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The Scrubbie After Shark Tank Update 2024 – Where Are They Now

The Scrubbie Before Shark Tank

Most people have a sponge to use for an array of tasks. Typically, consumers buy separate sponges for each task they need one for. Considering how affordable most sponges are, this isn’t too much of an issue; however, wouldn’t it be nice if they could be combined into one product? Let’s say you have one sponge for washing dishes, another for cleaning windows or washing the car, and yet another for cleaning an outdoor grill. For these activities, it’s probably best to have a more stable sponge rather than the cheapest option money can buy. But wouldn’t it be great if consumers didn’t have to buy three separate sponges? A trio of entrepreneurs decided to test that theory, and now, with The Scrubbie, completing many tasks with the same product is possible.

The Scrubbie isn’t just an ordinary sponge. This sponge has an attachment feature that can slide onto a variety of nozzles for easy cleaning both indoors and outdoors. Customers can use The Scrubbie to clean their dishes, patio, windows, and much more, from kitchen faucets to outdoor hose nozzles! Furthermore, the creators of this product claim that The Scrubbie will help consumers cut their water usage time in half, which is a great way to save water. The Scrubbie scrubs surfaces with ease, without any manual scrubbing needed. Not to mention, this product is super simple to install with just a couple of pushes. Then, simply apply the dish soap to the sponge, turn the water on, and begin cleaning. The Scrubbie is currently being sold on the business’s website. The initial product is $14.99, but customers can also purchase a 3-pack of replacement sponges for $9.99. The Scrubbie 3

A team of three entrepreneurs, Matthew A. Hosey, Tyler Kessler, and Jeff Dakin, created The Scrubbie in October of 2013. Matthew is a Geography, Geographic Information Science, and Cartography graduate from Kansas State University. While he was in college, he had a short-lived career with USACE Kansas City as a GIS analyst. After graduation, his first job was as a GIS analyst for The Response Group. Matthew’s first long-term career is with J. Fred Hambright, Inc. He started working there as a petroleum manager in October 2012, and according to his LinkedIn, he still works there. His responsibilities in this position require him to basically lead the conversation and negotiate between Kansas drilling companies and landowners. Then in June 2016, he spent four years working with ErgoDock; he was the Vice President of Operations there.

Jeffrey M. Dakin, or Jeff Dakin, is one of the co-founders of The Scrubbie. While his LinkedIn doesn’t provide much information regarding his background in education, it does provide us with his job experience. Jeff works three jobs in addition to being the inventor of The Scrubbie.The first is with ITRIO Global LLC, where he is the chief executive officer. The next two businesses are his own companies. one being Recon National LLC and the other being Dakin Development LLC. Tyler Kessler is the other co-founder of The Scrubbie; however, his LinkedIn doesn’t show any background information currently.

Jeff was the one who initially came up with the idea for The Scrubbie. One day, while Jeff was washing dishes, he came across a food stain that wouldn’t budge. At the time, he began scraping the stain away with the sprayer feature of his kitchen sink. While doing so, he thought about how convenient it would be if the sprayer had a scrub sponge to make the clean-up easier. With the idea in mind, Jeff contacted Matthew and Tyler for their help in inventing the Scrubbie. Coming up with the official prototype and design for their invention did take a while, about five years; however, the result seemed to have been worth the wait. Once they launched their business, they decided to try to get onto the Shark Tank show. In 2019 and 2020, the founders took their product to the Wichita Women’s Fair to showcase their product and hopefully get the Scrubbie business going. During their time at the 2020 fair, the three entrepreneurs got information that they had been accepted to appear on Shark Tank. The Scrubbie 2

The Scrubbie on Shark Tank

Matthew A. Hosey, Tyler Kessler, and Jeff Dakin successfully appeared on Shark Tank on April 23, 2021. The trio of entrepreneurs is seeking a $100,000 deal in exchange for a 10% stake in The Scrubbie. Hosey, Kessler, and Dakin immediately begin telling the sharks about themselves and how they created The Scrubbie. While the sharks have a moment to take a closer look at the product, the founders begin demonstrating how it works. During the demonstration, they made sure to emphasize how convenient and versatile the product is.

Although The Scrubbie seemed like a great new idea at first, the entrepreneurs unfortunately failed to blow the investors away with it. One of the biggest problems the sharks noticed with this business is that the founders had only done $13,000 in sales within the span of a few years. The Scrubbie sells for $14.99, plus $9.99 more if customers are interested in purchasing three additional sponges. Another big issue the sharks experienced during this pitch was how vaguely the entrepreneurs were responding when they were asked questions. Overall, the sharks believed that Hosey, Kessler, and Dakin had mostly copied the invention of the well-known sponge, Scrub Daddy. Given that, they don’t see that The Scrubbie is worth investing in, leading the founders to leave the tank without a contract.

The Scrubbie Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

Even though the founders of The Scrubbie didn’t succeed in getting a deal with a shark, they have been able to keep their business going. After they concluded their time on Shark Tank, the founders started seeing many new orders being placed. Matthew even posted a video of them shipping orders totaling over $1,000 in sales. This is great news for the company because some of the sharks and even many viewers expected The Scrubbie to face a lawsuit due to the product’s similarities to the Scrub Daddy sponge. While the founders were appearing on the show, Daniel Lubetzky assured them that the trademark of their product is too similar to Scrub Daddy and that they should have altered the business name to be something more unique. The Scrubbie 1

In 2021, Hosey, Kessler, and Dakin had the chance to be aired on iHeart radio, which can be seen posted on The Scrubbie’s Instagram page. In addition to that publicity, the group has been able to take part in a few interviews, where they talked about their product and marketed it live. This led to them seeing a spike in their sales once more. As of January 2024, specific sales data has not been released; however, the product is still being sold on their website as well as on Amazon. Although it’s not clear whether this business will be able to remain running for long, it’s interesting to see what they end up doing in their updates.

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