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Trivia Crack Hacks, Cheats and Tips 2018

Trivia Crack is an extremely addictive game that matches you up against friends or random opponents to test overall intelligence. Here are some useful cheats and tips!

Trivia Insanity

Both the Google Play and App Store have been infested with trivia-based games to test the knowledge of their players. These games range from simple “guess the word” puzzles to full on trivia mania. What makes the game Trivia Crack so different?

For the uninformed, Trivia Crack is an extremely addictive game that matches you up against friends or random opponents to test overall intelligence (and by intelligence we mean random bits of information you will most likely not know).The game offers you six different subjects and in order to be triumphant, you are required to collect all six crowns. Throughout the match either player will be able to “steal” crowns from their opponent, making the game much more interesting.

After learning these cheats and tips to implement into your Trivia Crack arsenal, you will be able to brag about being the smartest in your group of friends. If you haven’t got the game yet, here is the Google play store download link.

Order of Subjects

When you land on the crown are able to choose your desired subject. Instead of taking the safe route and picking your area of expertise, one tip is to choose your worst category (I’m looking at you Art). By doing this, you will have a chance of getting lucky on the first try.

Choosing your worst subject first is also advantageous when your opponent gets a crown for it in the beginning of the game. More than likely you will be able to steal that crown, ensuring a victory in the long run.


Trivia Crack offers you the option to buy lives, coins, and spins. However, many suggest to purchase the unlimited lives package (if you’re looking to spend money on a game). This option ultimately makes buying coins and spins useless, unless you’re looking to support the game and developers.

Although the initial payment of $24.99 may seem unnecessary for a mobile app, it is worth every penny if you are a Trivia Crack enthusiast. This is especially true if you purchase 1$ bonuses multiple times, which add up quickly without your knowledge.
Also, the $25 payment is a one-time free, meaning you can play to your heart’s content after this purchase.

Also, if you are looking to change the date and time in order to gain bonuses, do not waste your time. This cheat does not work on Trivia Crack, but does work on other games. However, this Trivia Crack hack may work for you.

Note: Downloading this “hack” may set you up for a future ban. Take caution when doing so.

Evaluate Questions

In the main menu, Trivia Crack allows you to help them out by rating questions. This allows you to increase the rate of new questions that are being placed into the pool. Also, you may see the same question you rated pop up later while you are in a game.

Along with these benefits, you also help the community by removing horrible and false questions. So next time while you are waiting for your lives to refill, you can kill time by rating questions!

Research Your Friendstrivia crack cheats your friends are probably using against you.w654

Before challenging your friend, do a bit of research that will give you the slightest advantage over them in-game. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Tap the Side Menu.

2. Choose the “Rankings” option. You will see your friends and their ranking compared to yours.

3. Tap the targeted friend’s photo. You are now able to scroll down and see their statistics.

By checking their stats, you can see which subjects they are weak in. By chance, you could excel in a category where they do not do so well! This strategy is particularly useful when climbing the rankings and winning more games against your friends.

Airplane Mode Cheat

Like many others who have played the game, getting questions wrong continuously may put you in a bad mood. The idea behind the Airplane Mode glitch is that the wrong answer will not be counted, and it will be presented again after you know the correct answer.

To do this cheat:

1. Allow the question to fully load.

2. Swipe up the Control Center (from the bottom of your device) and turn on Airplane Mode.

3. Since Trivia Crack is not connected to the internet, you will be able to choose the incorrect answer without being penalized.

4. Once you know the right answer, turn off airplane mode and reconnect to your internet.

5. Open Trivia Crack once more, and the same question should appear.

Although this could assure you a high-ranking, it does take away the feeling of getting a difficult question right. If you absolutely MUST win a game, then go ahead and try it.

Other Useful Tips

Trivia Crack sends you notifications of everything that goes on while you are not in the app. This could easily kill your battery if you don’t pay attention. To solve this, enter your settings and turn on the “Banners” style notification on for Trivia Crack. You will still receive all of those necessary notifications, but it will save your battery in the long run.

For those who are looking to become a Trivia Crack veteran, taking screenshots of questions you don’t know the answer to is a great tip. Compiling these screenshots into one album, and reviewing this album from time to time will benefit you in memorization. This is because sometimes questions in Trivia Crack are repeated, and you may memorize the answer right off the bat.

All in all, have fun with the app. Using cheats and hacks take the fun out of the game for most users, especially if you’re facing a cheater. For more information about the game, make sure to visit the Trivia Crack website. There you can learn the rules and how to play the game!



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