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Tree T Pee Now in 2024 – After Shark Tank Update

Tree T Pee before Shark Tank

Prior to the appearance on Shark Tank, Tree T Pee was relatively unheard of.  Few farmers used it, and those that did were mostly local to the vending area. Johnny Georges, the owner of Tree T Pee, has come to Shark Tank looking for increased funding to expand his business.

Johnny Georges is the founder of Tree T Pee, a system which conserves water for trees and saves farmers money
Johnny Georges is the founder of Tree T Pee, a system which conserves water for trees and saves farmers money

Tree T Pee on Shark Tank

Johnny Georges is the creator of the Tree T Pee. Johnny has been working with farmers in the irrigation business for more than 20 years, and was inspired by his father to go into business. Johnny says that over the years, he has learned that farmers need a cheaper alternative with better technology to water their crops, and that the Tree T Pee is the start of a new method of farming with smart water conservation when using irrigation.

Johnny is seeking $150,000 for 20% of his company.

Tree T Pee is meant to conserve water through irrigation, and has served to do so quite effectively. The amount of water used per tree has gone from 25,000 gallons per year down to 800 gallons per year.

At this point, Johnny freezes up, attempting to remember the lines of his business pitch before continuing on. John Paul DeJoria is a guest shark on this episodes, and asks to know more about how the Tree T Pee system works. A typical tree will work without a container, but with the Tree T Pee, water is contained around the tree. Over the span of an hour, a tree will receive about 3 inches of rainwater. If the Tree T Pee were to be removed, the tree would only receive about 10% of the water. Kevin wants to know if the Tree T Pee is truly the first invention of its kind, and wonders why nobody has thought to invent a nozzle that shoots down towards the tree roots. Johnny says that people have, but the wind will take water away.

Tree T Pee in action
Tree T Pee in action

Kevin cannot believe the math adds up, moving from 25,000 gallons to 800 gallons per year. Johnny says that the only costs to be added in are electricity, since the farmer typically owns all of the water anyways and can typically accumulate some for cheap over a long period of time. Johnny says that so far, he is only selling in a five-county area out in California. Mark asks how much each unit costs to make, to which Johnny says that it costs $3.59 to make and he has made 127,500 Tree T Pees, but is selling them for $4.50 each, netting him about a dollar per purchase. John Paul asks about the patent, to which Johnny says that he has a utility patent in place on the Tree T Pee.

The Tree T Pee lasts for five years, Johnny says, with some more expensive models lasting 30 to 40 years. Johnny says that the oldest one has been in existence since 1984, saying that his father was an innovator in the irrigation world. Johnny gives the example of dirting trees – when the freeze would be coming, Johnny and his father would go out into the field and put dirt over trees to protect the trees from freezing over and ultimately dying. One day, Johnny was in the field with his father and asked his dad to do something different. Johnny’s father put a small teepee, like the Native American style teepee, over the tree, and Johnny had the idea to leave the little teepee on year round.

Mark asked if he has not had the idea to already distribute the Tree T Pee worldwide, and Johnny says that he simply has not taken it upon himself to do so. Lori asks if he knows the market, and Johnny says that he knows he has 42 nurseries in Florida, 19 of which are commercial and the rest are private. These are the only people Johnny has sold to, due to his limited network. Johnny launches into a tale about how he was told to leave the property of a farmer by the farmer’s wife, but Johnny said that he wanted to show the woman how the crops were getting ready to freeze overnight, but Johnny had with him the best protection possible at the time for crops. The woman made him leave, but before Johnny left, he gave her his business card for contact and left her with five sample Tree T Pees. Johnny said a week later, the woman called and offered to pay him for the five Tree T Pees he left her. She then requested 4,995 more Tree T Pees. Johnny says that the only thing he uses in his own home grove are the Tree T Pees, and there are no other containment methods out there similar to the Tree T Pee. The microsprinklers are still a huge waste of water.

Mark wants to know why Johnny is only asking $5 per Tree T Pee, and not upwards of $10 or $12. Johnny says that he is working with farmers and they are purchasing several thousand in a purchase. Mark says why not even $7, and Johnny says that he always just tries to be honest since he’s working with farmers. Kevin gives an example that there is not enough margin there for Johnny to be able to bring the project to a large scale distributor, and that it would be hard for a distributor to want to step in to make any potential money. The distributor would scale production up to fulfill Johnny’s wish of taking the Tree T Pee nationwide. But doing so would require thousands of people to contact farmers, and Kevin wants to know who intends to pay these people to search for farms. Kevin is the first Shark to exit the deal.

John Paul starts by saying that farmers are the cornerstone of America, and some of them out there are probably willing to pay the $6 or $7 for the Tree T Pee. John Paul says he will give Johnny everything he is asking for, the full $150,000 for a 20% equity stake in Tree T Pee. John Paul says that he feels Johnny is doing a lot of good, and he wants to help John Paul do more good. In a rare occurrence, there is a heartwarming moment on Shark Tank as Johnny accepts the deal and finds a partner in John Paul and receiving everything he asked for when he came onto the show. The Sharks congratulate Johnny on his deal, as Johnny has made a deal that could potentially change the lives of farmers around America.

Tree T Pee Now in 2024 – After Shark Tank Update

Johnny received over 56,000 emails after the Shark Tank episode aired, which resulted in thousands of sales. Needless to say, he was delighted with the results.

tree t pee
The black Tree T-Pee is now available at Home Depot locations across Florida

Since then, he has continued to work with John Paul in various aspects of the business. As of May 2024, Tree T Pee is still up and running (they’ve been in business since 2005) and seems to be doing fairly well. For one thing, the product is now available at Home Depot locations throughout Florida. While it was originally priced at $8, they’ve since increased it to $9.97, in hopes of expanding into a larger market. And it seems to be working—the last time we checked, the company was generating $5 million in revenue each year.

For those who are outside of Florida, you can get the cone-shaped device from their official website. However, only the black version is available (it’s suitable for a wide range of trees). As far as price goes, it’s the same as Home Depot—$9.95. Keep in mind, however, that there is a minimum order of 10. There’s also shipping (the exact amount will depend on your location) as well as a handling fee of $4. You can also make an order with Johnny directly by calling 863-993-5335.

They’ve also been working hard to bring the product to the global market. Hopefully, by doing that, they’ll be able to help farmers in various drought-stricken nations around the world. Surely, Johnny’s father—who had passed away more than a decade ago—would be proud of his and the company’s accomplishments.

For those who are interested in the Tree T Pee and would like to stay up-to-date with the company, you can follow them on their official Facebook page here. Since their stint on Shark Tank, they’ve already amassed more than 61,000 followers, which goes to show just how popular they’ve become. And from time to time, Johnny will post about what he has available for sale. For example, he made a post last month about having 680 white T-Pees for sale (remember, white T-Pees are not available from their site).

johnny hospital
Johnny recovering after having a procedure done at the hospital

He also uses it as a platform to let his followers know what he’s up to. Just a few weeks ago, he posted a few photos of himself being in the hospital, along with some flowers and a note. While it’s not known what he went in for, it looks like he had a procedure performed on his right shoulder.

Interestingly enough, however, his Instagram and Twitter accounts seem to be abandoned; the last posts were in 2017 and 2013 respectively.



  1. This is supposedly an “After Shark Tank Update”. Why then is 80% of the article a recap of the Shark Tank appearance with a short para at the end with not a lot of information? I would have hoped to know more, such as whether or nor T-Pee selling overseas, have many orchard owners switched over to using it, has been endorsed by any growers groups, etc. Getting likes on FB is not really a good indicator of success; Hillary Clinton has more likes and she wasn’t very successful at her last venture.


    The inventor HAS NOT exposed this invention ANYWHERE EXCEPT 5 COUNTIES IN FL! The potential for the Tree-T-PEE is HUGE, and it remains UNTAPPED! THIS INVENTOR is a farmer first. So far he has done NOTHING to make money off his invention.

    I was shocked that the only Shark to make an offer was John Paul. The tremendous potential of this inexpensive water conservation and freeze protection item interested me so much that I Googled it to see how it was doing. This is the first article I saw and it is disappointing to say the least.


    Was production moved overseas to decrease the price per unit? Has distribution started on a national level? What about global interest? Where are the TREE-T-PEEs sold today?

    The author of this piece, Steven Kahn, needs to find another vocation.
    He put no effort into this review past viewing “Shark Tank” one time and writing his reviews from memory. Had he at least viewed the episode TWICE he would have caught his serious mistake where he stated these T-PEEs were only sold on CA. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! He’s sold them ONLY LOCALLY, to his own customers in 5 FL counties!

    The barometer of the success of this product this “reviewer” uses is the number of FACEBOOK “LIKES”? What type of crappy reference is that? How much money is “36,000 Facebook Likes”? I expected to see statistics showing multimillion dollars in current sales with decent profit margins and global distribution.

    Using Facebook popularity in place of actual $$$$$ generated to gauge success infuriated me a second time after the initial misinformation about where this item was sold.


    This is BY FAR the WORST ON-LINE REVIEW I’ve seen in over 20 years! This reviewer needs to spend less time on Facebook and get a real job!


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