansa A380 flight with his wife, who said his condition was due to them having rushed to catch the plane.

However, Missfelder’s wife, Karin, who worked as a nursing specialist in Zurich, immediately recognized the severity of his condition.

She later told the flight team that a doctor would need to assess his condition. The plane’s captain arrived not long afterward and called for a doctor over the speaker.

plane cabin

A young 30-year-old Polish man answered the call and came to assess the man. However, Missfelder noted that he did little to treat him beyond asking him how he felt and checking his pulse.

Despite that and the cabin crew’s best efforts to make him feel comfortable, his condition suddenly worsened during the flight, with blood splattering out of his body and onto the walls.

Members of the cabin crew tried to give him CPR for approximately 30 minutes after the horrifying incident, however, he was later confirmed dead by the captain. His body was subsequently taken to the gallery of the plane and the captain turned the aircraft around to return to Thailand.

According to online air traffic tracker flightradar24, the aircraft left Bangkok International Airport at 12:07 a.m. before returning to Thailand.

man dies on flight

Following the incident, Karin said she regretted not providing the man with more assistance but also questioned why the plane took off in the first place given how ill the man was.

Last year, the same airline made headlines after one of its flights experienced severe turbulence that sent many of its passengers flying into the air. The plane eventually made an emergency landing in Washington, DC.


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