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Pristine Cleansing Wipes – 2024 Update

Pristine Cleansing Sprays Before Shark Tank

Wiping your behind is something that the whole world does and since time immemorial people have used a variety of tools to wipe their butts. In the 21st century, humanity has settled on two things: toilet paper and wet wipes. Toilet paper is a lot more popular but it does present the problem of not being too easy on the skin. Wet wipes, on the other hand, are easy on the skin but when they are too soft they will tear and some brands also block pipes.

If they aren’t blocking pipes, some wet wipes will also irritate the skin with the harsh chemicals that are used on them. Jessica Karam Oley and Brandon Karam are two parents who had experienced troubles with both as they tried cleaning themselves and their children. Jessica, a mother of 3, had experienced enough bad experiences with both. Wet wipes blocked her toilet, caused them to flood, and also irritated some of her children.

Her cousin, Brandon, had been a wet wipe user for a long time but he eventually developed an allergy to them. The two of them soon met and discussed their problems and this led to the development of Pristine Cleansing Spray. Pristine is a spray that you spray on your toilet paper and it turns it into a wet wipe. The spray is made with chemicals that are gentle on the skin and since regular toilet paper is being used, it will break down. Blockages will never be a problem for those using them.

Brandon and Jessica had started the company but were experiencing problems in outreach. For this reason, they turned to Shark Tank for help. They were invited to be on the 10th episode of the 10th season of the show. This episode featured Bethany Frankel as a guest shark.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays on Shark Tank

Pristine 2 Brandon and Jessica sought $50,000 for 20% of the company giving it a valuation of $100,000. The pair gave their presentation and gave the sharks some samples for them to test as the presentation went on. Lori then asked them what their sales were since they had asked for such a small amount.

Brandon said that they had made $11,000 in sales since they started. Robert asked them how they had sold their product and he was told that they had sold them on Amazon. Daymond then asked them what their cost of manufacture and cost of sales were. Brandon said that their cost of manufacture was $1.50, their wholesale price was $3.50, and their retail price was $7.

Daymond then asked if there were any competitors and he was told that there were other competitors making the same product. However, these products were just as harsh on the skin, unlike Pristine cleansing spray. Robert then asked why they had asked for $50,000 he thought that the amount was too little.

Jessica said that the value had been based on their sales numbers. The sharks then asked what the $50,000 would be used for. Jessica said that the money would be used to introduce a no-touch sprayer to the diaper market. She added that they were not making a new machine but would instead buy a machine and sell it under their business name.

Robert then left. He said that he saw the marketing challenge as extremely difficult to overcome because they would have to convince others of the use of such a product and then convince them to use their specific brand of products which he thought was very difficult.

Pristine 3 Mark Cuban followed suit and also left. He said that he liked the product but he was working with Dude Wipes which made wet wipes for men. He thought that there would be a conflict of interest.

Bethany said that she liked the product but it looked like hand sanitizer. She also thought that its name was not clear enough. She thought that it was a great product but the business was too young for her to get involved and she did not have enough knowledge of the market so she left.

Matt Daymond then left. He said that it touched on a sensitive topic that people did not want to address and so would not be a part of it. Lori was the only one left. She had previously invested in squatty potty which no one at the time had believed in but it had gone on to record $ 100,000,000 in revenue. She believed in Pristine Cleansing Sprays and so she would invest in them too.

She offered them the $50,000 they had asked for but for 25% of the company but she said that it was contingent on Squatty Potty not having anything similar. If Squatty Potty were working on a similar product then the deal would not go through. Lori also said that what the business needed was just a publicity boost and partnership which is what she offered.

Jessica and Brandon then accepted the offer they said that a potential partnership with Squatty Potty was something that they needed.

Pristine Cleansing Sprays Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

pristine 4 From the Deal with Lori, Pristine Cleansing Sprays went on to open its own website where it sells body cleansing sprays and hand sanitizers. Its most popular social media page is its Facebook page which has over 3,700 followers. However, it also has a Twitter page with 213 followers and an Instagram page with more than 713 followers.

Brandon was the 2020 recipient of the W.F Chao Chairman’s Award Scholar recipient. Covid-19 led to them launching their own line of hand sanitizers. Their cleansing spray has been recognized for its eco-friendliness. On Amazon, it has received a 4.3 out of 5-star rating from 4,161 reviews.

The company’s revenue had shot to $2,000,000 by 2022. It has been featured on the New York Post, CNBC, Mashable, IHeart Radio, Dallas Morning News, and more.  It is still located in Houston Texas and it is a source of employment for the state’s residents. The partnership with Lori proved to be the spark that was needed to ignite its growth and push its sales to astronomical numbers.

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