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UnbuckleMe After Shark Tank – 2024 Update

UnbuckleMe Before Shark Tank

Child car seats are designed with children’s safety in mind. It helps make car rides safer for children and gives parents calm of mind. However, unbuckling a child’s seatbelt requires force. US law requires all child seat belts to need at least 9 pounds of pressure to unbuckle. As a result, many parents and grandparents often struggle to unbuckle their children, sometimes even having to ask for help. Parents with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or just overall weak muscles are the most prone to this problem.

When Barbara Heilman was blessed with a granddaughter, she was thrilled to take her places and bond with her. However, due to her arthritis, she struggled to unbuckle her granddaughter from the child’s car seat, often forcing her to ask others for help. As an occupational therapist, her knowledge allowed her to identify the problem and come up with an ingenious solution: UnbuckleMe.

UnbuckleMe Before Shark Tank 1 UnbuckleMe is a small tool that uses physics to allow anyone to easily unbuckle a child seat’s belt. The tool uses leverage to lower the force needed to unbuckle the seat by almost half, making it simple for older folks or even children to unbuckle the seatbelt. The tool is small enough to fit in a glove box, pockets, or a purse, allowing parents to take it with them wherever they went. UnbuckleMe can also be used to unbuckle strollers belts and baby carrier belts, making it effective in many situations.

UnbuckleMe started in 2017 with a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign’s goal was to raise $10,000. UnbuckleMe reached that goal and raised a total of $12,844 within 38 days. Customers loved the product, inspiring Barbara and her daughter to focus on UnbuckleMe as a company. UnbuckleMe did well and was featured in many parent blogs that helped the product reach new audiences.

Looking to further expand the company, Barbara and her daughter decided to go on Shark Tank to find a business partner willing to guide UnbuckleMe to success.

UnbuckleMe on Shark Tank

Barbara Heilman and her daughter Becca Davison were on season 11 of Shark Tank to pitch their company, UnbuckleMe. They pitched the company, demonstrating the product with her granddaughter. After explaining how the product worked, they gave each shark a sample to try on a US-standard seat belt. The sharks were amazed by the difference in pressure while using the tool; Lori even commented, saying the difference is like “Night and Day.”

Becca cited that half of the company’s sales are from grandparents. She stated that 1/3 of women in their 50s-60s have arthritis, which makes unbuckling seatbelts a real problem. Kevin was concerned about the limited market size. The mother-daughter duo stated that the other half of their sales come from parents who want their children to unbuckle themselves, especially in a school drop-off line, so they don’t have to go out of their car to do it.

UnbuckleMe on Shark Tank UnbuckleMe has been on the market for just under two years. The company has sold over 35,000 units totaling $400,000 in sales. Each UnbuckleMe Seat Release Tool costs $1.80 to produce and is sold for $14.99 in stores. The product is manufactured locally in the US. UnbuckleMe relies on Facebook and Amazon advertising to acquire new customers. The company has a $3 customer acquisition cost and plans to reduce that cost to $2. The product has a utility patent and a design patent.

Kevin O’Leary offered $100,000 for 7% equity and a $1 royalty per unit in perpetuity. He boasted about his marketing team and his dedication to the product.

Anne Wojcicki joined in on Kevin’s offer. However, Becca claimed the company wasn’t ready to accept a royalty deal. Kevin responded by lowering the royalty from $1 to $0.50 after $100,000 is recouped.

Becca declined, refusing the idea of a royalty deal. Anne and Kevin changed their offer to $100,000 for 10% and a $0.50 royalty until $250,000 is paid.

While Becca was thinking about Anne and Kevin’s deal, Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner made a combined offer of $100,000 for 20% of the company.

Daymond John also wanted a bite of UnbuckleMe. He offered $100,000 for 15% equity in the company.

The mother-daughter duo countered Mark and Lori’s offer, asking for $100,000 for 15%. The sharks refused, and after a few moments of deliberation, Barbara and Becca accepted Mark’s and Lori’s combined offer.

Barbara and Becca left the shark tank after receiving an offer from all five sharks, but they were convinced that Mark and Lori were the best business partners for their company.

UnbuckleMe Now in 2024 – The After Shark Tank Update

UnbuckleMe sold out the night after the episode aired as thousands of viewers wanted the buckle release tool. The company worked through the barrage of orders to quickly restock its inventory. Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner’s deal with UnbuckleMe, unfortunately, didn’t close. However, the company got back on its feet due to the interest UnbuckleMe gained from its appearance on Shark Tank.

UnbuckleMe After Shark Tank1 In early 2021, UnbuckleMe faced inventory shortages as an effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the company pulled through and managed to restock its inventory before the year was over. The product received overwhelming support from its satisfied customers. UnbuckleMe was even featured in many articles from websites such as BuzzFeed and Good Morning America. The product also found love on TikTok, as a few videos of it received 8+ million views on the platform.

In 2019, the company only had $400,000 in lifetime sales. Now in 2024, UnbuckleMe has over $3 million in lifetime sales, a massive improvement. The company introduced various new products such as the car travel tray and cup holder, car escape tool (seatbelt cutter and window breaker), collapsible bottle and food pouch, spill-proof snack cup, portable toddler seats, and many more. The new products allowed UnbuckleMe to expand and grow into new markets.

UnbuckleMe is available in many stores across the US, including Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, buybuyBABY, and Target. UnbuckleMe plans to continue adding new products to its line, helping parents and children during their car rides. With over $3 million in lifetime revenue in 2024 and a swift-growing business, UnbuckleMe has become a massive success without the help of a shark. For more information and updates about UnbuckleMe, visit the company’s website here.

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