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Salad Sling After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

Salad Sling Before Shark Tank

Salad Sling is a product that was made under its parent company, Mirloco. The Salad Sling is a microfiber cloth that is used to dry vegetables. Anything from lettuce to cucumbers, and everything in between can be washed and dried in this sling. The sling consists of three layers: absorbent, polyester and nylon microfibers for drainage of vegetables; waterproof polyester liner to avoid spillage, and a polyurethane lamination. To use the sling, one would just need to place the washed vegetables into the cloth, grab ahold of the four corner handles, and simply swing the sling around for a few seconds until all moisture is soaked up. Additionally, the Salad Sling can be cleaned by placing it in the washing machine or just hanging it up to dry.

Jill Visit is the founder of the parent company, Mirloco, as well as the creator of the Salad Sling. Prior to launching her own business, Jill studied at the University of Texas, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in advertising. After graduating, Jill started working for the Texas Creative Sequence. This business was working towards building up brands like Gillette and Duracell. From there, she moved on to work at Whole Foods as a global creative director. When she founded Mirloco, she created the business with the intention of helping manage manufacturing and marketing. It wasn’t long before the business was featured in publications like The Boston Globe and The New York Times. Now, aside from running Mirloco, Jill also works as a World Strides, where she has the position as the head of creative. Salad Sling 2

The idea for the Salad Sling came to Jill when she was making salad one night. She’d always owned and used salad spinners; however, she became frustrated by how much room they took up and how wet they left the salad even after spinning. With determination in finding a quick, new way of drying her salad ingredients, Jill grabbed a regular dish towel, placed the vegetables in front of it, and proceeded to swing the towel around her kitchen until they were dry. Was it effective? Mostly, but some moisture did remain on the vegetables as well as the new water mess throughout her kitchen. In an agreement, Jill and her husband knew that this method could work if a better design were created. After hearing her husbands encouraging words, she started experimenting with different ways of using the method. After two years, Jill finally perfected the design. She tested it multiple times, and after realizing how effective it was, the Salad Sling was born.

In 2017, Jill took the advice of one of her friends and decided to market the Salad Sling. Her products started being sold on Amazon and the Gromme for $20. The founder herself even claims that the Salad Sling is not only more effective, but also more fun than a standard salad spinner. Due to this, she wants to try it out for the sharks to see if they’ll want to invest. More specifically, Jill wants help with managing this new business considering she now has four jobs: WorldStrides, a freelance design firm, an educational traveling company, and now the Salad Sling brand. Now the real question is, will a shark agree that this product is more fun than the salad spinner? Will they be blown away enough to invest? Salad Sling 4

Salad Sling on Shark Tank

Jill Visit shows up to Shark Tank with her Salad Sling. She’s seeking a deal for $100,000 for a 20% stake in her company. Her asking value tells the sharks that the Salad Sling already has a valuation of $500,000. The founder introduces herself and her product, while allowing the sharks time to analyze the Salad Sling. She goes on to explain how one would use the sling, which is when Robert Herjavec has the chance to test it out. The lettuce he had placed in the sling ended up all over the stage floor. Overall, the sharks do appear to like the product and they seem to be having fun with it.

Unfortunately, Jill’s time on Shark Tank went by quickly. Although the sharks liked testing the slings out, they didn’t believe that the product could ever turn into a business, much less a successful business. More specifically, they all agreed that the Salad Sling would be best as a gift idea as they believe it would be a great one-time gift for someone. With that being said, all of the sharks decided not to invest in the Salad Sling, leaving Jill to leave the Shark Tank without a deal in place. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that the product will fail. It may still become a success after visiting Shark Tank. Salad Sling 1

Salad Sling Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Although Jill Visit and the Salad Sling left the Shark Tank without sealing down a deal with a shark, the business has remained open. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too much of an update on how the business is doing from Jill herself; however, the website remains sticked with the slings, as well as a new mini version of it. The only solid update we do have from the founder is from peeking at her Instagram account, where she has shared a photo of her packaging a number of orders. Additionally, Salad Slings Instagram account has reached over 500 followers, as well as over 200 likes on her Facebook posts. As of 2024, the Salad Sling has not yet reached an annual revenue of $1 million.

The appearance on Shark Tank did, however, give the product quite the boost in publicity, though. The product has gotten much feedback about how eco-friendly it is, which customers appear to love about it aside from the fact that it does dry the vegetables. In addition to that, the product has been featured in publications such as The Strategist, Southern Living, The New York Times, and The Boston Globe. The Strategist also named it on their “35 Office Secret Santa Gifts Under $25” list. Overall, the Salad Sling does appear to be doing well and it may continue growing in the future, although there has not been any clear confirmation thus far.

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