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Uber Contact Phone Numbers and Other Useful Information – 2018 Numbers

Uber the ride sharing service is revolutionizing the business of rides for hire, but the company is notoriously guarded with information that may be useful to both riders and drivers, as well as being difficult to reach via traditional communication methods as they prefer to communicate using channels such as the Uber app, social media, e-mail or their online help desk.

If you are trying to get into contact with Uber for any reason, below are a few of their contact numbers that you can use, and also other forms of contacting them that may well be more useful for your particular situation.

Uber’s Official Contact Number – (800) 353-UBER

The official Uber contact number is (800) 353-UBER, however it is not used to provide customer care or support, instead it primarily informs callers about the services that the company provides and information about how to use the Uber app, additionally you will usually find yourself listening to a long recorded message that may well not have any useful information for you.

Uber’s Critical Safety Response Line – 800-285-9481

Uber Contact Beginning in October 2015 Uber began offering a Critical Safety Response service in twenty two cities. This service, which is available day and night, seven days a week is used for safety related emergencies that a customer may find themselves in, although if the situation is one in which the emergency services are required, customers or drivers should always call 911 first before contacting Uber. The service is for lesser emergencies such as riders who may need assistance with medical supplies or feel that they may potentially be in danger. The Critical Safety Response Line is 800-285-9481 and will immediately put you in touch with an Uber representative if you require safety-related assistance, however Uber are somewhat reserved about providing any more information about what type of support they will offer or which cities the service is available in, instead insisting that customers should contact 911 if they have a genuine emergency.


Can I Book An Uber Ride On The Phone Or Without Using The Uber App?

Uber do not allow bookings to be made via the phone or with any other alternative method to using the Uber app.

How can I recover Items I’ve lost during an Uber Ride?

If you discover that you have left an item behind after your Uber ride the correct procedure is to contact the driver directly in order to request the return of your property. After logging into Uber you can use the ‘Profile’ icon in the top left, then select ‘History’ and you will be able to see full details of your most recent Uber journeys and find contact details for your driver. This method can also be used to speak to Uber about any other aspects of a particular ride that you are less than satisfied with.

What are The Other Ways I Can Contact Uber Directly?

Uber Contact
Although Uber Can Be Contacted by Phone, They Prefer To Be Contacted Via The Uber App

Originally Uber offered all of their customer support via E-mail and dealt with problems at a local level, but as the service has exploded in popularity and experienced rapid growth the company has invested heavily in support centers Worldwide. They operate two such centers in Chicago and Phoenix in order to deal with inquires from riders and drivers who can contact them via the help option on the Uber app. This is the companies preferred method of communication and they are far more likely to offer a comprehensive level of support to you if you contact them through the Uber app, although they still prefer to answer queries via the app or E-mail rather than verbally dealing with customers on the phone. The Help section of the app can be used to deal with questions about a specific ride, problems with or questions about the Uber app, and details about which services they offer in your local area.

How Can I Contact Uber If I Can’t Log Into My Uber Account?

Uber provide details about updates to the Uber App via their Twitter account @Uber_Support and they can also be contacted through this channel if you experience problems logging into your Uber account. They deal with other Inquiries through this channel too although they will usually request that you report a problem via the Uber app if you are able to log into it.

How Can I Contact Uber Via E-Mail?

If you would prefer to contact Uber via E-mail they can be contacted at Please try to provide as many details regarding your inquiry or problem as possible in order to help Uber assist you as efficiently.

How Can I Find Out How Much An Uber Ride Will Cost Me?

Uber do not provide a service that informs customers how much their ride will cost, however there are several Uber Estimator sites online that should be able to give you an approximate costing, however please be aware that Uber do support price surging, so busy periods such as the morning and evening work runs, Friday evenings and public holidays are all more likely to result in price surges and more expensive rides.

Although Uber’s rapid growth have at times left them struggling to ensure satisfaction for both Riders and drivers, the company has now managed to increase customer satisfaction with their investment in new support centers and the improvements to the ‘Help’ Section of the Uber app. If you are able to login to your Uber account this will be your best bet for getting a speedy response to your inquiry, and if you are locked out of your account, contacting the Uber Twitter account or contacting them directly via the E-mail address supplied above should ensure you are soon contacted. Always remember to supply Uber with as much information as possible about your query, or full details of the specific ride or customer you wish to contact them about.

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