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Top 5 Best PDF Editing Software for Windows and Mac Users

PDF or Portable Document Format is one of the most popular file types for official documents and contracts worldwide. As a matter of course, this means that plenty of people have the problem of needing to edit, format, or otherwise change a PDF file, which can at times be difficult to do. Here, we take a look at the top 5 best PDF editing software programs currently available for both Mac and PC users.

1. PDFelement 6 Pro (Windows and Mac)

pdfelement 6 Starting off our best pdf editing software list is the formidable PDFElement, which should look quite similar to most readers. It’s the complete PDF editing tool which enables you to edit, convert, annotate, OCR, protect and sign.

Formatted in a fashion that allows it to edit PDFs much like Microsoft Word, PDFElement 6 Pro is surprisingly intuitive and easy to use. Unlike Word, however, it’s highly compatible with both Mac and Windows machines, and can convert PDF files at about 100 pages a minute, with file types ranging from Doc, JPG, Epub and so many others.

What makes it incredibly handy is if you need the program both for personal and work use, and happen to have to switch between Mac and Windows regularly, the file environment and functionality is identical, so a mis-click is all the less likely to happen. When it comes to the IT side of things, licensing is as easy as it gets (allowing for perpetual licensing), and deployment with full updates and upgrades which will make anyone who works support side sigh in relief. If there is a problem, support is usually online to help (24/6) and there is a fairly active support community within the Wondershare product suite. In terms of pricing, at $59.95 for the standard and $99.95 for the professional, which supports more advanced features, such as OCR, batch process, automatic form filling, data extractions, etc. Really making it one of the most affordable PDF editing programs around. They also provide totally free iOS and android versions of the app.  of course goes down when you buy in volume, making it one of the most affordable PDF editing programs around.

2. Adobe Acrobat Pro (Windows and Mac)

Adobe1 From the makers of the PDF file type itself, the Adobe Acrobat Pro program allows for editing PDF’s in the most native environment imaginable. This means that you never have to worry about formatting issues, you can occasionally get some extra functionality that other programs don’t have, and it’s the most sure-fire way to ensure that your .pdf looks exactly how you want it in other Adobe products. There are several features in the rather crowded menu that most users simply don’t need however but if you are confused about them there is a surprisingly large resource manual and community available. Sadly, at nearly $200 a year, you will be paying a premium for them.

3. PDF Buddy (Windows and Mac)

PDFbuddy The first online entry, PDFBuddy is also the first free program available. While many people may worry about security on a site where one has to upload PDFs to edit them (think Header injection attacks, for one), if you’re looking for nothing more than adding a few checkboxes on documents that don’t need to remain private, this may be a great option. It’s overall a very simple editing format, and while not feature rich, it can get certain jobs done at the best price imaginable.

4. Preview (Mac Only)

PDFpreview Preview is a Mac only product, and to many a bit of a surprise as it’s rarely mentioned in Mac documentation, despite being a built-in app for newer models. Preview allows for quick drag and drop functionality, and can allow for previews of multiple formats which is fantastic. As an added bonus, it can also work as a rudimentary imaging editor and processor, though it’s more MS Paint than Adobe Photoshop. Sharing documents and getting signatures onto official PDFs is remarkably simple (including a wonderful camera recognition system for grabbing and inserting real signatures) , though Preview does tend to suffer slightly from the problem of having too many fingers in too many pies, and can get a bit messy as a result. Also, if you are looking to edit the actual content like you would a Word document, unfortunately, Preview can only let you add text boxes; deleting or editing the words already on file itself is basically not possible.

5. Nuance Power PDF

NuancePowerPDF Closing out our picks of top PDF editing software is Nuance Power PDF, which features many of the same elements as PDFElement 6 Pro. This includes a similar-to-Office environment, easy conversion to and from PDF formatting from both document and image files, and the ability to automate PDF creation as needed. Advanced features also include partial line redaction in case you’re handling sensitive information. In terms of pricing, it is a bit more expensive than most other offerings, at $100 for standard and $150 for advanced licenses.

This has been our wrap up of the best PDF editors on the market today. In terms of functionality and professionalism, PDFElement 6 Pro seems to be the winner, as it allows for all the features needed in a price point that simply cannot be beaten.

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